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The Stargazer Special Task Force. AKA - "The Five-O"



Stargazer Special Task Force

INTERPOL launched at August 21, 1986, the Stargazer Task Force, headed by Head of Criminal Investigation Charles Lacroix to investigate a Food and Chemical mega conglomerate named Star Foods, that’s investigated by, but not limited to: violence crimes, murder, criminal conspiracy, traffic and production of drugs, crimes against humanity and political corruption. Agent Lacroix was investigating the conglomerate since its creation in the 70’s, and the Task force was a personal victory for him.

Lacroix based the Task Force on Japan because Star Foods it’s originally from there. The Task Force Members are:

Charles Lacroix

The Klub 17-7928.png

Full Name: Charles Paul Lacroix

Function: Head of Criminal Investigation, Head of Stargazer Task Force

Birthdate and Age: May 15, 1925 – 64 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,91m. 89kg.

Homeland: Calais, France

Current Status: Active.

Head of Criminal Investigation Charles Lacroix is head of the operation. He is a natural leader and knows how to mediate all the problems and needs of the operation.  His cold, calm demeanor leaves the impression he has all on his control, at the same time he can be very blunt and pragmatic – but he deals with the situations and bad prognostics as if he already thought on a solution to them. He studies the challenges in all their spectrums, with minute attention to detail. With his agents he is cordial and emanates trust, but at the same time his agents feel on edge, as if all his politeness could fade if them let him down.

Lacroix has double nationality, being French and British. He took part as spy for the Allies against Nazi Germany on the Second World War and since then was a decorated MI6 agent with an impressive and fearsome reputation. He left MI6 to join INTERPOL in the hopes to have more freedom on some personal line of investigations. He was always taken as a difficult person to deal with, but someone who delivered whatever he took the interest to engage, He also worked as a consultor and trainer for several other government agencies, like MI6, DRSD and CIA and trained many successful agents. Currently he is focused on his personal project- The Stargazer Special Task Force.

Amélie Boucher

The Klub 17-7932.png

Full Name: Amélie Gourlez Boucher

Function: Detective Inspector

Birthdate and Age: June 22, 1957 – 32 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,72m. 61kg.

Homeland: Lyon, France

Current Status: Active.

Detective Inspector of Interpol, agent Boucher is responsible for the operation research and espionage. She’s intelligent and efficient on her tasks, likes to be ahead of her opponents and hates to be surprised. Known as o hothead and sort of a sore loser. She’s expert markswoman being trained with all NATO small Arms, she’s also expert on hand-to-hand combat, but she’s deadly with knives of all sizes. She’s also specialized on disguises and infiltration. She likes to call herself a spymaster.

Gyo Gunwoo

The Klub 17-7933.png

Full Name: Gyo Gunwoo

Function: Senior Superintedent

Birthdate and Age:August 08, 1953 – 36 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,58m. 49kg.

Homeland: Seoul, South Korea

Current Status: Active.

Senior Superintedent of Interpol, she’s responsible for laboratorial and coroner investigation, medical procedures, and infirmary.

Gunwoo looks shy and don’t engage other people, but this is just because she doesn’t like to engage in meanless conversations. That doesn’t mean she isn’t interesting, far from it, her scientific curiosity and deep knowledge of seamless everything make engaging in conversations with her and unforgettable conversation. She also knows greatly of the supernatural and doesn’t think this goes against her scientifical acumen. For her, science and the supernatural go together, because the supernatural is only nature still unknown or not fully comprehended. She’s also the a “psychic activated person”, meaning she has and yields supernatural powers like curative powers and minor telekinesis. Gunwoo is one of the pupils of Lacroix, along with Boucher and Yunuen. She joked that they were the “Charles Angels” it stuck.

Hyiata Mamoru

The Klub 17-7930.png

Full Name: Hyiata Mamoru

Function: Communications Specialist

Birthdate and Age: July 16, 1961 – 28 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,70m. 79kg.

Homeland: Saitama, Japan

Current Status: Active.

Mamoru is the Communications Specialist from the operations, responsible for Intelligence and Databank. He created the nickname “Five-O” to the operation, because the original team of agents where only five, and he loves to watch Hawaii Five-O.

Mamoru is talkative, braggart, and full of himself, he seems to always be joking, and likes to talk about things with of personal interest or of no relevance on the topics at hand, but he a genius at computing and information gathering, being vital to the operation. Apart from appearances, he takes his job very seriously and it’s eager to prove himself to his peers, specially in the field. Mamoru has the difficult task to impress Lacroix, since he wasn’t chosen by the head of the operation.

Shinji Tanaka

The Klub 17-7929.png

Full Name: Shinji Tanaka

Function: Detective Inspector

Birthdate and Age: September 24, 1959 – 30 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,80m. 82kg.

Homeland: Yokohama, Japan

Current Status: Active.

Detective Inspector of Interpol, Tanaka is responsible for logistics and training. He’s tall, strong and handsome and possesses a calm and complacent behavior, preferring to listen before speaking – his words are well thought and relevant. He’s specialized on hand-to-hand combat, being highly trained at Judo, Jiujitsu and Muay Thai. As it happened with Mamoru, Tanaka wasn’t chosen by Charles Lacroix, instead, him and Mamoru where selected by the Japanese Interpol headquarters to integrate the operation.

Yunuen Trembley Perez

The Klub 17-7934.png

Full Name: Yunuen Trembley Perez

Function: Detective Inspector

Birthdate and Age: December 16, 1963 – 26 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,68m. 56kg.

Homeland: Totonicapán, Guatemala

Current Status: Active.

Detective Inspector of Interpol responsible for reconnaissance and Field logistics. Practical and silent, the young beauty has five nationalities, Canadian, French, Guatemalan, English and Spanish. Her five nationalities, superb surviving skills, location, and espionage rendered many successful missions for Interpol in a short time, but her youth and “frail sex” still deter her to soar higher, all that changed when Lacroix adopted her as one of his pupils. She’s a very difficult person to work with since she always seems to be in a very bad mood.

Those are the original Stargazer Special Task Force, or just the original “Five-O” as the nickname stuck. They didn’t have any groundbreaking advance against Star Foods for over a year, for many reasons, they were forced to play at least to some extent “by the book” by Interpol, and Star has many key elements of the police force, judges, politicians, and criminals on their pockets allowing them to thwart the force efforts or to stay ahead in the game.

This prompted Charles Lacroix to be creative and adopt a new stratagem using talented people who weren’t connected by any means with any governmental or criminal organization. The agents started to search for civil operatives to aid the Task Force where they couldn’t reach.

Those operatives will begin their service at the operation on the begining of 1989, where the story truly begins (hence the current age of the agents are relative to 1989). I’ll present to you them later!

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Thanks comrade @SovietTiger to point out an error and some confusion the ages can do with the "currently" part. The main story takes place in 1989, so whem it's written "currently", it's 1989 the current year on the story. 


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Great profiles! I wish I was as concise about my own characters! And these girls, whoa... Hotties!!

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Just now, Trapp said:

Great profiles! I wish I was as concise about my own characters! And these girls, whoa... Hotties!!

Your profiles are awesome! As for conciseness, that's because I chose this for this entry. But I'm coming up with more complete profiles Trapp-style!  

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1 minute ago, Trapp said:

Neat! I can't wait to learn more about Mari-chan! 😍

Mari it's a real treat! It will be a delight to present her formally! 

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Yunuen seems to me like a very hard bone to chew. That's... interesting 😍

I like the roster. Let's find out what happens next.

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40 minutes ago, SovietTiger said:

Yunuen seems to me like a very hard bone to chew. That's... interesting 😍

I like the roster. Let's find out what happens next.

She's a bad motherf*cker, yeah she is! Once she crossed Chihuahuan Desert on foot with a broken leg! from Ojinaga, to Las Cruces! Or so she likes to say.

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Well, if she managed to go from Ojinaga Chihuahua, to Las Cruces New Mexico, on foot, with a broken leg... those are almost 500km, thats the distance from Guadalajara to Mexico City. 

I'm not saying she's laying, I'm saying she must have had some help or she's truly a sort of kriptonian. 😵🤭

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