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More about Serena Dermin and what happened to me.



So recently I had to reinstall all the game againm I thinkk everyone has benn there before. You modify your game so much that some unidentified error happens and you have to go with a fresh install.

This happened with me this week, and when that happens I take my time to remove things I'm not using anymore, duplicate things and obsolete things. I also try to use something new that will change the game somehow and stick with it until the game breaks. This time I tried the 4x skins, and now I'm enloved with it. Thanks @Codename-74 for that!

Now I'm slowly recreating my models with 4x skin, and the first one is Serena Dermin, my second oldest character and arguably my favorite!

Now about her - I wrote something for her in an older post.

She is a member of the Uthgardt Barbarians from the Great Worm Tribe that dwels at the Spine of the World, the northernmost land of the Continent of Faerun.

She is the daughter of Klaus Derminson and Muiren Dermin.

Her father was a Northlander viking from the Moonshae Islands with fiery red hair and green eyes, he was marooned with his father near Great Worm hunting grounds. At first they fought each other, but then thay made peace, and joined the tribe. There, Klaus Derminson met Murien Alteirn, a Sorceress and Warrior of "Elder Blood" with ravenlike black hair and blue eyes. They joined together and made a family of four surviving children. Dounir - the elder and a warrior, Beladas - the hunter and the most knowledgeable, Leif the younger and the bard, and their only daughter - Serena.
Old pic depicting Serena with her four brothers At the Picture, Serena with her brothers, Leif (beside her), Dounir (in front of her) and Beladas (in fornt of Leif)
Klaus gave her only daughter Serena because he heard that name from the distant southern land of Amn, and it meant "Tranqulity, calmness" and that's what he wanted for his daughter. he would be disappointed

Early on her life, Serena's life was almost claimed from a disease that took her two other borthers - Culmin and Kant. She had only 7 years when she fell ill. Everyone thought she owuld not survive, but for the suprise of all she did - it was the first sign of her indomitable spirit.

After that she began to live her life in the fullest, doing everything her brothers did. With Dounir she learned to fight and defend herself, with Beladas she learned the ways of hunting and surviving in the wilds, she was so talented on these "manly" crafts, she was the tutor of his brother.

She was used to play with the boys, not the girls - and the boys had an ellaborate game of hunting, hiding, fighting and taking "territories". At first, no one wanted her on the team, so she went on these games alone and did so well they started to call her: "Snow Tigress" (and also started to fight to have her on their teams!)

As she grew, she started to be involved more on her tribe's politics, that's because she didn't know why there where so few female warriors on her tribe, but the chieftain herself, Gweshen Oathsworn, daughter of the former chieftain Bardawulf Oathsworn, was a warrior. She discovered that the tribe had indeed a band of warriors called "The Warriors of Gwynharwyf" or "The Warrior of the Northern Star". Gwynharwyf was a celestial being and a follower of Selune, one of the most revered gods among the tribe. The entity is the patron and protector of the people who lives on the fringes of the world. The Warriors of Gwynharwyf where banished from the tribe because her leader, Elenira, had an affair with the former chieftain Bardawulf, father and the chieftain's daughter - Gweshen - kenw that her father cheated her mother, and hated The Warriors of the Northern Star because of that. So much so that, when Gweshen became the chieftain, she banished the female warrior just to punish Elenira, it was one of the few wrongs the new chieftain did.

Serena discussed against this with Gweshen, but that was no use. She then tracked down the Warriors of Gwynharwyf and, after a test of courage and blood, she joined them. Because of that, she was banished from her tribe and ousted from home by her father.

She decided to not become a burden for the Warriors of Gwynharwyf, who lived in a dire situation, and tried to live by herself. It was not a good idea, because itt was the beggining of the unforgiving winter, and she would perish, if it was not for the help of her brothers, her mother and some friends from the tribe and from the female warriors.

Had survived the winter (and conquered the infamous cave-of-the-lake, who lived a fearsome bear), she managed to live well alone, resumed and intensified her training with the female warriors and secretly with her brothers.

Then, her oldest brother went looking for fame and glory to civilization. But after a year, a stranger came back, his name was Brian and he claimed to be Dounir's friend. He told that Dounir was killed by an evil warlord in the "civilised" world.

Klaus demanded that Beladas went with Brian to avenge his brother, but Serena managed to sneak up at night and convinced Brian to take her instead.

So, like that, the adventures of Serena Dermin began.
The Klub 17-0003.png

Here's the 4x face of Serena. She has a nasty scar under her left eye - She lost the entire eye (along with half her face) fightining against a mighty White Dragon, but her Dwarf friend Olm Kuerg, who fought alongside her managed to heal her - only this scar survived. The Klub 17-0004.png
You can't see them all here, but Serena has many big birth marks only on her left side! The Klub 17-0005.png
Here we can see at least two other scars she gained along her life of adventures.
The blouse is a mod I  did Summer Breeze dress, this dress has morphs that allow you to turn the dress into a blouse, but part of the dress keep appearing even so. This does not happens with this mod. If anyone is interested, I will share.The Klub 17-0002.png
Serena loves to climb! She is a very skilled climber and she loves to challenge herself to climb higher and steeper mountains with the least help possible of equipment. One curiosity: She hates cold! Ironic, because she hails from one of the coldest places of her world!

Oh! I have her shared as a model. And I have this new 4x skin for her. I don't want to ruin the fun of those stuck on 1x, 2x skins, so I odn't know how I make the update: New upload? Alternate download? Leave it, it's not worth? A little help here?

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For the versions of the skin of your girl, you can update the files without deleting the one you uploaded before, inserting the note in  instructions tab, which one is what.


Nothing like the story of a brave female warrior to spend a Saturday's afternoon. 😍

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UPDATE: Well, my game exploded to a million pieces AGAIN, and I'm really tired of that. I'll be away for a while doing a full reinstall and carefull compilation of all mods and addons I have. I'll be still around appreciating your work and posting an occasional pic, video or comment. Wish me luck (or not, but please if not just don't say anything).

(Looking gooood)

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