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Gemini Kanon Girl(s) of November - Yes you ain't no seeing double here - Twins Io & Scylla

Gemini Kanon



Oof... October definitely was a shitty month and November-December promise to be worst but let's enjoy the calm before the storm here for a very shortage of a while, which lead us to...

Gemini Kanon Muse of November 2021

Yes, you named it so, due to the lack of October muse I finally have an excuse to introduce these two in the same article for the sake of my sanity 🤪

Name (s): Io & Scylla Argyros
Also known as: "I & Scy"

Age: 21

Date of birth: June 15th 2000

Occupation: Swimsuit model and Influencer (Io) Singer and song writter, tattoo artist and influencer (Scylla) race driver and car enthusiast (Both)

Place of birth: Athens - Greece

Overview & Background:

screenshot_21_08_21 21_38_05.jpg

screenshot_21_08_27 14_57_06.jpg

Eccentric daughters of the already eccentric millionaire and cruise tycoon Adonis Argyros these two are almost considered deities in their lands
Like most people loves to point both girls were born to succeed on everything, having inherited the beautiness of their norwegian mother and the business talents of her father this twins are a money making machine wherever they go
Despite being genetically identical and sharing a strong bond both sisters have developed very different and sometime opposite personalities that usually surprise any unaware spectator that face them expecting to deal with two stereotypical twins, the most well known fact is that Io is more kind and soft tempered compared with Scylla but some gossips like to add that Io have some dark side that rarely shows up and it can easily overshadow Scylla, but all these are just tall tales and both sisters are just two socialites making career in social media and living their best life

One particular thing about them is they both have developed an unusual passion for motorsports and both are very active car enthusiast

Now; Who is Who? You probably wondering...

screenshot_21_10_01 13_24_11.jpg

How do I know I have an Io in front of me?

  • Bleached pink dyed hair
  • Tattoos only in torso
  • Light color palette on makeup
  • She only do men
  • Favorite position is doggy style
  • Drives only import cars (Owns a GT-R R32 and a 300ZX Z32)
  • Favorite Music: Jazz
  • Currently lives in New York

How do I know I have a Scylla in front of me?

  • Pink cotton candy color dyed hair
  • Tattoos everywhere! (Just kidding... but she have too many!)
  • Darker color palette on makeup
  • She do both, boys and girls
  • Favorite position is Cowgirl (wears her own hat (?))
  • Drives only american cars (Owns a 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra)
  • Favorite Music: Electronics
  • Currently lives in South Korea

screenshot_21_04_29 20_52_00.jpg

(Io & Scylla together with Io's rides)

Additional Information:

  • Their original hair color is auburn brunette
  • Io wears colored contact lenses when she poses with her sister
  • Scylla works as a voice over artist and is a certified tattoo artist
  • Both girls shared a boyfriend after graduation and in first year of college (Guy is literally the luckiest dude in earth)
  • Io hates the new Nissan GTR, she says is way too overrated
  • Scylla hates the mustangs vs crowds youtube videos
  • Both girls have taken part on the street racing scene of Las Vegas in the past and are very well known high rollers
    it's rumoured that Scylla never lose not at lest on a quarter mile

Well... that's it! A not so extensive show off of the twins just to compensate the lack of october girl! Til next one if November doesn't kill me! 🤣

Also, I'd love to be more motivated for doing this but well... life sucks! 😅

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