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Cold Irony



If you are reading this, it means I'm not dead, but very much alive and well. It is, in fact, the very reason why I decided to leave TK17’s modding scene. Usually, when modders quit, they do so because something bad happened — troubles IRL, emotional burnout, etc. But in my case it's the opposite, my life is actually getting better.

As requested by @pes1972, I uploaded some of my unfinished content to the cloud, which allows you, fellow modders, to find something useful, polish it up a bit and release it on the site. A considerable amount of time was spent sifting through my obscenely cluttered hard drive, filtering out garbage and duplicate files, so that only potentially useful stuff remains. ‘Potentially’ being the key word here, since if even I couldn’t be bothered to release this stuff, there’s no telling how useful it will be to someone else.

Link to the content: https://mega.nz/folder/f4d2iLhY#jWT4jlVEpjIg_r7P2NSbgw

I tried to only include stuff that I either made from scratch or, at least, modified enough for it to be distinct. Feel free to download whatever you like and do whatever you want with it, including using it as a base for your own projects. Just credit me as the original author.

The archive is split into two major categories – textures that are more or less ready to be used in the game, and layered PSD files. The latter can be quite messy on the inside, especially the ones for big projects, so be prepared. Game-ready items generally consist of a DDS or a PNG file, which is the main texture (diffuse map), a dummy PNG file (less than 1 KB in size each), and a pass-file in text format, which contains the paths to normal and specular maps in _hook5data subfolders. Naturally, in order for the item to work, all of its aforementioned components need to be in proper places (this explanation is for those who are not very proficient in modding for Hook5). If you want to avoid a disaster, I recommend assembling items one-by-one, instead of dumping everything into your ActiveMod folder.

That’s about it for Cold Irony. Thank you, everyone.


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  • Administrator

You'll always be welcomed back if ever you decide you want to return. Your account will remain untouched unless you request it be removed. On behalf of the rest of the admin/mod team, we wish you the best in whatever life has in store for you next.

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Aww man, I wish you the best of luck in your life. I hope you return someday, the KE fam will always be here if you ever decide to pop through again 😎

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Hey thank you for sharing the stuff, you've been one of the best texture creator in these years. Good luck to you for your next project.

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Wish you the best, I will always be thankfully for your sharings. Hope life stays getting better and better for you and beloved ones... cheers!

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