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Audience Participation (Part 1)

The Barber


Hi folks,

Barber here with a quick list of topics where I see the chance for audience participation. Not saying that I will take all (or any lol) suggestions and use them but someone might have a good idea that fits the tone. If you want to contribute, direct message me or post a comment under this post.


Creative DVD Bonus Materials

Bonus material included in the DVDs I've posted so far includes such bangers as

  • Lia's latest vaginal exam results
  • Chloe's phone number
  • 1 cunt hair
  • A meet & fuck contest ticket where the chance of winning is 100 %

Wouldn't you want all your DVDs to come with those things?

Future knee slappers might include

  • Incriminating evidence
  • Alahna's anal beads
  • Free tickets to Pearl Jam

And your suggestions go here:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


Extreme Bliss Simulator Status Effects

Quick summary as to what this should look like - It's a fighting game spoof/parody where the player goes up against one girl at a time. All girls have different stats like you might see in a fighting game. To make this look more like a real game I'm considering adding random status effect screens maybe every 3-4 girls displayed before the round begins.

Something like "Oh no! Tanja's period is due so she's even hornier than usual. She gets +1 in Appetite" or "Be warned! Rose just split up with her boyfriend and wants to get back at him. So she'll very likely hatefuck the shit out of you. She gets +1 in Endurance". I might record different footage based on this too but we'll see. As long as it's not "abducted by aliens, therefore...." I welcome suggestions.

I feel like one just saying "Just try not to get AIDS" needs to be in there 😂


DVD Themes

So, I can give every girl their own individual DVD cover but outside of that my ideas are limited. Usually these things revolve around a theme or topic (other people tell me *cough*). MILFs, big tits, whatever. I've put the focus on the sluts (Tanja, Susi) and I've put the focus on the more innocent looking models (Lia, Chloe, Jaclyn) and I've got a few more random ones in the works. But nothing that's really themed. Feel free to suggest.


Potentially in the future - Plot Points in Video Projects

Maybe this is boring to you and you'd rather just get to the point but I like a bit of story telling in my stuff. Maybe a few nice visuals here and there. So there actually might be some plot. And it might always be a little cheesy but I want it to not completely suck (what a bar to clear).

So I have to figure out a way how to open this up for discussion and whether to do it publicly or not.

Could be something like - So far this happened: ABC Here's a broad concept for what I think should happen next: DEF - What kind of roles/recurring characters are needed, what rooms + toys could be used and how the f*ck does the story end. Just random idea sharing.


That's it for tonight.

Take Care, Cheers



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