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So I've been lurking and working behind the scene.

As many are aware, male clothes are hard to come by. Mainly because this game is meant to have the males naked and swinging its dick around and inserting in what hole there is.

Jokes aside, males clothes are kinda annoying to make. There is just something off with how weights are handled within the game. In short, male weights are either unfinished or just half assed. And even if you try to fix it, the game reads it weird.

For example: the body weights can be "fixed" for some reason the game reads it as "boobs" so for some reason, it "sucks in" the clothing mesh to inwards. Creating clipping. I've been "fixing" this by simply making more room around the chest area (fake boobs). But I hate how its present in blender.

So in November I started looking again through the vanilla files for a better reference. How the original makers made it. I've notice something strange. And that is that they would remove/not use any breast weights for males and they would substitute the rib weights. Personally I see it no different than the method I used and not a real fix. But I decided to use it for the sake of making it look better in blender. There is no real fix here but I have come to like this method more (cloth clipping tends to happen with males) but its a better fix IMO.

So i've been going back and fixing a ton of the male clothes I made. Still test them out but you should see more in the future 🙂

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