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Evangeline Lilly - FINAL REWORK




Saw a picture of her today while browsing the internet and had the urge to test if i could recreate her in tk17...

TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-49-42.png

TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-49-48.png

TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 20-50-38.png

TK17-158.001 2022-05-19 21-25-04.png



Reworked the body, changed the hairstyle and reworked the face-shape 


TK17-158.001 2022-05-21 13-27-58.png

TK17-158.001 2022-05-21 13-29-05.png



Something felt off so I made a new headtexture and now i think it looks way more like the real person... 

if i still like the model tomorrow (I have that one day rule) then i'll upload her here 🙂

TK17-158.001 2022-05-29 00-33-52.png

TK17-158.001 2022-05-29 00-38-13.png

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Recommended Comments

18 hours ago, pes1972 said:

Looks really nice, if beeing a bit critical she looks a little to much male.

well maybe its the face texture.. i'm still not satisfied with it.. something is missing.

or i need to do a little more sculpting on the head/face 🤔 

would be much easier if we had a head-mesh of the standard FaceGen head... then it wouldnt always destroy the shape after importing, but a man can only dream of that.

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1 hour ago, chielepiel said:

Freaking amazing!!  Would u share her??

yeah, that's the plan when I finished her 😉

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13 hours ago, Jimmy_G said:

yeah, that's the plan when I finished her 😉

I agree with chielepiel. Really looking forward to this model now! 🤩

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