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Screenshot Mania



Let me show you a few more of my newest screenshots featuring more rooms and discuss them...

Yasmin visited a cozy apartment (uploaded by @smark_1). I found it thanks to one of @Archer55's amazing screenshots (so please give him some love to!). Sam and Yasmin had fun on the couch. Getting the pose just right, was quite time consuming here... and I restarted the lighting multiple times. Still not fully satisfied, but the screenshot now has some "energy" to it even though its not an angled shot. I like the strong DoF, that makes the background blurry but creates a very warm atmosphere.


Yasmin also visited the Roman Villa created by @sadekhnd and enjoyed her time on the pool. Background models are Adele by @Mr_V2 and Jessa Rhodes by @DedMazzay (both with adjusted hair styles and breast sizes to fit better into this shot). In Hook 5 overlay I turned of the "garden", moved the "garden tiles" (closing the hole left by the missing garden grass) and lowered the "Roof" to serve as border for the building (I liked how the roof tiles reflected the sun light). Of course I also changed the Skybox, moved the furniture a bit, adjusted the fov and added lots of spotlights to get the "reflections" on the pillars and floor.


Another one of @sadekhnd's rooms is the Forest Hideout. Jasmin went jogging there and ... uhm... met Sam? Look at my review for the room to see how that ended up. What makes this shot work so great (in my opinion at least) is the ridiculous FoV of only 40. I moved the plants and trees a bit to fit it perfectly and voila... 


To stay with a bit of an extreme... I still like absurdly strong DoF settings in Hook 5 which makes backgrounds and surroundings nearly abstract and allows for some nice lighting of the background. Yasmin turned into a Succubus for this screenshot... kinda... I know... no horns, but none looked good enough for the shot (the ones I had installed anyways). The pose and angle was quickly set, but the lighting took a while. A have another shot in this setup, so visit that if you're interested and send me some feedback. 


Back into a normal setting... the good old Luxury Bedroom (one of my all time favorite rooms) and Yasmin riding on Sam's lap... Don't know how you see it, but I find this pose insanely sexy. Fine-tuning the pose to get the dynamic look I wanted took a bit but I quite like the result especially in combination with Yasmin's outfit.


And another example of the extreme DoF settings in Hook 5 showcasing Yasmin in all her glory... I love the eye contact, I love how the penetration is shown and how dynamic the pose comes across. Maaaan... I find Yasmin unbelievable sexy and this might be one of my new favorite shots with her. Sam doesn't look to shabby here either. It took a while to finetune the pose, the camera angle and the lighting (including the color highlights in the background) until I was satisfied. Also... nipple spotlights to let them "poke" out of the image a bit more... 😉 The room is the Valentine Bedroom ReTex uploaded by @MIA3DX btw... I also uploaded an alternate version where Sam and Yasmin are clothed and no penetration occurs... so... uhm... totally SFW and PG13? 🤣


Sam also had the opportunity to meet with @Euphie's model Plaything 1 up close and on a very personal level. You don't see much of the room in this shot, but rest assured, its the great Space Bedroom by @aykekarallo. I like how the DoF creates a intimate atmosphere in this shot and how her face make up reflects the light. @Euphie did great work with this model! And it took me surprisingly little time to find the idea for the shot and create it.


Later that day, @Euphie's Plaything 1 also met with Liara T'Soni by @googoo11 in the same location. Here I played again with the extreme DoF settings, colorful background lighting and it came out very nicely. Both amazing models and a blast to work with for photo shoots. I especially like how the hair from Plaything 1 produces shadows on Liara's face and the contrast between their two skin surface textures.


I also started to play around with the customizer to maybe create another female model. I uploaded a few "Work In Progress" pictures in her own gallery for now. So not sure, if it's going anywhere. The skin details (the tattoo is part of the "Hootie.Fairskin.Lina" texture) are a promising start and I tried to make her body and breasts somewhat different from Yasmin. Although not to extreme... Still debating myself if I should go bigger or way smaller on the breasts with her (Yasmin's breasts are more "fake" round and smaller). 


For now she will be protected and cared for while I continue to work on her looks... If you want to see more pictures with her go to her gallery.


That's it for this entry... Hope you liked the shots and maybe got a bit inspired to create your own. Happy to get some feedback and of course answer questions...

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While I really enjoyed all of these images, the Luxury Appartment scene has one of my favorite areas to bang my head in frustration at. That dressing room area has so many possibilities. I just can never get the lighting right.  Nicely done!

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11 hours ago, Archer55 said:

While I really enjoyed all of these images, the Luxury Appartment scene has one of my favorite areas to bang my head in frustration at. That dressing room area has so many possibilities. I just can never get the lighting right.  Nicely done!

Thanks and I feel you on that one. I love the dressing room area but find it as well difficult to create good pictures there. I have my own standard routine with spotlights, to establish at least an acceptable base line for lighting in a shot in addition to the already existing lights from the room. What I find more difficult for this specific area is to find a good pose and a matching camera angle in that close space. That's why I'm happy with the screenshot. But even there... I got feedback like "are the two floating in thin air" because the stool on which Sam sits, is barely visible thx to the camera angle and DoF.

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