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Burning Desire For Screenshots



Funny... it's so much fun to create screenshots in TK17 VX. I thought about making Blog entries, going a bit more in-depth into my "photo shoot" process, from choosing a room, finding inspiration, framing the shot, pose editing, lighting and adjusting hook5 settings like DoF or FoV. Not sure if there would be an audience for it here? Tell me in the comments! For now here just a few of my new screenshots...


I still need more decent male models. It's always Sam, who suddenly changed his skin color from white to dark and grew a beard in the process. So I guess, I could use Old Sam and New Sam. Until then, I'm kinda addicted to experimenting with all the different possibilities available to me. The following first screenshot is a good example for depth of field gone crazy... looks kinda cool and I love the intimate pose with the cozy fireplace atmosphere.

EDIT: I added instructions how to exactly recreate this shot including the used LevelDef, Pose and Hook5 Settings for DoF and FoV:



As for female models, I have a few besides my own Yasmin, thx to other users like @DedMazzay, @Mr_V2, @Lionhead or @Codename-74, but I should download and play with more. This Amazon Temple, uploaded by @john374, is perfect for a group orgy ritual. I quite like the result and its a good companion piece to the previous one.


For the fall fitness competition I used @Berger's Fight Club (great room) and created a fake fighting game screenshot with Yasmin and Sam. I had the pose already (not mine, from a pose pack uploaded by @Carmine64s) and the default lighting was surprisingly good. Really no fine tuning, just choosing a good camera angle and fov for the shot. For once Sam looked so badass, that he got the center spotlight of the shot instead of Yasmin, who got smacked right in the face by his kick.


Later that fight, Yasmin landed on the ground and somehow lost her top during the fall. Sam seemed to be happy about that. Fine-tuned a lot on this one. The pose, I started with, was something completely different. Lots of fine tuning and lots of added spot lights to create the lighting including the bright "sunlight" spots on the skin. I ended up, using this one for the competition. It's more sexy... But I quite liked both of them.


Speaking of happy Sam... I guess he enjoys Yasmin's company... here in @aykekarallo's amazing DOAX3Bedroom.


Or here in @john374's Hipster Loft


In both cases again lots of pose editing, lighting fine tuning and adding "sun" highlights with spot lights. It's a technique I use often nowadays. See the results in this relaxed "Thinking  Of You" shot with Yasmin. Gives such a warm and sunny atmosphere for the shot. Oh and the wall here I find as well very beautiful.


All of the above pictures in Yasmin's gallery. Feedback and comments always very appreciated. 🙂



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