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Cruize Ship Pool



Cruize Ship Pool

@aork made a request for a Cruize Ship. I already had a mesh for that and decided to help him out.

I started with this:


After some work its now here:

The Klub 17-0016.png

its got 2 bubblebaths

The Klub 17-0010.png

a very large swimming pool

The Klub 17-0013.png

top and bottum deck

The Klub 17-0011.png

The Klub 17-0017.png

and a lot of lights

The Klub 17-0018.png

still need to do some of the normals but its getting there.

Also would like to try to get the jets working with some lua script

The Klub 17-0014.png

Its got some nice places to relax

The Klub 17-0015.png

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17 minutes ago, Joots said:

This looks amazing. You're pretty good at this!

Thanks Joots. Its getting there. 🙂

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Here is the plan on how to make the fountains work (hopefully)

i got 3 h5m objects for the water and gave them a texture.




these will be top.h5m falloff.h5m and base.h5m

They all will be set as hook5 water objects so i can use the motion of the normal map also.

Base will get a simple rotate script right.

falloff wil get a simple rotate script left

top wil get a simple position script up down in a slow motion.

These will be parented to the jet object to keep them in place.


Should work in theory. and easy to do as i already have these scripts.

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