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Taking a break from TK17.



It is as it says. I've obviously haven't posted anything in quite a while as I find opening the program just a little grating these days, even for personal use, much less making videos. I also find myself dabbling with Blender these days, and it's been exciting to explore and learn. So I don't want to spilt my attention between two different programs and the normal IRL demands like work and school.

I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for anything I may have said I was making. It's all pretty much on hold until I find the inspiration to be able to open TK17 again. It's hard to say what that'll take and so it's also hard to tell how long I'll be gone.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words over the years. It's surely kept me creative and inspired when I otherwise wasn't, and I'm proud of the stuff I've created for everyone to enjoy. I do hope I won't be gone for too long and that I'll find it within myself to create with TK17 in the future.

Take care, stay safe, be well and keep creating!

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Well, I know I'll miss you & your work, but I also understand real world issues. If you do any projects in Blender, please let us know & I hope that your return to TK17 will be a swift one. Until then, focus on yourself, don't burn out & keep on keepin' on. Peace

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I hope you can combine your Blender work and TK17 in a bit. Im sure you gonna like it. Always welcome to pop in once in a while. Have a good one buddy.


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Hi, thanks for all your videos you post here, they are a good example of what you can achieve with TK17 and some others tools. Have fun with Blender, hope we'll see the great things you will make with it someday.

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