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Model of the Month - Ashley Sommers




Gemini Kanon muse of September - Ashley - (The first one, the one and only)

Full Name: Ashley Sommers
Also known as: "Ash"
Age: 29
Date of birth: March 12th 1992
Occupation: Barista
Place of birth: Bangor; Maine - United States
Related to: Eden Sommers (elder sister); Chole Sommers (young sister); Craig Sommers (Older brother, deleted character)



Behold here my very first model that goes back to march 2015 (Ashley's germ, AKA Madeline back in those days) and version 7.4 of The Klub 17 (I wasn't active in MG nor other related community back in that time), Ash is part of the hellish primitive trinity

Character Profile:

Despite being a model since 2015 (formerly named Madeline) Ashley's character was initially developed for a support role in another one unreleased (and get used to this, 95% of my works never make it to the release for X or Y causes that I ain't gonna argue here 🤣 ) production, first planned as a sequence then changed to a comic about an homicide detective moving to his hometown after the lost of his wife just seeking for the peace of mind only to end up submerged into the killing spree of an enigmatic serial killer that seems to have a strong preference for young brunettes so he along with his old love interest from high school would dig in who this sick individual could be

Ashley was supposed to portray detective Craig Sommer's little sister, a nineteen years old college educated that happens to own and work on the family business coffeeshop and while Craig makes its return and begins a relationship with his old high school love interest (Rebecca Bourke, now the town librarian) he would had to deal with the fact of both brunette girls being targeted by this obsesive killer being Ashley the one that would paid the price

But the idea turned non-viable due to time constraints and the entire comic was cancelled, besides that the idea of killing Ashley also became a problem because I wouldn't wanted to deal with having a ghost for my more porn oriented line up of works

Death of a character is always a problem 😅

Anyways, Ashley it still kicking despite not have been able to make it to the comic stardom after all she is the first model and my first contact with this game! The special one, the one and only!


As many other of my models Ashley belongs to the group of models with kinship, overtime the creation of new models generated accidental similarities that forced the inclusion of a few new models as relatives of the older ones and that's how Ashley ended up having two sisters, Eden Sommers (35) and Chloe Sommers (20) more on these two when they get their turn

Ashley is from the star sign of pisces and she loves bikinis and dresses 😁

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