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Exploring rooms with Yasmin



Love to download a new room and make a screenshot for it. My journey to shoot in "all" rooms on KE will continue for a while. Of course I might miss a lot of older rooms. So if you want to see Yasmin in your room, please tell me. Also... playing around with lighting and stuff... hope to get better over time. What do you think?

Btw... I entered a picture into the July picture contest... so if you want to vote for it: https://www.klubexile.com/competition/entry/206-wall-mounted/

Back to some new screenshots... hoping for some feedback 🙂 What is your favorite from these and why? 😉


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How can anyone pick a favorite? They're all so well made!

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6 hours ago, Oz70NYC said:

How can anyone pick a favorite? They're all so well made!

and all parents love their kids absolutely equally? 😉😈

for me and these pictures: I love how Yasmin's face and body looks in "Paradise Pool" and "Hands Up", but it would be "Your Table Is Ready", because of the cozy and more intimate atmosphere, bolstered by that amazing dress and her nipples "poking" out. 😍

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your pics are cool, hard to say and not easy to comment pics from other people (with my pics I am very very critic sometimes 🤣)

For my taste maybe the "Paradise Pool" is the best: I mean, is simple, colors are ok and DOF is doing a good work. pose nice (model no need to say is great), the other have some great high but also some "lows" concerning pose or different artifact (strange light , unnatural poses or simply the room hat bad meshes).

This game has some (big) limit, very oft it's almost impossible to get a "good good" pic (unless you are @Kraegar 😅)

Like you wrote you are trying to experiment something new, and this is great, the more you get something "strange" but the quality of your pic will improve.

Look at my JV series if you see the difference between the first pic JV001 and the last ones... I think there is a little evolution -or maybe not , they are all lame 🤣-

Damn I don't wanted to speak about me, so go on with new pics! 

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1 hour ago, venus_alpha said:

with my pics I am very very critic sometimes 🤣

I know that feeling... we're our own worst critics... 🤣

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