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Angel City



I found a bashkit to create a angels town or heaven.

This will be a object dump as all textures need to be reset in blender (UVs are there).

The sheer amount of work is not for me, way to much work. But maybe someone else wants to work on it.

As i did not know where to put these objects i made this blog.

download link here: https://mega.nz/file/dq4DlRgL#nR5l2laglnNb_f75Ud251nRdNF3_vxb0-mgIdElJ2iI  1.9gb of it.

credits to this man:  [GBB] Elysium (Modular Angel City)

Elysium Window B.pngElysium Window A.pngElysium Wall.pngElysium Tree Planter.pngElysium Tree B.pngElysium Tree A.pngElysium Tower.pngElysium Pond C.pngElysium Pond B.pngElysium Pond A.pngElysium Planter C.pngElysium Planter B.pngElysium Planter A.pngElysium Pillar B.pngElysium Pillar A.pngElysium Ornament D.pngElysium Ornament C.pngElysium Ornament B.pngElysium Ornament A.pngElysium Lamp C.pngElysium Lamp B.pngElysium Lamp A.pngElysium Gate D.pngElysium Gate C.pngElysium Gate B.pngElysium Gate A.pngElysium Flag C.pngElysium Flag B.pngElysium Flag A.pngElysium Bridge.pngElysium Block Z.pngElysium Block Y.pngElysium Block X.pngElysium Block W.pngElysium Block V.pngElysium Block U.pngElysium Block T.pngElysium Block S.pngElysium Block R.pngElysium Block Q.pngElysium Block P.pngElysium Block O.pngElysium Block N.pngElysium Block M.pngElysium Block L.pngElysium Block K.pngElysium Block J.pngElysium Block I.pngElysium Block H.pngElysium Block G.pngElysium Block F.pngElysium Block E.pngElysium Block D.pngElysium Block C.pngElysium Block B.pngElysium Block A.pngElysium Bench C.pngElysium Bench B.pngElysium Bench A.png

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