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Amélie Boucher



Amélie Boucher

The Klub 17-7932.png


Of all Five-O female agents, Boucher seems to be the most popular! She’s really fun to create situations and stories, and she’s sexy too!


Boucher was created as an NPC for my RPG campaign “Rising Shadows”, she’s one of the agents of the Stargazer STF and also one of the mentors and most trusted allies of the main characters. To create her I based on a drawing I found on the internet to illustrate her, it was the Krav Maga Fighter, by Lordeeass. Boucher came out a bit different of the lady on the drawing, but I think it’s for the better!  

Model and Clothes

The model was made using Xbody morphs (well, I only use this, so no surprise here), for the hair I initially went with R9Hair375 for the loose version and I couldn’t find the one I used for her ponytail! But it’s also a beauty! 

The Klub 17-8028.png

I love hairworks, so I went with hair268_officetail (made originally by @pervokpetr) and I tried hw007_vi363r_2c, because Boucher is one of those crazy ladies who combs her hair until it’s all straight and vertical. Vi363r’s hair is ok, but has some issues on the scalp and I returned to R9Hair375. Boucher normally dresses very formally and practical, a buttoned blouses and polo shirts always using pants or jeans.

The Klub 17-8029.png

For training she likes to use tank tops, t-shirts and camo pants, maybe shorts.

The Klub 17-8030.png

As for swimsuits she prefer colorful ones, and she don’t mind showing some skin!

The Klub 17-8031.png

As for dresses she likes bright and long dresses.

The Klub 17-8032.png

She uses comfortable but sexy underwear, she loves laced panties and bras!

The Klub 17-8033.png

Oh, but you know she’s a spymaster? As such she can wear any clothing and dress her hair in any way or color, she has a great wig collection (she rarely dyes her hair, favoring the old art of wig usage). 


Boucher is the daughter of a rich statesman and a Lyonese socialite. She also has two brothers, all in successful military careers. Boucher should be the personal project of her mother, Marguerite, who dreamed her daughter becoming the next Channel of the makeup industry. She hired the best makeup artists, performers and economists to teach the trade to her daughter at the same time she limited her social life, so she won't be spoiled as herself.  This made Amélie be more interested in the practical aspect of these products than in the "Fun" of It. This kept Amélie away from her femininity, and drew her closer for the more manly side of her family – the military. Her father was a proud World War II Veteran and had several war memorabilia at home and several military connections, Amélie's brothers went on military careers and she longed for that too. There was only two problems, her mother, and her sex.  

When she concluded her formal education, to her mother dismay, she announced her plans to study on the École Militaire de Paris, along with her brother. But, on concluding the program, she discovered that her future on the French Army was on office work or as a nurse. She decided for the third path – espionage.

The recent Direction de la Protection et de la Sécurité de la Défense (DPSD). Were desperate for new bright agents, especially female ones, who could “charm her way on Bolchevik trenches”, and dig out Soviet spies or sympathizers, and gather enemy intel behind the Iron curtain. Boucher was very welcomed.

But even there she was under-used. Her abilities on disguises, marksmanship and hand to hand combat were wasted against students and insurgents and she began to feel disgust for her narrow-minded superiors, so when she received an invitation to work internationally and on the field for Interpol, she couldn’t be happier. Soon she went on training with Interpol’s living legend Charles Lacroix and with his patronage was successful on several missions against organized crimes on Italy and America. Lacroix thought that Boucher was ready for the next challenge – make her part of the Stargazer Task Force to infiltrate on the Japanese mafia – the Yakuza.

It was a real challenge to mimic a Japanese girl, but she came up with a disguise of a Franco-Niponic girl, that has experience as a restaurant hostess looking for work in Japan after losing her original job in France.

The Yakuza believed on it and hired her to be hostess of one of their clubs. There she gathered the needed intel for the Task Force, while creating important contacts and allies within the Yakuza.

One of the was Shinto Nagano, a smart and young man who were an ascending star within the Yakuza. He was smart, fast, strong, and ruthless, and he was helping Boucher a lot on uncovering her targets from the rival families. They were felling for each other and soon her relationship became intimate. 

This made her decide she would tell the truth to Nagano and invite him to take part of the Task Force as her chosen operative, and she did exactly that, and he was inclined to accept, having arranged a meeting with her in front of a boxing gym. He had left the Yakuza to join her beloved and bring justice against this unscrupulous company she was investigating, but when they met in the parking lot, a group of rival Yakuza came to attack them, someone had tipped them off! While she was battling the Yakuza, Nagano was shot twice by an unidentified sniper. She even tried to drive him to the hospital, but it was too late. Boucher lost her heart that day and vowed to destroy the Yakuza who killed him.


Boucher looks relaxed and welcoming, but in truth she has a tense and heavy aura, which activates the feeling of danger in people, as if they were in front of a predator. Her smiles doesn’t seem genuine, her conversation seems to be studied, and she seems to be all the time struggling against a surge of rage. That’s because she was a lot more temperamental than she is now, but she is trying to quench her explosive demeanor since she joined the STF. With Nagano’s death, she grew more aloof and distant. All these personalities trait seems to vanish when she is in one of her disguises. She become a whole new person physically and mentally.

Appearance: Boucher is a woman of simple beauty, she has light brown eyes and bright blond hair. She doesn’t use makeup casually and keeps her hair tight in a ponytail. These traits allow her to radically change her looks with makeup, wigs and other disguise methods, she can be any person she wants. 


-          Boucher sees sex as a work tool, she rarely enjoyed doing it, but employed sex to reach her goals when needed.

-          She had one only true love, Shinto Nagano, who died in a boxing gym parking lot in front of her.

-          Her body and face are covered and small discreet freckles, as a disguise master, she can hide them effectively using makeup.

-          She doesn’t know much of pop culture, conversations with her on this topic can be very short, although, as a spymaster, she employs techniques to keep the conversation going, if she wants.

-          Her favorite hobbies are photography, makeup, wig-making, and shooting.

-          She’s a specialist knife-fighter, being deadly with a blade in her hand. She’s an expert markswoman, being her favorite firearm the FR-F2 sniper rifle and the Glock 20 handgun. She’s also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, specialized in kicks. Her weak point is grappling, but she can deliver a powerful german suplex.

-          Although she was already in many battles, she tries her best to heal and rest properly after them, to avoid having distinctive scars – not having distinctive marks is crucial for her line of work, she thinks.

Model Download: 

4x Version

2x Version (Comming soon)

1x version (Comming soon)



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What a BABE! She's a tough cookie for sure! I like her story arc a lot and she seems very interesting! I like a woman that doubles as a chameleon!

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7 minutes ago, Trapp said:

What a BABE! She's a tough cookie for sure! I like her story arc a lot and she seems very interesting! I like a woman that doubles as a chameleon!

Thanks Man! I glfixed some Minor erros on the story (the beggining had some problema, but I think I fixed.

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