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  1. Wasn't satisfied with my version available here (wasn't originally uploaded by me), so I tried to rework her...

    Going to upload her once I'm satisfied with her outcome..



    TK17-158.001 2023-12-02 23-20-18.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-02 23-21-33.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-02 23-22-53.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-02 23-24-07.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-02 23-24-23.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-03 00-08-56.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-03 00-09-02.png

    TK17-158.001 2023-12-03 00-19-09.png

  2. So, as I'm still in the process of creating the cast to my martial arts/supernatural series "Magnum Opus", I wanted to take the time to delve into the subject of power scaling within my creative universe. Now, as far as the overarching universe as I've pointed out in several post and mentioned in a couple of my stories...the universe of which my characters exists in is based on ours in theory alone. Fantasy elements exist within this universe, though I've only scratched the surface of those elements in my stories. Elves, Orcs, Gnomes, Dwarves, Spriggans, Dragons, Vampires, Zombies, Aliens...and everything else you can think of exists in my universe. That being said, there would also exist within my universe beings of incredible power. So I wanted to go over some of these aspects...as they'll be touched upon in future stories.

    So, who is the strongest mortal being in my universe? As in the strongest living soul capable of dying to mortal injury. That distinction CURRENTLY (keyword, "currently") goes to the main character of Magnum Opus, Gerard Yaz. For most practical purposes...he's a one man army. For reasons that will be revealed in his story, he's capable of fighting off dozens of attackers...at the same time. His proficiency with weapons is also on a level that makes normal people look like children. In a nutshell he's the absolute strongest character in my universe capable of dying. There are other characters who fall into this category, such as the gnomish warrior Zyziel featured in my Warriors Of Fate short. (Which I do plan on continuing at some point) Most of the fantasy characters in my universe fall into this scale as well such as Xyros, Wun, Tuu, Ashlith and the Drehd Sister Kuvah, Moroah and Ahnrah, but Yaz is without a doubt at the top of the heap. So what about the other mortal characters? Where do they scale?

    Well, pretty far down from Gerard...but definitely not low tier. At the top of that list would be Lori Stiel and John Herrig, both elite level special forces operatives. As far as the Stiel Maiden story, they are about the same scale in power, witch John naturally having the edge in physical strength, and Lori having the edge in cunning and tactical prowess. They're good...REALLY good. But if I matched them both in a fight against Yaz, they'd get starched. As in BOTH of them...at the same time. Below them would be other characters with Stiel Maiden and characters to be revealed in Magnum Opus. All elite level fighters in their own right such as the El sister Ayla & Raisha, Maceo Bastion, Belaya Viverna, the rest of Reaper Squad (Lieberman, Hilton & Kristoff) and so on.

    But what about characters who AREN'T mortal? How does the scaling of the immortal characters in my universe go? Well, at the top of the heap would be "The Weaver of Chaos" Vozanath. She's the penultimate evil in my universe (think along the lines of Thanos in Marvel or Darkseid in DC). Are their other characters who could match her power? Yes...but of course they haven't been revealed yet. Below this would characters such as Aymon Halolen and the "Queen Of Shadows" Zdenka Gaspar. Are their other immortals? You bet there is, but I've yet to introduce them. So, you may be wondering why a certain Penumbra Witch isn't listed here. Well...that's because she falls into the next category.

    That category is para-casual characters. These are the characters who are the highest scaled in my universe. The characters capable of bending and shaping reality. The character who defy all ontological laws of physics. And sitting at the top of the list...is Victoria Crowne. As the Penumbra Witch, her power is LITERALLY the void itself, or what we call in the real world "Dark Matter"...which science says is the matter that holds the universe in place. In my universe, that energy is known as the Penumbras...or void. The Penumbra Witch commands the void...so Vikki can pretty much do anything in the universe. Like the immortals, there are other para-causal beings within my universe yet to be revealed...but they will be in time.

    And the of course there are "The Creator" and "The Destroyer". I've already spoken about the concept of The Creator in my previous blog...and The Destroyer is basically it's opposite. The Creator brings life to the new, The Destroyer takes life from the old. I eventually plan on diving into the dichotomy of these entities in the pages of both Bubblee & Victoria as well as Warriors Of Fate, and yes...they will actually have corporeal representation...which I'm to this day working on as it's testing the limits of my skill creating Hook 5 skin layers. OBVIOUSLY these 2 entities are the absolute most powerful beings in my universe. They're neither mortal, immortal or para-causal, they are omnipresent...existing in all time, space and matter at all time.

    So yea, that's pretty much how power scaling works in my universe; mortal, empowered mortal, immortal, divine,  para-causal & omnipresent...with varying levels within each. And this doesn't count the scaling between species either, that's a whole other topic. 

  3. Well, won't you look at that.

    I know there's been a few users leaving KE, which kinda sucks because I feel their contributions were not just stellar, but embers in the flame that keeps our community alive. In my case, I don't feel like I contribute much in the grand scheme of things. After all, I am a content creator, but I am a... content creator, not a modder or somebody more useful.

    I have been feeling this way after CNC Baby 2 dropped. That comic took a lot out of me, and I worked on it through what was easily the toughest time of my year. I'm extremely proud of how it came out, as of all that came after that (which in case you didn't notice, I just uploaded a new one!). However, I'm not in the best mental space to keep creating comics right now. I haven't been for a long time, to be honest. I get very easily distracted and I cannot focus. The latest comic, The Goddess's Journal was a struggle. I love the end result, but even after reviewing and proofreading through the whole thing, I realized I was becoming sloppy in my writing and story telling. Which is the last thing I ever want to do with this.

    So, comics are on hiatus starting today. I'm looking at a two month break from this, at least. If something comes up and I feel inspired, I'm going to take my time to make sure it's the best possible quality so that the release is not as troubled as this one was. My apologies to everyone who expected something and was disappointed. Right now, I need to break away from this for a little bit and regroup to think whether what I'm doing is worth the trouble for me anymore.

    I'll still be around, though. I have many things I want to share with you outside of the comics, so please be patient and bear with me. I promise you won't regret it.

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    I'm planning to work out the real deal with Hairworks. It is nice creating them in Blender, but the part where the data needed to be pasted in the apx file has always intrigued me and left me wondering there was more to it and I'd like to be in control of the collisions and anything else there may be to control.

    So here I am, installing 3DS Max with hairworks plugin 121 and a whole lot to learn 😉

  4. Found this old cave scene here on KlubExile. Started to redo the textures (grabbed the OG skyrim textures for now) and made new normal/ specular maps to my own taste.
    Next step is to replace the textures with something of my own. To give it another look and feel.

    And of-course I also made a nice lighting setup. First time I messed about with the fire emitter thing for hook 5. So far that is pretty basic.
    But it does add some 'oempf' to the drama in the scene 😁

    I'll try to create my own "fire" texture for the emitter see what is possible with that. Another fun fantasy project would be to do some
    more monsters as toys to add in the scene. All-though perhaps more is possible with them as Hook objects... need to do some research on that.

    It's been fun so far, this game and community just keeps giving great stuff to play around with!
























  5. Hi all.

    I want to thank all of you for a good time, but its time for me to do something else.

    I dont realy enjoy modding anymore and im gonna go back to sim racing.

    I might drop in from time to time to check messages but that will be it.

    Thank you all for the good times.

  6. Exiled_Vizir
    Latest Entry

    Pre-scriptum: the entire chapter is here

    File: Vizir42b27-suspect-Activity-Indigo_Level

    Transcriptor: James De Bond

    Date: 15.07Y248

    Thought of the day: There is no innocence, only low level of guilt (Troubleshooter John A Tatanga)

    Speedy Decision maker Sum-Up: this file is a report about the highly suspicious citizen Iznogood Vizir latest activity. You will also find a poll about the format of next reports.

    We intercept some days ago an electronic communication between the badly known citizen Iznogood Vizir and a classified individual an other complex named Omega. This complex would sentient AI driven like the Alpha Complex (more info in the link). As alway with Vizir this delirium is illustrated with picture or even video and sound which be convincing for someone who doesn't know this shady character; nevertheless this time our services captured a spy some day ago who said coming from this very complex and his description was in line with Vizir's infos. So I make this file in case the threat would be real. The idea with this first draft is to show the 2 kinds of documents we got so far, after you had consult them, don't hesitate to vote in the associate poll to tell if you prefer if we arrange all as the first type (a comics/manga style from the ancient world) or the second (a transcript) or both and use the most adapted to the situation.

    All the documents from Vizir seems to evolve around an entity named Task Force T28A-ECS:

    - The first serie is a somewhat recruitment session:

    T28A-ECS page1.jpg

    As you already spotted the transcriptor of this doc is someone called "Exiled_Vizir", it is remarquable but we don't the relation of this person with Iznogood Vizir.

    T28A-ECS page2.jpg

    The next serie of documents is the follow-up of this interview, but now the style is a sort of transcript:

    vignette 7-8.jpg

    Natasha: - It’s ok, I tend to be a little over excited when I’m stressed…

    Sgt Misty Redstorm: - One thing you have to know before we start, is that this assignment has a high level of clearance: something like yellow or green…

    Natasha: - Oh! So it means forgetfulness treatment if I heared of it and don’t take it ?

    Misty: - Exactly, that’s why I will ask you some question and try to present you the most important characteristics for you, but without revealing any secrets. So if you don’t take it, no forgetfulness treatment. Is it ok for you?

    Natasha: - Yes, that very nice of you!

    Misty: - Ok, I know you’ve done a thesis in genetic, and generally people with your profile don’t take Spec-Op type assignment. So why are you interested?

    Natasha: - Oh… That… It’s because when I presented it the council thought it was false… Since the technical part, experimentation, etc was done well they only validate it.

    Misty: - Oh, sorry to hear that.

    Natasha: - Yeah, so no honors or else… So the assignments in genetic I got are not very interesting… But I was very curious about yours, you know Spec-Op and all and also why me?

    Misty: - I see. The “why you?” is simple: we read your thesis, our specialist in genetic found your experiments and conclusion very well done. And we observe your hypothesis on our field statistics.

    vignette 9.png

    Natasha : - Really?! That’s amazing! No kidding?

    vignette 7-8.jpg

    Misty: - Yes, really. But the problem is that we are not a lab, so you will consulted for genetic in general or your thesis related things but the main job will actions, training a lot and hard and investigations. And the job is dangerous, very. More than 75% peoples who quit don’t need to do any forgetfulness treatments…

    Natasha : - That’s a good thing, no?

    Misty: - Hm, let me rephrase it: they don’t need it because they deceased in a no clonable way or with no clone left…

    Natasha: - Oh…

    Misty: - So I understand completely if you don’t want to take the risk.

    vignette 10.png

    Natasha: - Huh, that’s a tough choice… But the others assignments sucks, and it’s the only I can challenge my thesis...

    vignette 8.png

    Natasha: - Ok! Let’s do it!

    vignette 6.png

    Misty: - You’re sure?

    Natasha: - Yes!

    vignette 11 v2.png

    Misty: - Ok, here is your contract, sign it if it’s ok for you.

    vignette 12.png

    Natasha: - A paper contract? Really!?

    Misty: - Yeah, the mainframe don’t trust electronic signing… Go figure.



    End of transcript


    The following documents are being processed. They will be send to you as soon as possible.

  7. I noticed that the sliders responsible for closing eyes don't have the effect till the end of their limit, so I did a research to solve this issue.


    Although the sliders lose their effect in the middle of the way, I know that it is working up to 100% of its output, because I tested it on a shape I made myself. However I want to fix this because not being able to use the full width of the slider can be an obstacle in creating poses, and above all, it doesn't feel good.

    If you look into GUI scripts of the face (uiPoseEditFace.bs) you'll find lines related to closing eyes.


     .SliderMin :faceSliderMin;
     .SliderMax :faceSliderMax;

    Both of lines determines range of the slider, in this case both are under the default settings of PE face sliders. The default values appear in the very first line of the same file.


    var :faceSliderMin F32(-1);
    var :faceSliderMax F32(2);

    This means, minimum value of this slider is -100% of the shape, and the maximum is 200% of the shape. The default (neutral) slider position is 0%. But in this case the eye closing sliders seem to be limited to a possible maximum of 100% for some reason (that's why the slider stops at 100% even though it has a range up to 200%. Don't know why), and that's why they can't use the full width. So all I can do is to change the value of .SliderMax from "faceSliderMax" to "F32(1)".

    Here the outcome.



    The range changed to -100% to 100%, the center became the neutral position. The sliders are available with the full width. But is there anything to look in this world that we should spread our eyelids so wide that they dig into our foreheads? Maybe it's enough to be -50% at minimum so that neutral position won't change as before, like below.



    Here I share the both -100/+100 and -50/+100 version. Be noticed that they can change the movement of lids in a pose.


    When you want to get rid of this, replace this "uiPoseEditFace.bs" with the one from 10.1.01p (KE) update, that is located in
    (Game folder)\VX-Mod\Scripts\Shared\GUI
    or backup your file before install.


    There's PE Mod, that uses the same logic as the PE face sliders but with more complicated and functional way. I'll look the items one by one.

    CombineMatrixArray - This is the output power, we use only the first entry for PE mod, 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, 0.25 is 25%.
    OutputMin/OutputMax - The limit of output power at maximum/minimum. In my opinion you can set the same value as SliderMin/Max in most cases.
    SliderMin/SliderMax - Works same as PEFace above, they are located in \VX-Mod\Scripts\Shared\GUI and each of PEmod, namely Body, Head, Hairs, Toy... has dedicated values.

    In the case of Head PEMod, the SliderMin/SliderMax are set as

     .SliderMin F32(-1);
     .SliderMax F32(3);
    So that neutral position (0) is always in a quarter, and if the output power is 100%, then also if OutputMin/OutputMax is the same value as SliderMin/SliderMax, the minimum power is -100% and the maximum is +300%. +300% means a morph has the features that are enhanced 3 times more. If you make a morph to close the lids at 100% of output power, they will be crossed and penetrated by each other at 300%.

    To prevent from being such, you can reduce the power of output (CombineMatrixArray). If you need 100% of output when maximize the slider, then set 0.33 in CombineMatrixArray because 300% of 0.33 is 0.99, nealy 1 (100%). In that case minimum output will be -0.33 (-100% of 0.33, that is -33%). If you need a bit more effect, 0.5 would be not bad choice, in that case the range of the slider will become -50% to +150%.



    Thank you for reading.

  8. I've always thought the stock game Customizer Room aesthetics to be very odd with too much clutter in the background.

    I found a mod to replace the room background called Room customizer by veryslow 5 colours   https://www.klubexile.com/files/file/4340-room-customizer-by-veryslow-5-colours/  

    There are 5 files to choose from. I installed Custom.AAA.RoomCustomizerDefault which provides a plain lilac background. There's also red, pink, blue and green options.

    This file goes in Addons folder and will be installed when the game is run. I have installed all of the Hook 5 files and mods with Generic Mod Enabler and will walk through the installation process with this utility. When Generic Mod Enabler is first run, a folder named MODS will be created in the game folder.

    In the MODS folder , create a sub folder [Customizer Room] and a sub-folder named Addons and place Custom.AAA.RoomCustomizerDefault in there.

    Here is the directory tree:

    +---[Customizer Room]
    ¦   +---Addons
    ¦       +---Custom.AAA.RoomCustomizerDefault

    Run Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). On the left side of the program window is the list of available mods for installation and on the right side is the list of installed mods. Select [Customizer Room]  and click on the '>'  icon to install and enable this mod. [Customizer Room] will now appear in the Activated Mods list on the right side. The Customizer Room mod is now installed. It can also be uninstalled by selecting [Customizer Room]  and clicking on the '<'  icon.


    JSGME.jpgCustomizer Room.jpg



  9. The Vault Library - Imperial Series

    Updated 23rd October 2023


    This is intended to be a comprehensive library of links to creations both legacy and new, that might be used within the Imperial (IM) Series. All credit goes to the original creators or uploaders of these files; below are merely links intended to be a resource for those interested in futher exploring the Star Wars universe and wishing to find content related to it. 

    If by chance you have uploaded SW-related content in the past and it has been missed in the list below, please let me know, and I will ensure that it is included.


    IM Series - Gallery


    IM Series - Clothing


    IM Series - Hook 5 Objects


    IM Series - Models & Skins


    IM Series - Rooms


    IM Series - Toys


    That's All Folks!

    I hope you enjoy your time in the SW universe in which you have found yourself, and if you think I've missed something, or you're still a bit unsure about how something works, don't hesitate to message me. Have fun!

      - Number251137

  10. One year retrospective

    Hey friends!

    I have been working on a lot of different things simultaneously in the last few months and wanted to give you an overall update. This is a one year review. A kind of retrospective to look at all that got accomplished toward my overall goal. My goal is to make a total Blade Runner conversion. I want to be able to entirely convert the game into Blade Runner (as much as is possible for me) I don’t know if I will be able to mod all the sounds, and I will have to come back to that. This journey all began one year ago…..so let’s take a look at it. One year ago, I had never used blender and wanted to find a way to make this Blade Runner project. I am not an experienced 3D artist either- that also began one year ago. I dabbled with TK17 starting last summer and that’s the first 3D anything I’ve done.

     The title shot of this entry is my first attempt to make Rachel one year ago and then my most recent attempt.

    So, keeping the goal of making the game in Blade Runner…here is where things stand. Up to this point, I have made:


    This is where things began. My very first mod! I needed backgrounds for photos and for lighting.


    Here’s my original Rachel character in the first cubemap I created.



    Here it is in the background of the Sector Four room

    These have worked out so well to provide a sense of place and the largeness of buildings without needing to build them all.




    (these are ported and reworked)





    (ported and reworked)

    Batty coat


    This one is terrible. I’m not proud of it and I will return to remake it better and more faithful to the film.


    Deckard coat, shirt and tie- the weight painting on this one is not the best. I will return and learn how to wieght paint and make it better before releasing it.



    Transparent Raincoat- I have a whole unreleased series of these. But I want to make them better. Then I will release them.





    (ported and reworked)

     (there are three more colors! I may rework and improve these as I go, we’ll see!)




    It was so exciting to learn to animate this blimp- getting the searchlights to move and getting the screen to be animated!


    Here you can see a video example of what I mean:


    I learned how to make animated and hologrpahic ads! This allowed me to create a dancing ballerina with spinning text banners and a fully animated coca-cola ad on the side of the building!




    Sector 4- this was a collaboration with @Sexvision so he could teach me how to make rooms.



    What  joy this was! @Sexvisionused this to teach me how to use blender and how to create rooms. He spent so many weekends talking me through all the steps and answering all my questions. I can never thank him enough. It’s been a real priviliege to know him and have him as a mentor in all this. I also need to thank @Kraegar , who also taught me so much about texture, light, UV maps. I would not be able to do what I can now without those two. Thank you both for all the problem solving, question answering and mentoring


    Sector 7

    (origianl work)


    Bradbury Balcony

    (original work)



    Bradbury Building- Gorund level

     I discovered I needed to learn to make things differently in blender and that forced me to have to scrap my room. (A room that was nearly done!)




     Best decision I could have made! It’s forced me to have to learn so many things. I’ve needed to learn to make things better and to make them from scratch. I have been learning how to UV unwrap, how to pack UV’s, how to bake textures and optimize them and how to make clean UV meshes.


    If you’re following my work, you’ve seen that I have been making vehicles from scratch





    Making backgroud and environmental elements





    Making Iconic buildings from the film





    More recently, I began making new heads for the main Blade Runner characters


    Rachel- this is a sneak peak of some of the process



    This is using a temp texture to get the shape right and make sure it works



    Here she is with the final texture

    (and what she would probably look like loaded into the average game)

    Because this is not a typical game head, I can’t use the hook 5 skins, so had to create the face textures myself from scratch


    And if you spend time on the lighting you can get her to look like this-



    I am learning to make hair but so far, I’m not too good at it yet. I’ll come back to it as there is a lot of other things to do!





    still perfecting him- but he's pretty far along!




    temp texture


    final texture



    Still working on Zhora, Leon, Roy and now Gaff



    Making clothing and fashion for the background characters

    Police uniform, hat w visor, tactical vest and pants



    Fashion hats




    Functional hats




    There are more coming- but none that I have good photos of…


    I didn’t create this- this was created by @sadekhnd but it has been a big part of my development and a part of how I decide to build things now

    The crowd generator. I can’t brag about this enough on his behalf! What an amazing tool!

    I can’t wait to use it in the new room



    Overall, this has been a very productive year! I am closer to my goal than I ever thought I would be by now.

    I have started work on the new room and will post some updates about that soon.

    So much thanks to all my friends here who have been supportive and kind.

    I am grateful for you and all you've shared with me!












    (If I've forgotten anyone- my apologies, my brain is now melted)




  11. Hey, it's been a while. I'm coming back hopefully strong with a video that demonstrates what I've learned and improved while I was less active.

    nullPictured below is the first scene and groupings for the orgy. There quite a lot of models on screen, 21 to be exact. And I already have a video of all of that in motion:




    That number of models is a new record, which is neat. This has been fun to put together and progress is rather steady, so a release near Halloween will hopefully be quite do able

    I also wanted to share separately my improvements to audio. Last Halloween Orgy had a sound ripped out of a random orgy vid and lazily slapped over with some Doom music. This time I want custom sounds for each pairing. Here's a sample of what that will hopefully look like:


    The extra work is worth the effort, I'd say.

    That's it for now. I'll try and be better about weekly progress reports, but I'll probably forget. Just rest assured I'm working on the video when I can and a Halloween release is more than likely.

    Take care!


  12. In Works

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    I guess not many people know, but the game has some additional meshes loaded ingame, only those are hidden and their usage is not documented.



    The censor mesh looks like a separate mesh that covers the genitals, its usage like said above is not well known to me.

    Back to my original idea, one of the problems in my early cloth porting/modding days I was baffled and annoyed by the fact that I always had to adjust tight pants and panties in the crotch area, and because of the protruded genitals I always had issues to achieve a tight fit. And more problems coming from the need to weight paint that area, should I weight paint pants and panties and underwear with vagina_joint01.L and R and others?

    Those days, because I work with G3F bodies, I have another problem that comes from the merging of the base body with another mesh called (in daz language) a geograft (the genitals). In theory I should merge some vertices, keep some of the new ones and remove some of the original vertices from the body meshe. But this has the potential to mess up later in development with my vertex index/vertex count.

    So as a solution, I decided to stop removing vertices and keep the old ones that should be removed and convert it as a censor mesh. In fact is not even a mesh, only a part (a separate material) of the body mesh.

    After some more scripting, I came with this solution that allows me to hide the materials for genitals/censor faces.

    Check the video how it works in practice.

  13. So I haven't been very active here recently, and I kinda felt bad about it. The things I like to do most is creating poses and videos and of course playing around with all the cool addons people create here. Plus, there were a bunch of people repeatedly asking me whether I could share some of the poses I've created for my movies, and I'm actually willing to share and to put something together for this great community. But it is also clear to me that I do not just throw out something unfinished / unpolished, so packing up some poses together for a release means that I need to invest some time...and that's exactly where the problem starts - there's just sooo much stuff to do!

    I don't even know where to start. For example, I've thought about trying to create something like a VN with renpy based on TK17 for quite a while now. But of course, that means diving into a whole new world and spending a lot of time just with learning about how to do all the cool stuff in renpy. And then you still need to come up with a halfway decent plot and of course all the visuals and animations... Welp, after hours of investigating and with a little help of GPT I've managed to get a video playing - nothing more nothing less. We'll see what I can do in the future, if I manage to stay motivated.

    Speaking of GPT or AI, respectively... I've recently stumbled over a post here on KE showing a Video made with TK17 and then faceswapped with a tool named roop. The advantage of that tool is that there is no need to train a model, which saves a lot of time getting a video done, so I really wanted to try out the possibilities that this offers. But again, this meant investing a significant amount of time into getting everything to work and learning how to do things. After my first experiments with it, I have to say that it has potential, but it's still very limited in terms of quality and situations in which it works halfway decent. For example, it doesn't work at all for scenes where the target model has something in its mouth, and it also creates some kind of strange artifacts when the mouth is open. Check the video for a reference (I did not include a bj scene because trust me - it looks just wierd..). Some of the roop variants have the option to define masks, so that results for swaps with objects in the target models mouth look a bit better to some degree, but it slows everything down so much that for the current results it's just not worth it. The same goes for any post-processings that improve the face quality and reduce the open mouth artifacts. However, it sure has potential and I will keep following the development and continue to experiment.


    As I mentioned, my main interest lies in creating videos and poses, and I've been working on a very steamy scene with these two beauties here for quite a while now:


    I've created almost all of the poses already, and now I'm working on putting them together in the sequencer. But my god how I hate that fucking thing! It just crashes on me all the time, even in rooms which work perfectly fine in all other game modes. The worst thing that happened was that I've created almost a third of the entire sequence already, and all of a sudden the game crashed almost every time I've started the sequence. There was no way how I could continue to work on it. And of course also even after a nerve wrecking journey of disabling an enabling addons, textures, toys and so on I couldn't find out the reason why it crashed, so I finally decided to start all over again. But this time, instead of chaining all together in one big sequence, I've split everything up into smaller chunks. So far, that works, but who the fuck knows what that diva of a game throws at me next....

    And last but not least there still is my Claudia vs. Ivy Project, which I also had to start over...  It was mostly due to the fact that my old system had serious gpu throttling issues which lead to very low fps rates and accordingly bad recordings. So once I've found that one out I first had to invest in a new rig, and then of course re-record everything. And yeah, when I've almost finished the second run, Diddy released a new version of his Xbody with all of these cool new sliders... I just had to use it! but of course, this meant again to start all over again, since I not only had to adjust all the body settings but also most of the poses that I've created so far for their sequence. To be honest, I haven't found the necessary motivation to finish it yet, but eventually I will take another attempt and finally nail down that movie....

    ..Oh, and I've almost forgot that there is also work and all the other RL stuff keeping me occupied, of course.. 🤪


    So yeah, long story short: Sorry for not being too active atm and for not having released any of the poses you guys requested yet. But I'm constantly working on my stuff and as soon as I find some spare time I will try to release some of it.

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    Here is a list of the crimes I have committed ☺️ Of course, something like this is not needed here on Klub Exile, where it's very easy to find a given user's output, and even categorized for that (although it was necessary on MG, as many may remember...).

    Buuut... I do what I want ☺️





    Title.jpg.b71cf54baf81c26217f57cb9b3da721c.jpg  Title.jpg.bd3779d8fac17602363d2acdbc104d55.jpg 



    Iskratitlepic.jpg.fa0ea5dd46aa92b3706b7303c351bed0.jpg  Jentitlepic.jpg.3e576c686b2092a3f0e2406362f53edc.jpg 



    H5 Skin Layers:








    How to make H5 skin layer tattoo using Adobe Substance 3D Painter

    How to properly make an earring addon







    Let me also present @Euphie's stuff in this way. No real reason. I am trying to emulate her way of doing things, so it looks similar side by side ☺️ Here's a link to Euphie's blog.




    Main.jpg.15363895e26a5ed9ba292b4981fd191a.jpg  Main2.jpg.148b2bbbd67848b6a797ee4bd3ac86a2.jpg  Main.jpg.bce5ecb4e087b4b5776e36e2a348e911.jpg  Main.jpg.cb40270b38ce31660cb165dffbb31eaa.jpg  Main.jpg.8e2ac17148caf953a316288e8356cd2c.jpg

    Main.jpg.863e3cfd615082a040842088d5b24f15.jpg  Main.jpg.f37357be7f4ddca506a27edf052c475a.jpg  Main.jpg.1a6d98e77d42aafe008039f4ede726c5.jpg  Main.jpg.5b23702a31e152a0d5bdb7aa1e3f114e.jpg  Main.jpg.64281a4f1dac0d54716272d0de82cce5.jpg

    Main.jpg.5977fea3a3e49ed071f4c3286116b4f6.jpg  Main.jpg.f1b47630df7b111c3dfacf3a564e1b00.jpg  Main.jpg.240eace51e4e3a572b52a59673991eea.jpg  Main.jpg.cc268aab63e528a0a0e0670989a2ac9c.jpg  Main.jpg.63093250281ed896391525c8dceb13c3.jpg

    Main.jpg.463f88d7e448b7db8528bf0f373036b0.jpg  Main.jpg.2da3a0f34459a1e9b5dcb01cb8e2e00a.jpg  Main.jpg.ab8d3739949ae5aa36d70460b9d8c058.jpg  Main.jpg.1ea98c18af3630fbda5e3b6791b58913.jpg



    Main.jpg.cd394f40183b8dee169332ea4f24f38a.jpg  Main.jpg.5068760586cd95269b36dbb73774b54b.jpg  Main.jpg.8bbd5b2df1763c289915371e2216878a.jpg  Main.jpg.423b6fb0301b2029607a7bd56a4ff870.jpg  Main.jpg.d53778052e3084a465086b77b0fa4e96.jpg

    Main.jpg.80bc4fd372540189198ded75d452b5c7.jpg  Main.jpg.61ecff23138f5bb13439aac0cdf7af75.jpg  Main.jpg.d5697c09b8b9d06f196bb035bfeef2fd.jpg  Main.jpg.a12e8d8dd5c81a713ff4717089028afe.jpg  Main.jpg.cc54cab02681dd9626787a14ea3d783d.jpg

    Main.jpg.dffdb153aaafed518218c6f0a537ea7c.jpg  Main.jpg.e805919b232c5c4ccfabb02951c22daf.jpg  Main.jpg.d7d72344d8ac546ce712c4c394ed8939.jpg  Main.jpg.f4c6bc981ccc354a2788fd0a6a0210da.jpg  Main.jpg.c706395ebece86710b51090bb70c22bb.jpg

    Main.jpg.fb13aed5e2d8585d661bb7f564c61d89.jpg  Main.jpg.3ea2e56e7f6c19ad09a4ca6ea677da6a.jpg  Main.jpg.332435143cffb2a21d74eb721c9feddb.jpg  Main.jpg.a90c01f33eabedd7c4318df966f411f5.jpg  Main.jpg.a76751f9ea9f09d30677f7f5925da51f.jpg

    Main.jpg.7544ce4dcaf2de567c9b43220e328ab5.jpg  Main.jpg.9a0684edfda9fb839ad134c13b7308e1.jpg



    H5 Skin Layers:

    Main.jpg.ed31a9f0cc27122d1a75a19e2b6eb3a3.jpg  Main.jpg.79f93b191795de3e9708b18a5eeb3e95.jpg  Main.jpg.a4b4d5dd7ab7167b47decd30d6ede435.jpg



    Main.jpg.17eb1bb3df61f012517a9552dc764053.jpg  Main.jpg.25e1fe7171856d251d668e70d6a08a09.jpg




    556666668_EuhiesNailsMain.jpg.ea569133040465907e8cae63be0d9c52.jpg  Main_v12.jpg.98a99ba6d84f646913553a1d4dece0c5.jpg




    Remove Unused Vertex Groups















    Single images:




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    So many rooms to explore, so many ideas to try... Sometimes I just get lost and I don't know what to try. So, I decided to make some cathegories, like: Max goes to Countryside.  Where do you want Max to go next? Please, vote, it will be fun!

  14. Hello, friends!

    Did you miss me?

    Work and family life take a lot of time, but I don't forget about you!

    got a lot of good feedback on my poses, all this time I was working on new products, my wife gave me some new ideas 😛

    Soon I will upload new products to the site, expect 🫡


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    Hey guys,


    As you might have noticed I had a longer absence from KE.

    This was mostly due to a work related burnout, geopolitical issues which required my attention, and, which probably hurt the most, the tragic loss of my SSDs.

    Now, I managed to piece some things back together from old cloud backups, this site, mega, and cgtrader, but it was a long and painstaking process, and there is still a long way to go.

    I will basically have to relearn the skills for creating objects, set up all the tools again to a standard I am comfortable with, etc., which also means it will take a little while before I can continue the previously abandoned pet projects I had.

    So bear with me. 🙂

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    So in short, I don't have Hanami and I'm using a total different model. No eye piercing nipples (custom model limitations) and not same size funbags.

    Also I don't have the hair and original background.

    Sure I've messed up the lights, but I tried my best with the pose. Also tried to replicate the muscles on the belly and hand of the model.

    Because my model is not Hanami, and because Hanami has natural big eyes, I realized I can't make my model eyes to stand out in the same way.

    Tried my best to port some HH boots, HH pose required some good work but got closer to standardize it in my workflows.

    Original (can be found at deviantart):








  15. Smoke
    Latest Entry

    Decided to create a blog, not only to take a different approach but to also see what are peoples opinions or their take of a certain 'issue' that keeps on pestering.

    The good ol' topic of; patreon.

    So to generalize, back in MG; patreon was 'allowed' only for a select few. And if patreon was allowed for a few, it created conflict of interest among content creators that weren't allow to have one. If you did, you would be banned and/or MG leadership would paint you as the bad person. I seen it play out for some of the best 'modders' in MG. In short, it was a scummy move by MG leadership.

    This created a downward trend because it made a lot of content creators quit/stop sharing their work and/or move into a more 'secretive' invite only site(s) - or not. (interesting story to that, I know that several users from those places will read this and point fingers so I'll clear something up, I was told about it by a modder that retired and non-modder in which asked why I haven't I joined - so I'm not dumb and niave and did my own solo investigation and was not told by a certain individual that they think told me)

    Anywho: Patreon - so here are KE we wanted to give ALL users the option to use patreon minus the scummy practice(s). And when I mean scummy practice is by basically 'stealing' content that they got for free and labeling as their own hard work. People may not realize this, but that has driven away many good content creators. They see their poses/animation, models, mods, addons, etc. being used to make money and they got nothing in return - sometimes they get un-needed criticism. 

    Now before anyone starts call me a hypocrite. I would like to point that those really don't read the instruction manual and will blame the design for their incompetence. I have kept my patreon promotion IN the designated area (which I have been critiqued for not doing enough promotion). I have followed and abided the rules, concepts, etc not just made by me but by other KE admins. I have given where credit is due, I'm not shoving my patreon in video, pictures, uploads - not commenting with direct links, not sending message telling people to go my patreon. Another criteria that was created was for users to share content in both areas. Yes, I have shared 'exclusive' stuff in my patreon - but that is more of a personal stash, passion project and/or MY vision of certain stuff - aside from that, I've been sharing A TON of content here and any early access that I posted there, has been released HERE (and with solid updates). And before people start saying 'I'm the only one' - brother! there are other users that are abiding by it. And we have users that have donated to the success of KE.

    Any who; we have weeded out people, but they often go out kicking and screaming in the hopes of creating a scene. It is that little diva display that people will catch and question our action and it just side tracks us. Like just recently, a user kept on trying to push his patreon down people face. Buddy, read the ToS and he rage quit.

    And what is the main goal. I mean banning patreon seems like is the only way. But lets be real here, if its banned - PEOPLE will use it regardless, it will create a underground community from within KE. And we start banning those people, well it will create even more 'drama' (And believe me, I want to jerk off and not have to address someone having a karen moment). Giving all users the option is the best way to go about - its the best option in terms of keeping retention of content creators - but again they'll have to meet a certain expectations which is fairly simple to abide to. And I can say it working as we are getting people to share poses, models, mods, etc.

  16. dave.melchior
    Latest Entry

    I used to work as a Cruise Ship Hostess in the Caribbean Sea. My job was to maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction by welcoming, socializing with guests, and contributing to social events during their cruise.
    Everything was perfect until the day the wife of one of the guests I was taking care of complained after finding me on my knees with his penis in my mouth!
    I can’t believe they fired me! On my contract, it was clearly written that I had to support the Shore Excursions Department by acting as an escort when required!
    You can’t imagine how shocked and outraged I was until I re-read the contract and found out that I had to act as a Tour escort and not as an escort!
    Anyway, after this episode, I naturally turned to what I do best! Except that now I don’t just work on boats! So book me and set a course for adventure! The love boat soon will be making another run!

  17. screenshot_23_06_05 02_46_12.jpg

    - What's your full name?

    - Names are powerfull, suffice yourself to call me Lawrenne Lycanther.

    - What's your age?

    - My age? you don't ask that question to a woman, you impudent scoundrel.*

    - Why Kelemvorites call you "The Heretic"?

    - My fellow Kelemvorites don't understand that Kelemvor, as the new god of the dead, is also the god of the undead. His shuning to the unlife it's because the way undead are normally made, without the consent of the former owners. Servants of Jergal, the scriber of the underworld, already raised the dead by agreeing with the corpses former owners the permission to do so, I'm merely copying this practice. The fact that Kelemvor didn't take away my powers is proof that I'm right, and my fellow clergy are not.

    - Hm, so you make an agreement to the former corpses owners, meaning the souls of the dead, to use their corpses, right?

    - That's correct.

    - These three er.. zombies, were risen like that?

    - Yes.

    - Don't you think using them as a throne is, like, abusing the contract?

    - Pft, uneducated bard. They agreed to have me as their master, so nothing I do is an abuse of contract, but maybe an abuse of my Jailor's will.

    - Jailor?

    - Yes, Kelemvor.

    - I see, Are you prisioner of Myrkulites cultists right now, is this correct?

    - Temporarily, yes.

    - You plan to escape? What they want from you?

    - As you know, I was a former Myrkulite myself, and a powerfull one on that. With Myrkul's demise by the hands of Kelemvor, I was besieged by Kelemvorites paladins. To survive, I pledged loyalty to Kelemvor, at first to buy time and betray them, but then I started to grasp that the new Lord of the Dead is more of my liking, more predictable and orderly, you know? Anyway, I was recently slain and these Myrkulites took hold of my corpse and raised me, for me, once again, serve their dead deity, Mirkul. They don't know, but I noticed Kelemvor didn't abandoned me, so I'm raising an army of undead under their noses. The fools think it's the will of Myrkul and they completely trust me now. I'll use this army to slay each and every one of them, turn their corpses to ashes, so they can't easely come back again. These deranged lunatics have no place on this plane anymore. Let be me the one who sent them to their dead master.

    - Wow, intense! Do you dabble in arcane arts too? 

    - Dabble? You simpleton, I master the arcane arts!

    - Apologies, but this would not explain how you raise the dead? Maybe you use your arcane arts to bypass Kelemvor's will to not proliferate the undead?

    - How dare you, abject rodent! Do you want to test it? I can slay you with my arcane arts and speak with your soul through Kelemvor and bargain your comeback after your corpse serve me, how about that you oaf?

    - I'm deeply sorry! Please don't kill me.

    - Grovel.

    - Please, please, don't kill me! I'm deeply sorry to ever doubt your faith.

    - Kiss my boots.

    (This guild judged that our member's ordeal is not usefull to this interview. Suffice to say, dear reader, that our member survived the Herectic gauntlet and returned - broken and weak willed, but returned to report his experience.)

    *Note from the editor: as she was infamour to be a cleric of Myrkull - the former god of the dead - way before the Age of Troubles, we calculate she has about 84 years old!

  18. NBP4MVB.jpg

    So folks, @Driver has recently gave us all a taste of his latest creation, a body mod that has a lot of custom, carefully sculpted details that look exceptional and in my opinion, stand out from most other bodies.

    If you've been abducted by the aliens and missed this one, here's the link to the blog itself - https://www.klubexile.com/blogs/blog/37-new-bodymod-project/

    As we can see from the version number, this is a very early version so a lot can change later, but what if some of use wants to play with it already but the cloth compatibility is currently not the priority?
    Well, here we have XBody morphs, vanilla anti-clipping morphs and if you, devils, wear HDiddy's. then you also got a ton of adjustments sliders from the customizer tab. 

    However, even with all that arsenal it may sometimes be tricky to adjust some threads without killing the look of the body shape itself... so here I was messing around with some displacement layers to introduce some NBP-specific corrections, that is supposed to work hand-by-hand with all other aforementioned adjustment methods. 
    Cant say they are perfect, but they are good at doing their job alright, there are almost 20 of them and they are all modular, choose what you like - the only hassle is the need to use Customized Skin and possible do some micro management if you're after the tightest possible look.
    You can run through the names to get the first idea of areas they will affect. Some of this layers have multiple options - like 4 versions of "tits side" or "panty hip" - mainly for everone's personal preference but possibly older numbers are better.


    And here's the rough representation of the areas they adjust.  

    How To Use This. 

    Attached you will get a custom skin used for testing - it already has all the "tweaks" linked - you will only need to activate/deactivate the layers you need.
    All displacement stuff is in the "_hook5data" folder, copy it to your ActiveMod. (it will move to _hook5data/Kraegar/experimental)
    There's also the body settings preset, just like on the previews and several XBody "tattoo" presets - this provide my vision of baseline xbody tweaks for clothing adjustments for NBP.
    I tried my best to preserve the original NBP shape while using them, cycle through those until you get the "best" look and always remember that these are not constant so you can always try to make it look even better.
    Another thing I have turned on here is vanilla anti-clipping morphs - they are activated in clothing tab but are defined in the body tab - these are quite handy too so keep 'em in mind.

    I haven't included the base skin textures so picking this "test" skin for your model will load and make her invisible - you'll have to open the skins gui, pick the "!testskin" and then open the BaseBodyLayer and fill all the needed textures - diffuse, normal, spec and sub. Do this for every other body part. Or if you're acquainted with these stuff - you can simply save some layers as txt files and then load those txts to another custom skin.

    Be careful when moving this layers on your own custom skins - as I use the "Displacement Scale = 0.10000" global parameter for this skin - all the layers with displacements have a high value like 30.0 or -50.0 or even 155.0 
    You would need to divide the value by around ten if you got a  "Displacement Scale = 1.00000" on your custom skin.

    Example fine-tuning screenshot


    Here you're tweaking the "nbpPantyHip" layer - to fix clipping on pelvis area. 
    1. Green highlight - diffuse texture, in this case the slotted texture is this layer's mask, by increasing "diffuse strength" you make it visible and can see which area is affected by displacement.
    Purple arrows show some bright spots - that what displacement will change. Set diffuse strength to zero to hide the debug.
    2. Blue highlight - displacement strength - how much it will push the geometry inside or outside - negative value, minus -80, will push it heavily inside. Change the number for better fitting.
    3. Yellowish highlight - layer visiblity - you can treat it like a morph - change this value instead of changing disp.scale. Sometimes it is faster.

    One more notice for the "LayerMask slot" - in this case it's the panty hip 4 - so there are also hip 1,2 and 3 - you can click and navigate to _hook5data/kraegar/experimental to check the other masks. 
    Different masks have slightly different area of effect.

    Got to add that I tweaked them all for the most tight fit I could - with minimal destruction of the base shape - you dont necessary have to fine-tune all of them. Might even better just to activate some and fine-tune the xbody morphs.

    One final notice about 2 layers in the Genital body part section :
    "Fix 1" should be good for most cases but if clipping is not gone - try activating "Fix 2", so both of them are running along - additionally, modify the displacement scale on one of them if the clipping is still unsolved.

    These fix layers are meant to be running with the last layer for body - "nbpGenFixBody" - they both affect the area close to the genital seams on two body parts.
    However due to how displacement works - these won't be ideal - they will fix the clipping for most clothes and be unnoticeable but will ruin the body meshes behind the panties - you should disable both layers from body and genital when not wearing any bottoms.

    If all done right - you have applied the XBody morphs, used some displacements and vanilla anti-clipping you should get the decent compatibility with a bunch of clothes.
    There might still be some problematic areas like the back - due to the body design - but you could always come up with some photo tricks to hide these minor stuff.

    Additionally, many of HDiddy's addons have a ton of adjusment morphs - like Slinky Dress - this one can be adjusted to NBP with almost no other means involved, something to keep in mind !

    Here's several examples with the default addons, also including the Morokei's Basic Lingerie, resculpted by HDiddy for XBV2.


    That's it folks! 

    Knowing Driver, some time later we can expect some NBP-scultped clothing, but if anybody is like me - cannot wait 😄  - you can grab these files, run through this post and get your NBP-chica dressed and ready to be undressed !

    If you got any question, feel free to ask, but please avoid those about how "customized skins"/"layered skins work" - there is a specific guide for it in the forum help section.

    Body and XBody Settings.7zskin Eva Test.7z_hook5data.7z



  19. Yep more level defs in the work and this time I transformed the Nocturnal room into a Water Cavern. So let's dive into the process shall we?


    So for starters here is the standard cavern which will be selectable in the Level definition manager. This room isn't used much at all and I believe that I am the only content creator who made a pose bundle for it which is "Breeding with the Dawngrowl Beast" that was released back in October of 2022. 




    So here is the real highlight, which is the Water Cavern. It's called a Water Cavern for a reason, you probably can't tell but there is over course running water with a mirror underneath simulate reflecting water. You can see the reflection of the rocks from the water itself. Now just a fair warning that the mirror covers a huge area since it is a water cavern, so this could destroy some of your PC's in the FPS department. I can average around 54-60FPS with two models in this room, it varies where you are located in the room.  




    I decided to allow Queen Aquaria to show off her domains level definition. So as you can see she is well let from all angles and there's reflection coming from the water because of the mirror. Water_Shrine_Level_Def_1-4.jpgWater_Shrine_Level_Def_1-9.jpgWater_Shrine_Level_Def_1-5.jpg



    Okay that wraps up this blog, you can expect a pose bundle and the level def to release around maybe April or May. Let me know what you think in the comment section below 🙂

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