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Comic Update 08/09/2022



Okay, so the world suddenly decided to go apeshit right now. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II and my condolences to any British members of this forum. Also, my sincerest apologies on behalf of my Mexican countrymen who decided it was funny to joke about her and Chabelo... Seriously, fuck them with a blimp.

So, updates. Speaking of Twitter, I have uploaded some sort of "doujins" (fan made comics, although they can't really be called that because 1. I'm not Japanese and 2. They're not actually drawn...) of the Dead or Alive girls with more to come soon as well as a sort of virtual date between myself and Japanese Adult Video (JAV) Idol, Yuzu Sumeragi. Look her up if you haven't, she's a stellar performer and a gorgeous woman. Both comics will be uploaded here later today while I work on my next projects.

So I've been trying to push my content on social media as of late, both on Twitter AND Instagram, and as always, I've decided to share it for free for the entire KE community. Now, one of these projects is what I call "Purple Room Casting", shown below, in which my host and interviewer (and sometimes participant) Harleen The Assguardian brings new young starlets for a porn casting!

The Klub 17-0214.png
Here we have PRC1 star, 3D modeller and perv extraordinaire 
Bangup Sarah (IG @pristine.renders.3d) in an after-party pic
with host Harleen The Assguardian.

The second project, also pictured below, is a new comic series with the tentative title of "Non-Consensual Baby", in which we'll meet a guy that hooks up with a girl online, and she has a CNC (consensual non-consensual) fetish. This will probably be between 3 or 4 issues long and will probably be developed over the course of the end of the year. I don't want to focus solely on the sex scenes, but on the consequences of such a relationship. The fetish honestly intrigues me and this is a sort of experiment on tackling potentially darker topics.

The Klub 17-0006.png
Female protagonist of Non-Consensual Baby, Daniela Olivares.
Don't fret over her looks, people! She's 21!

These projects will probably have me booked for the rest of the year along with anything that might come up, and the publishing time may definitely vary depending on how long it takes my job training company to hook me up with one of their customers for work and the schedules they decide to set up. So for now enjoy these previews, stay tuned for the new comic uploads and have a sneak peek of the girl who will appear in Purple Room Casting 2, coming soon. For now this has been Trapp, signing off!

The Klub 17-0029.png
Hailing from Germany, the lovely Jasi Wonder will arrive soon!


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