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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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  1. Right about now I'd be releasing the 5th installment of the Stiel Maiden comic, which would have been chock full of action, emotional moments and violence. This was the volume where I had intended to let Herrig off his leash and showcase why his callsign is "Beast".


    But then real life happened. That being the mass murder in Buffalo, NY...just 2 hours from where I live here in The Bronx.


    Herrig's 1st assault was going to be akin to the infamous mission in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 called "No Russian", where innocent civilians were gunned down in an act of war. 75% of Vol. 5 would revolve around Herrig's act of barbarism, and the world's reaction to it. But in light of recent events I feel it's in extremely poor taste to release Vol. 5 as planned, so I've made the decision to scrap the original idea, and make it a difference scenario. Obviously, that means all of the content I'd prepared is unusable...so Vol. 5's release is being pushed back as I put together an alternate idea.

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    Saw a picture of her today while browsing the internet and had the urge to test if i could recreate her in tk17...

    TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-49-42.png

    TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-49-48.png

    TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-50-38.png

    TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 21-25-04.png



    Reworked the body, changed the hairstyle and reworked the face-shape 


    TK17-158.001 2022-05-21 13-27-58.png

    TK17-158.001 2022-05-21 13-29-05.png

  2. Sexvision
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    Porn Villa

    This will be a room where i dont look at fps (kinda) but make the most beautiful Porn villa i can.

    It will have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, large deck for lounging, swimmingpool, outside tub, bathrooms, living area, yoga corner, beach porn set, outside bed, casting couch office and lounge seats.

    It will be a tropical scene.

    Here are some beautyshots.

    The Klub 17-0052.png

    The Klub 17-0037.png

    The Klub 17-0038.png

    The Klub 17-0039.png

    The Klub 17-0040.png

    The Klub 17-0041.png

    The Klub 17-0042.png

    The Klub 17-0043.png

    The Klub 17-0044.png

    The Klub 17-0045.png

    The Klub 17-0046.png

    The Klub 17-0047.png

    The Klub 17-0048.png

    The Klub 17-0049.png

    The Klub 17-0050.png

  3. It is as it says. I've obviously haven't posted anything in quite a while as I find opening the program just a little grating these days, even for personal use, much less making videos. I also find myself dabbling with Blender these days, and it's been exciting to explore and learn. So I don't want to spilt my attention between two different programs and the normal IRL demands like work and school.

    I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for anything I may have said I was making. It's all pretty much on hold until I find the inspiration to be able to open TK17 again. It's hard to say what that'll take and so it's also hard to tell how long I'll be gone.

    Thank you everyone for your support and kind words over the years. It's surely kept me creative and inspired when I otherwise wasn't, and I'm proud of the stuff I've created for everyone to enjoy. I do hope I won't be gone for too long and that I'll find it within myself to create with TK17 in the future.

    Take care, stay safe, be well and keep creating!

  4. Alright, been semi busy and I couldnt really get my feet off the ground for the past couple of weeks. Been just using my free time to "play". But in my quest on trying to get my models to look better. I've dove deeper into the H5E skin layer system.

    So I've been slightly cleaning up my H5 SL folders. And well, haven't a decent amount of content for H5E layers that needs a little sorting to be done with. In short I have the follow that I want to post here in KE:

    • 2 exotic skins textures (Indian and black)
    • Nipples! Ok I spent a crap ton of time here - trying to make those juicy tiddy's!
    • Stretch marks! Ok, a while back, I burned those files onto a texture file (EX: The male models I shared). So now you can give your model stretch marks!
    • Beauty marks. The vanilla ones are fine but I decided to try out a Daz version. So I finished organizing that up
    • Wrinkles! Ok, this one is weird but I made a displacement for "old" people. So grandpa will be putting more mileage!
    • Some tattoos

    Well, here is a little preview of those files:


  5. Hi, testing new twin ponytails with overlap. 

    screenshot_22_05_08 15_56_39.jpg

  6. amaronap
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    Working on the new scene for the May competition. Some kind of sorority lesbian orgy 😛with about 20 girls. Here is the first group of 4

    screenshot_22_05_05 01_06_52.jpg


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    So, Serena Dermindottir - Dermin for short. She is one of my first female RPG characters I've ever played with. Her inspiration came from Red Sonja, but she quickly diverged from the inspiration and became something entirely unique (at least for me and my friends!) She is also my  muse and I often find myself posing with her in the game.

    She has long ondulated red hair, big expressive green eyes, very pale skin, a bit sunburnt and with discreet freckles on her face. She has an athletic, strong body, but also slim. She is tall, measuring 1,79m - one curiosity about her is that her body signs only on her left side, because of an anomaly on her birth.

    Personality wise - She is a closed person, it's not easy to approach her, she can be intimidating, be it how she looks or how she behaves, but when you can pass through that, she can be very warm and friendly. She has a strong quick temper, yet, she likes to learn new things and is very curious. It's hard for her to shake off first impressions and formed opinions, though. She will never acknowledge any kind of superiority of any men, women or culture. For her everyone is equal, everyone can laugh, fart and die.  She has a peculiar, and maybe scatologic sense of humor, loving farting jokes, she can be very goofy too when she is among friends or with people she likes. Unlike Red Sonja, she loves sex, althought she is yet to fully discover herself on that matter.

    She hails from the Spine of the world, the northernmost lands known by men in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. She is an Uthgardt barbarian and has 4 living brothers. She wanted to be a warrior, just like her two eldest brothers, but the idea of a warrior woman was scolded by her tribe since the chieftain exiled all the warrior women from the tribe.

    She then secretly trained with her brother and took part of male games, then finally, exiled herself to join the warrior women - The Warriors of the Northstar.

    The Warriors of the Northstar are a group of warrior women guided by the battle-fury Gwynharwyf, the entity who protects the borderlands of the domain of the moon goddess Selune.

    As an trained but unproved Warrior of the Northstar she heard about her brother's death and went to the civilization to avenge him. On her adventures, she managed to avenge her brother and bring him back to life and become a famous adventurer and the Champion of the Northstar.


    The pictures below are her at the beginning of her quest for vengeance, with her battle paint on her face (a black for pointed star), showing her Langes Messer, her favorite sword (in form of a moon) and is using her first armor. She still hasn't any scar on her body.  

    UPDATE: I uploaded her model! You can check her out HERE!


    The Klub 17-0608.png

    The Klub 17-0610.png

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    Hi, I'm working on the 3rd episode of my CCC serie. In this episode one of the character is a pornstar, she will do an audition for a new male pornstar in Helenna's studio. I have selected and start

    customizing 4 models for that, and I can't decide which one I use. So I made this poll and the model you slect will in my next sequence.

    Update: I close the poll, Ciara Valentine is the winner, so she will have a main role in my next sequence. Thanks to all voters to help me to choose. I hope you'll like the sequence. If you like

    the others models don't worry I will share the 4.


    Here are the candidates:

    Alya Kane:

    Alya Kane.JPG

    Alya Kane is the go-to star of Holly Daemon Prod like a super star like Jada Steven, she has a lot of talent and experience but the age had not take its toll for now... She has multiple talent and

    a very good physical condition (too good even for number of male pornstar whom make scenes with her).


    Nikita Hendrix:

    Nikita Hendrix.JPG

    Nikita Hendrix is a 21 years old young not so debutante (she is responsible for the most of false positive plaint for under-age content on xxx-tube-porn-hamsterflix.com with her BFF and coworker

    Misty RedStorm, or Ema B. and Morigan from CCC prod). She is very energic and love anal sex. She is inspired by Holly Hendrix.


    Misty RedStorm:

    Misty RedStorm.JPG

    Misty RedStorm is an other young talent from Holly Daemon Prod. She is 22 years old, but often to look younger to make her scene red flagged just to make her manager nervous. She has multiple

    talents but only do anal scene in sunny day in London. And lesbian only with Nikita Hendrix (because she like her) or Morrigan (she doesn't like her, but Morrigan is wicked so she is cool...)


    Katia (Ciara Valentine):


    Ciara Valentine (Katia in the poll) is easy going and energic woman who is not afraid to give her affection to several men at a time... She is at the intersection between Lisa Sparks and Bella

    Bellz (but I don't think I will manage to reproduce the total bubble but of Bella Bellz in TK17...). She has a sister who is a psychologist specialized in sex addiction... So Familly dinners can be

    very animated.


    You can see in the album linked to this entry. I will add shorts bios/infos in the next few days. I will make some change too: by example the name Katia will change, it corespond to the

    name of an another woman which have common traits with her in the Sabrina serie...

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    I am currently working on too many things at the same time, so I am trying to get some order into the clusterfuck 🙂


    I got severely sidetracked by starting to learn the basics of blender, which is eating most of my time recently. But I think the results are okay enough to move on to bigger projects.

    I do have a sequence I am working on, but atm just barely. Most of the time I spend on creating toys I know some content creators would need and hopefully love. That gives me the practice and background knowledge for my next big project. (EDIT: main reason I switched to making stuff in blender was an irreversible accident while animating a pose, which made me bite my table in frustration. So I took a break from animating). I also still have a house to finish.

    Next project:

    A series of assets based on the Vietnam war era. More specifically timelined around / shortly after the Tet offensive. Nam-69, if you will 😄

    I have started work on a military camp room, and have plans to expand on that with other appropriate rooms, like Hanoi street / bar scenes, etc. Of course over time that will also include appropriate clothing assets, but that's far enough in the future still. Clothes still scare the living shit out of me. I guess I spent a good hundred bucks today on assets. 😅

    Before that, I do need to get the Hook5 basics straight, though, which also takes a bit of time. I use my toys to practice for that.

    Why Vietnam war era? I think it's the perfect backdrop for all things sex, drugs and rock'n roll, and it is rather timeless with its very own aesthetics. It was wild and lawless.


    Some sources of inspiration:






    Title photo credits: HORST FAAS/AP




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    So this is more of a random brain dump since I've been playing this game for years, but it is something that I have noticed across the community. Why aren't there more stylized creators with exaggerated bodies/proportions? This program is perfect for it and with the advent of VX/Xbody morphing things and settings is easier than ever.

    Examples? Something along the lines of hentai artists like Metal Owl/Sinensian/Rebis are what I typically look to for inspiration. This is a porn game first and foremost in 3d, why not try to create something unique?

    I've attached a few pictures along with what my typical model looks like. I don't often post them because they don't really seem to garner much of a reaction but they are there. The only issue I have is making clothes fit, which requires an invisible model and fiddling.

    Let me know what you think.

    Edit on Feb 21st: Additional picture added with some more fiddling.




    Style 1.png


  7. Hi folks,

    Barber here.

    Holy crap, I did some stuff again, can you believe it. It might be some weird alternate universe, you never know.

    Anyhow, here's this weird commercial I saw on TV the other day.


    (HD but giant) - https://mega.nz/file/BdV1EQ4R#rrk1D-3ucEcxL2jpvxQvZR1sZuxuKzymibURQ11s4uY

    (shitty but small) - https://mega.nz/file/RQEVmYiB#7TGaXRgylb3ADMrC_71mniJbocQbUjGvylWJlsiYwVg

    Promo Poster.JPG

    Kudos to anyone, as always, that created anything I used in this.

  8. Hello, Teddy Bears ☺️


    There is something that I have noticed recently when creating models. A detail that makes a huge difference in my eyes and I'm not sure why I didn't notice it before... 😑 I wish I had seen it before my Model Giveaway late last year, all 22 models would have had this change already applied. I don't want to create confusion right now by suddenly updating twenty-two of my files with a relatively minor change (I have to oppose my OCD urges, for my own good...), so I figured it would be best to explain this thing here and leave it to users of my models to decide if it's worth implementing or not 🙂 But even if you don't use my models, this knowledge might come in handy. The thing to change is the navel!


    In Customizer, in the FaceMaker tab (the first one, not the Advanced FaceMaker tab) there are two sliders at the very bottom: Capelli01 and Cindy01Capelli01 is used to reshape the navel (scaling it on the vertical axis, I think), but that's not all. Whether accidentally or by design, this morph also catches the vertices of the lower chest and breast, and also the lower jaw, effectively opening the mouth permanently. The Cindy01 slider only moves the lower jaw, so it can be used to counter the open mouth effect of Capelli01, if desired.

    So, what have I done with these sliders in my models? Well, in a few cases, nothing at all, and it's up to you whether you want to modify it further, but most of my models have Capelli01 maxed to the right and Cindy01 pulled back to the left to correct the open mouth. I reasoned that I liked a stretched and narrow navel. While this thing is a matter of taste and could still be defended, the subsequent breast modification is more than ugly to me 🤔 They become flattened at the bottom and lose their nice shape.


    My recommendation is to completely reverse the Capelli01 slider position and then move the Cindy01 silder to close the mouth of the model 🙂 This makes the navel smaller, of course, but it still looks natural - perhaps more natural than before this modification. Certainly, however, this change is good for the breasts, making them rounder again and more delicious ☺️


    Oh, of course I have pictures of that 😄 But I recommend you see it for yourself in your game. This particular model is not one of the twenty-two I shared during my 1st Birthday Model Giveaway (I thought this would make this blog entry more interesting...), but it's not important. Also, ignore Hairworks clipping, it has nothing to do with the subject of this post 😛 


    So, here are the old settings that I don't recommend. The navel is stretched, but pay attention to the unpleasant triangular indentation in the lower-middle part of the breasts:


    Consider This #01.jpg


    And here are the new settings that I'm currently recommending. The navel is smaller, but the breasts are nicely rounded again:


    Consider This #02.jpg


    I also prepared a "before and after" comparison with a cool slider. The left side is the old settings, the right side is the new settings: click!


    There is also a third option, which is to restore the sliders to their default positions (just double-click their labels in the Customizer). This is a compromise between the two options above and is just a regular setting of any body in game. It looks like this:


    Consider This #03.jpg


    So, armed with this knowledge, you can now do whatever you want, both with copies of my models and with any other models you may have 🙂 It all depends on your taste. Remember that there is no wrong or right way to make models... Unless you're trying to make an underage model, of course. That is wrong 😵


    Take care! ☺️

  9. By digging up those older sci-fi texture sets previously, I found a bunch of Keidos catsuit sets.
    Loved to use these with some armor and other stuff. 

    So I tried to give them a Normal and Specular map, but it looks like that doesn't work
    really well in the "shiny" and "oily" options. Looks like the same effect gets applied all over.

    Plus it felt a bit lazy to use another creators work for like 99.99% and only add that little minor extra.
    I decided to use Keidos work as a basis, starting point, for the layout and feel.

    And then recreating them to match the R9Catsuit03 outfit. And give them proper working VX effects.
    Giving more options on what is super shiny or glossy.

    I've got 4 done so far.

    screenshot_22_01_20 16_02_39.jpg

    screenshot_22_01_20 16_03_24.jpg

    screenshot_22_01_20 16_03_51.jpg

    screenshot_22_01_20 16_04_28.jpg

  10. Funny how someone can tell you one single thing and solve all your problems.  Thanks @Euphie


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    College campus

    there will be a building with few classrooms and a corridor.

    there will be an outside parking, atreet and fence,


    The Klub 17-1064.jpg

    The Klub 17-1065.jpg

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    Welcome to my first blog entry of my "Project Level Def". This is where I will update you with the process of completing a level def for a room leading to its release. So the first room that I decided to release a level def for is @hunter1110Modern Loft. 


    The picture above is the original version made by Hunter himself. I've been messing around with Level Def's since Hook 4 and I will tell you it isn't hard but it also isn't easy to create. The challenge comes from the room itself and from what I've learned is that white walls make lighting much harder for me when creating level def's. White make lighting bounce all over the place and you can't get the detail that you want out of the room or the models. What I found out from working with lights is that darker colors absorbs light much better, so I decided to go with a darker color for the walls.



    I wanted to make a pose bundle for the room but the white walls and the lighting just made it difficult for me to work with my poses here. So I decided to take on this project by going in and recreating my own Level Definition and add some Xalas flare to the pictures a bit. 


    I made sure to label all of the lights and also categorize each level def by room. So it will be so much easier for you to navigate and turn off which lights that you want. If not you can have all the lights on, thats if your PC can handle all of the lights on. If you have a good PC then you should pull around 60-90FPS with 1 model, 50-60 with 2 models, 40-45FPS with 3 models, and 25-35FPS with 4 Models and this is with all the lights on. 


    If the lights are still too much on your FPS then I suggest turn off the shadow on the lights where it doesn't matter as much to you. 




    My best advice is to turn off one floor of lights if you will be spending most of your time either downstairs or upstairs.



    You know how I am with night lighting, so you can turn off all of the lights and leave only the outside lights for a more intimate scenery. Xalas_Loft_1-15.jpg

    If someone knows how to fix the culling with the Bathroom Mirror, that would be nice because I want to create some cool poses that take advantage of the mirror. Right now the models bodies disappear when you close up on the mirror itself. 


    The Level Def has now officially released!



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    Cold Irony
    Latest Entry

    If you are reading this, it means I'm not dead, but very much alive and well. It is, in fact, the very reason why I decided to leave TK17’s modding scene. Usually, when modders quit, they do so because something bad happened — troubles IRL, emotional burnout, etc. But in my case it's the opposite, my life is actually getting better.

    As requested by @pes1972, I uploaded some of my unfinished content to the cloud, which allows you, fellow modders, to find something useful, polish it up a bit and release it on the site. A considerable amount of time was spent sifting through my obscenely cluttered hard drive, filtering out garbage and duplicate files, so that only potentially useful stuff remains. ‘Potentially’ being the key word here, since if even I couldn’t be bothered to release this stuff, there’s no telling how useful it will be to someone else.

    Link to the content: https://mega.nz/folder/f4d2iLhY#jWT4jlVEpjIg_r7P2NSbgw

    I tried to only include stuff that I either made from scratch or, at least, modified enough for it to be distinct. Feel free to download whatever you like and do whatever you want with it, including using it as a base for your own projects. Just credit me as the original author.

    The archive is split into two major categories – textures that are more or less ready to be used in the game, and layered PSD files. The latter can be quite messy on the inside, especially the ones for big projects, so be prepared. Game-ready items generally consist of a DDS or a PNG file, which is the main texture (diffuse map), a dummy PNG file (less than 1 KB in size each), and a pass-file in text format, which contains the paths to normal and specular maps in _hook5data subfolders. Naturally, in order for the item to work, all of its aforementioned components need to be in proper places (this explanation is for those who are not very proficient in modding for Hook5). If you want to avoid a disaster, I recommend assembling items one-by-one, instead of dumping everything into your ActiveMod folder.

    That’s about it for Cold Irony. Thank you, everyone.


  11. Oof... October definitely was a shitty month and November-December promise to be worst but let's enjoy the calm before the storm here for a very shortage of a while, which lead us to...

    Gemini Kanon Muse of November 2021

    Yes, you named it so, due to the lack of October muse I finally have an excuse to introduce these two in the same article for the sake of my sanity 🤪

    Name (s): Io & Scylla Argyros
    Also known as: "I & Scy"

    Age: 21

    Date of birth: June 15th 2000

    Occupation: Swimsuit model and Influencer (Io) Singer and song writter, tattoo artist and influencer (Scylla) race driver and car enthusiast (Both)

    Place of birth: Athens - Greece

    Overview & Background:

    screenshot_21_08_21 21_38_05.jpg

    screenshot_21_08_27 14_57_06.jpg

    Eccentric daughters of the already eccentric millionaire and cruise tycoon Adonis Argyros these two are almost considered deities in their lands
    Like most people loves to point both girls were born to succeed on everything, having inherited the beautiness of their norwegian mother and the business talents of her father this twins are a money making machine wherever they go
    Despite being genetically identical and sharing a strong bond both sisters have developed very different and sometime opposite personalities that usually surprise any unaware spectator that face them expecting to deal with two stereotypical twins, the most well known fact is that Io is more kind and soft tempered compared with Scylla but some gossips like to add that Io have some dark side that rarely shows up and it can easily overshadow Scylla, but all these are just tall tales and both sisters are just two socialites making career in social media and living their best life

    One particular thing about them is they both have developed an unusual passion for motorsports and both are very active car enthusiast

    Now; Who is Who? You probably wondering...

    screenshot_21_10_01 13_24_11.jpg

    How do I know I have an Io in front of me?

    • Bleached pink dyed hair
    • Tattoos only in torso
    • Light color palette on makeup
    • She only do men
    • Favorite position is doggy style
    • Drives only import cars (Owns a GT-R R32 and a 300ZX Z32)
    • Favorite Music: Jazz
    • Currently lives in New York

    How do I know I have a Scylla in front of me?

    • Pink cotton candy color dyed hair
    • Tattoos everywhere! (Just kidding... but she have too many!)
    • Darker color palette on makeup
    • She do both, boys and girls
    • Favorite position is Cowgirl (wears her own hat (?))
    • Drives only american cars (Owns a 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra)
    • Favorite Music: Electronics
    • Currently lives in South Korea

    screenshot_21_04_29 20_52_00.jpg

    (Io & Scylla together with Io's rides)

    Additional Information:

    • Their original hair color is auburn brunette
    • Io wears colored contact lenses when she poses with her sister
    • Scylla works as a voice over artist and is a certified tattoo artist
    • Both girls shared a boyfriend after graduation and in first year of college (Guy is literally the luckiest dude in earth)
    • Io hates the new Nissan GTR, she says is way too overrated
    • Scylla hates the mustangs vs crowds youtube videos
    • Both girls have taken part on the street racing scene of Las Vegas in the past and are very well known high rollers
      it's rumoured that Scylla never lose not at lest on a quarter mile

    Well... that's it! A not so extensive show off of the twins just to compensate the lack of october girl! Til next one if November doesn't kill me! 🤣

    Also, I'd love to be more motivated for doing this but well... life sucks! 😅

  12. Requirement :

    Notable sites for Skyrim Mod Sharing :

    Before Proceeding it is very important to only share skyrim mods that is not blocked by paywall, it is their creation after all with all due respect them, as most of them usually makes it on their own using ZBrush and other program..


    Part 1 : Importing the .nif file

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.33.07.png

    Traverse the meshes folder until u find...

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.35.22.png

    Choose whichever you want to Convert... for me i will choose upper_1.nif

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.37.58.png

    Let it load.. it might take a while base on how heavy the mesh are, usually it will take around 1-2 mins for 2 mb+ nif file, until...

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.42.23.png

    What the its so big how am i going to fit it to my personal body mod??????????????? np proceed to part 2 IVF0o1fC_400x400.png

    Part 2 : Scaling the mesh

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.46.31.png

    Use Dimension Scale set X Y Z to value of 1 (smaller)

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.50.38.png

    Rotate them 180 degree, don't ask me why skyrim have off-axis mesh, i was also confused first :v

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.52.30.png

    Before going to Sculpting, press the keybind 'Ctrl + A' to confirm transform for the mesh then go to edit mode to "fit" it to the body for me it is like this :

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 19.55.52.png

    Part 3 : Sculpting

                            i actually do not know what to add for sculpting guide really, it is base on experience, and how hard the body you want to convert the cloth to

    however i do have some tips for beginners use 'Clay', 'Sculpt Draw', 'Grab', 'Snake hook'. use these and train yourself and remember to always save your progress!

    Avoid using Smooth / Blob / Inflate / Deflate 

    Result :

    Screenshot 11-01-2021 20.06.59.png

    For weighting and exporting to .dae file, follow the guide for Collatkane, the tutorial should be here


    If you wish to share the mods in this site, though they most likely will not ever find this site Credit the original creators!!!!

  13. I have decided to take a bit different path from my recent projects, that were related mainly to GUI overhaul and Customizer room improvements. This is about experimentation around quadripedals.

    The idea would be to port the new model either as full model, or puppet. But the puppet would seem more probable, considering everything. The hfg2's work around custom armature is crucial here, and capability to translate, move and even add bones - but theoretically, it could go even from perspective of old PG-13 models, which were a mesh fitted around the default bipedal armature.

    The default bipedal armature, ofc, isnt ideal here.

    The current project Im working on is a canine model :

    download (45).jpg

    I have a bunch of morphs already, and including weights which are very good. The weighting could potentially be redone if armature is not capable to go in this way as it is - altough now its ideal and exactly sufficient for what we need in quadripeds.

    There are many morphs also that change the dog breed completely. Altough in Blender, the imported armature isnt morphed like within DAZ. So, I would either need to fix and align the armature manually, which isnt a problem because its about relatively simple scaling or some manual fitting of armature within tail and legs boundaries, or I could use something very new in Diffeomorphic plugin http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/2021/09/morphing-armatures.html

    There are also many morphs for multiple parts, but some are obsolete and Ill remove them, as well as add some more.

    Overall, I think its very possible to make models in even bigger variations. Especially bipedal monsters are even already possible as full models. 

  14. Made a shot with Yasmin in @Number251137's VC Orient Express and I can't decide which outfit to use for the shot...

    Uploaded four different ones... but I'm curious, which one would be your favorite?

    Outfit: Casual Wear (Safe For Work)


    Outfit: Classy


    Outfit: Pleasure Slave


    Outfit: All Nude



  15. large.Pic53.jpg.eae1114abdaa20e4a5cd352d Finishing up her nightly protein injection


    A woman has come down with a terrible case of "empty pussy", and meets a similiarly distraught man suffering from "full balls". Fortunately, these great minds have managed to come up with a simple solution. 😏

    I thought I, or rather Jay, would take Codename-74's newest model out for a spin. As my male model here can attest to, she makes for a hell of a ride. Life's been busy recently so it will be a while before I can really contribute to this site again. But I've been thinking about an idea of mine. How about a new series of short videos about "One Night Stands". Each video would be animated by yours truly, featuring a male model of mine and one of the lovely female models on this website. It would be a nice little way to interact with the community. What do you think?

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