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Model Showcase: Marina Nonaka



Hey everyone! For this post I wanted to share with you a model I made a few weeks ago that's been everything I could ever ask of in one. Here's my Japanese Goddess, Marina Nonaka!

So, a bit of background on her. When I was younger (waaaaay younger) I used to do roleplay on MSN groups and Messenger, and while most people in the RP community used their favorite characters from Anime, videogames and whatnot, I would instead think of my own characters and lore, sometimes based on my favorite videogames and anime, and eventually into their own stories. I don't consider myself a proper storyteller by any means, but there are characters I held on to for over a decade. Marina here is one of those characters.

She started off as a stoic woman of great beauty with a dark past in several of my iterations of her character. However, after a failed attempt at building an original story during COVID times and my life pretty much crashing around me, I turned back to TK17 and made the first two comics. And during work for the third one... My father died. I kept pushing through but eventually came a time where I just couldn't work on TK17, so I turned to the only other thing that helped me cope with my life: Drawing.

TrappDraws - BonyChan and Marina Exchange Swimsuits.jpg
Drawing of Marina I made about a month ago. The other
girl is IG: xbonyx who is a fantastic NSFW artist herself.

I started publishing under the name TrappDraws and to this day have made over 300 full-color drawings on paper... about lewding Anime and video game waifus. And all of a sudden, I started drawing my girls from Sex Tales. All of them. And then, I started drawing Marina and the characters from that other story before Sex Tales. But there was always something missing... Something I couldn't do with drawing due to a sheer lack of skill that, to this day, still makes me feel self-conscious and mediocre when I see thousands of artists who are way more experienced than me. And this was it.

TrappDraws - Marina Nonaka (Facemask Bikini).jpg
My first ever full color drawing of Marina. See the facemask
bikini? I'm OBSESSED with it and I need it on TK17 NOW.

I wanted to tell stories, learn how to build them properly. The problem with the comic book format is that, despite its visual appeal, not a lot of people consume them anymore. Even if it's for free. And I can't bring myself to animate my poses because Crom knows how long it takes me to build simple static images, let alone animate anything from scratch. But I've been so obsessed with the thought of Marina that I have to have her on one of my stories, and as a protagonist. The gallery I uploaded just now is an experiment and a new twist to her character.  I am a fan of Gravure Idols (basically, the Japanese equivalent of bikini modeling, only cuter and a bit more "taste?") and I wanted Marina to be one of the greatest.

I'm currently polishing up a story called Gravure Love in which I want to depict in good old-fashioned Hentai scenarios, working around women that beautiful. What are their lives like? What are their hopes and fears? How much dumb stuff can I get away with before it gets unbearably ridiculous? In this story, Marina is a gravure coach and secretly has a Twitter account showcasing her love for cosplaying anonymously due to her reputation as one of the greats, but having suffered from scorn or rejection after..."something" happened, that something being still in development. She is a graceful woman, with looks that dwarf the world's biggest supermodels but without any of the "diva" personality or drama. She encourages her trainees to accept they're human and they can be clumsy or weird and feel good about themselves, showing her good nature and huge heart despite the hardships. Also, she's a bit of an anal freak too. I'll develop into that as the story goes.

That's it for this blog, I rambled on too much about her, but I hope you understand it's like falling in love with a girl in your youth and seeing her many years later, only to find out she's grown into a woman that truly takes your breath away, whether she feels the same about you or not. I will be uploading her and all my other models eventually once I manage to sort through the complete mess that are my files and folders. Peace!

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Hey, fist time reading about her! Can't wait to see her comic! Loved your drawings! You could keep posting them with the models showcases!

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I haven't drawn in so long, but I might need to take a heck of a lot of pictures to make that work!

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