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Glory Hole Room



Glory Hole Room

Here is something i ported and working on at the moment.

spec maps are working. Now working on the lightplan so it will be 1 object.

Still thinking about making the cubicals seperate. This so they can be adjusted in hight.

The Klub 17-0005.png

The Klub 17-0007.png

The Klub 17-0006.png

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Update picture.

Set the neons to get a bit more light in the scene. Gives a nice glow.

Also changed the meshes of the gloryholes. there was a beam blocking the face that i did not like.

The Klub 17-0040.png

The Klub 17-0041.png

Still want to do a cash both because you will need to pay to get in here 🙂

Gonna make a rotating gate my self for that. already got a plan on how to do it.

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3 hours ago, Sexvision said:

Added wall pictures with a glass front to create extra reflections

The Klub 17-0044.png


sasha aprroved 😄 

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So i have tried to get this room to work with auto cubemap but it just will not play ball.

There is some wierd artifacting going on in this room that im not able to fix.

I will set it up with a cubemap and be done with it soon. Its not worth fixing.

Maybe someone else needs to have a go at this one.


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Seems i have found the issue. The Ceiling lights are to blame. taking of the glow and add a separate glow object seems to fix it. I will separate the glow from the light and fix it like that.

Here was the issue

With ceiling lights on

The Klub 17-0035.png

real strange artifacting all over the body. tried to change all the specmaps and normals to get it to work 🙂 Ceilinglights where to blame.

Here is how it is with the glow off and a single glow object as a separate object.

The Klub 17-0036.png

The Klub 17-0037.png

Now everything works like it should. This will be a easy fix.

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