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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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Book Leah!

I used to work as a Cruise Ship Hostess in the Caribbean Sea. My job was to maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction by welcoming, socializing with guests, and contributing to social events during their cruise. Everything was perfect until the day the wife of one of the guests I was taking care of complained after finding me on my knees with his penis in my mouth! I can’t believe they fired me! On my contract, it was clearly written that I had to support the Shore Excursions Departme

Book Zoya!

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Look no further looks like you found me. Do your tastes require something with a bit more depth? What kind of adventures have you denied yourself? I invite you to take the plunge with me… I am passionate about cultivating the best qualities that make me the perfect confidante extraordinaire for the discerning gentleman. I’m multi-dimensional, creative, adventurous, quick-witted, and delightfully flirtatious with a twist of devilish charm. I am

Book Meghan M!

I've always loved sex! So when I decided to become an actress, it wasn't hard to sleep my way into roles! When I married Prince Harry, I had to calm down a bit! That's what it took to become a duchess! But I quickly wore my husband out! It's hard to keep up with me! During my pregnancies, it was even worse! I wanted even more! So I maneuvered to get out of the royal family so I could indulge in my favorite pleasure without the risk of being caught by the tabloids. Now that we've been cut o

book Melissa!

I’m what they used to call a call girl, a high-class hooker. A real pro when it comes to sex, not like all those young broads, those so-called models or influencers who improvise themselves as escorts from one day to the next. Arab princes are crazy about my voluptuous curves, especially my breasts! They also say I’m a master in the art of fellatio! In short, whether it’s for an hour or a vacation, I’ll satisfy even your most perverse desires. So book me if you want to join my fan club!

Book Irina!

Putin isn’t all that crazy when he said Russian escorts are the best in the world, because we are! We are tigers in the sack, and our sex game is like no other! It’s not about our genes (though we are known to be the most beautiful women in the world) — and there’s certainly no secret Russian cult that teaches us how to be the best in bed! But with our long legs, voluptuous hair, and bright-red lipstick, Russian women are extremely open-minded and dirty! I like sex, and I love money. And unlik

Book Rossana!

Ciao! I'm a soccer presenter on local Italian TV! I have no illusions about why I'm here. I understand almost nothing about soccer. But what I've quickly realized is that by dressing sexy I get far more exclusive player interviews than my male colleagues. So I make the most of it! But the competition is tough with the other soccer bimbos! After being hit on by so many players, I agreed to get paid one day to perform special interviews. Let's say it's only to keep practicing with balls! So book m

Book Anna Marie

My father kicked me out of the house when he realized that at 18 I was making more money showing my ass on Onlyfans in a week than he was in a month. Since I’m not just a geek, I thought it would be exciting to let the common man benefit. So subscribe to my channel and see for yourself what I’m capable of! I’m sure that once you’ve jerked off in front of your screen, all you’ll want to do is book me!

Book Julia!

Basically I am a trader in a bank. I love this job which gives me so many thrills. Always being on the edge is so exciting but so stressful at the same time! So becoming an Escort Girl was a way for me to relax and let myself be guided! No more pressure! I turn into a docile woman always ready to do what it takes to satisfy you. If you want a stock market tip about me, even if my stock is at its highest, my growth potential is enormous! you can also gather a pool of investors to own me. A gr


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Countess Maria-Luisa!

My name is Countess Isabella. I was born in a wealthy family and I had a privileged upbringing. I had everything I could ever want or need, but I was never satisfied. I wanted more than money could buy. I wanted passion and excitement. So I decided to become an escort girl. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a nymphomaniac. I love sex and I'm always looking for new and exciting experiences. I'm very open-minded and I'm always willing to try new things. So if you're looking for an unforgettab


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Countess Olga!

I am a Russian countess with the mind of a peasant. I like to dress like a camp follower and drink like a Cossack. Don't get me wrong, I know how to behave in society. But in the privacy of an alcove, I love to behave like a noble decadent!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Paris!

I am the prototype of the blonde! Rich and spoiled! I am the Barbie girl you love to hate but you all secretly dream of getting into bed! You've probably all seen my sex tape and think you're going to own me better than the jerk on the video! Well book me and you'll see! You might have to go into debt for the rest of your life but you'll be able to say you shagged Paris H!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Sara!

I am an average French actress. My career is honest but without more. So to occupy my free time I decided to work on a new role: That of a French escort girl with very distinguished manners but a fiery temperament. And obviously, my performance was praised by all those who had the chance to attend! It must be said that I don't really act because that's what I really am! I am closer to receiving an AVN award than an Oscar for my performance!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Doutzen!

A former lingerie model, I am now a data analyst in fashion. Not so glamorous you might say! It's to forget the daily life that I became an Escort! A tidy job but hobbies that allow me to escape. And i'm an expert at loosening up! I love to dress very sexy and to emphasize my endless legs. So if you want to impress by showing yourself on the arm of an atomic bomb book me! I am a weapon of mass destruction!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Samantha S.!

I'm a tall, buxom, and shapely blonde bombshell pornstar. I have been in the industry since 2010, so I feel like I've pretty much done it all. My favorite position is being in doggy so I can get the rough fucking that I enjoy and still be able to play with my pussy at the same time. So if you're dreaming of a pornstar experience I'm the one to book! Oh, last piece of advice! I am very hard to please sexually, so I advise you to book me with friends to take the pressure off.

Book Motsy!

I am an exotic beauty with incredibly sexy curves. Just what you'd expect from a fitness trainer. If you're looking for female companionship for your sports activities, I'm the perfect match! And by sport, I don't necessarily mean outdoor activities as long as it involves physical contact!

Book Kelly!

When I started escorting with my girlfriends it was mainly to finance our studies. I was not very experienced but I took this job very seriously and I worked hard to become the perfect companion to accompany you in your business dinners, your charity events, and especially in your hotel room. I am currently studying for an MBA and if eroticism was one of the subjects on the exam I would be graduated cum laude if you know what I mean!

Book Audrey!

I’m a tall busty brunette with model looks, legs that never end and curves that stop traffic. I’m an incredible escort who really makes an impact. While I have many desirable attributes, in my presence you are drawn to my beauty, my incredible eyes and wonderful plump lips giving me the face of a naughty angel. A lover of fashion, I will take your breath away and make you the envy of everyone who sees us together.

Book Scarlett!

Thanks to Eskort Devushki you have the great privilege to meet the black widow actress! The one who pacified the Avengers! So become my Iron Man and thanks to my supernatural powers I will make you discover pleasures you never imagined! I'll let you play with me but I hope you're gonna last longer than a set! And Believe me, the match point will be worth it!

Book Esther!

I love women, all women! I love the way they think, the way they take pleasure, and the way they give it! So if you are ready to share moments of sisterhood that will surely lead to Sapphic romps book me! And if you are in a couple and you wish to offer to your boyfriend or husband a torrid show that he will never forget, I am the ideal escort! He will be able to admire us giving each other immense pleasure! But remember there's just one boundary! He can't participate!

Book Esmeralda!

I am what we call a hot wife. My husband loves the idea of other men owning me! I tell him everything about our encounters, especially what happens in the privacy of hotel rooms! It turns him on! So if you want me to brag about your exploits to my cuckolded husband, book me! By the way, my air is jet black! But I can be whatever you want!

Book Diora

Let's say I'm the Madame Claude of Eskort Devushki! When I became an escort, it was out of necessity but also out of curiosity and lust! This adventure started one night when I told my friends what I was doing! Instead of disapproving, they all wanted to do like me! I am less available for meetings now since I spend my time networking, which does not mean I can't have a good time! But I have the immense privilege of being able to choose who I meet and I am very picky. But don't worry, there wi

Book Oxana!

When the official in charge of validating my Ukrainian medical degree laughed at me and told me that I had a better chance of becoming a call girl I took him at his word! And here I am! My consultation fees are much higher but believe me, the well-being of my patients comes first! And I guarantee you that I put my knowledge of male anatomy to good use!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Eva!

As a real estate agent, I am used to presenting my clients with the most luxurious and expensive properties around the world! For these clients, I am even willing to offer myself if they are willing to buy these outrageous homes! Book me and you can have me without having to invest in a multi-million dollar property!


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Zoe!

I am a little wild animal that just need to be tamed! Sometimes it takes more than one to get it right! But if you succeed, I guarantee you won't regret it! I like to be disciplined and sometimes you will have to tie me up to show me you own me.


dave.melchior in Escorts

Book Gabriella!

Don't be fooled! Behind the polish of Harvard where I studied, there is the curves and personality of a true Latina! I'm caliente! So if you want to depart for an exotic and torrid adventure, book me!


dave.melchior in Escorts

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