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More Models and Comic Progress



I believe these blog entries are about to become slightly more spaced in terms of time now due to my new job (yay!), but for now I wanted to tell you about a few happenings regarding comic creation and a few new models I'm working with. Also, let this entry be witness to me having actual progress with archiving my models for exclusive posting here on KE, so if you're interested in any of my girls, requirements won't be many other than XBody and XLashes for them, as well as some specific addons for each that will come included in the model upload. Whatever else you might need will be mentioned when those uploads finally come. With that being said, here's a preview of a special group I've been working on.

DOA Model Collage.png
Yes, I'm aware that there are some superior models of these ladies
available here at the Klub, but not ALL the ladies... Also,

I know they don't look anywhere near their actual videogame models, but if anyone is interested in having sexy versions of the Dead Or Alive girls up to DOA5 LR (since that's the extent of the assets available for TK17 users), they will all be ready for your pleasure soon enough, EXCLUSIVE for Klub Exile! I struggled a bit getting these together, but I hope you will enjoy how they look. Going into the OC territory, I think it's time I discuss the girls in my latest gallery, linked right here: 

So, besides Dany (who I've extensively showcased and sort of talked about in past entries), we have three new girls. The tallest one is Rachel Vidal, 23 years old and a friend of Dani's. She will have a small role in CNC Baby. She is a bombshell Colombian with the biggest boobs out of all my girls, even surpassing Aoi-sama! She enjoys metal music but isn't shy about clubbing. She's also a bit of a loose girl, so if you want some fun times, definitely hit her up!

After Party Girls (9).png
Rachel here is a very versatile girl. So much so, that you can go in her
butt without any lube and she'll be happy to take you!

The second girl is my tiniest yet. But she's more than legal, I swear to God! Her name is Nanno Chairat from Thailand. She's 28 years old and has two jobs: Veterinarian and pet aesthetician during the day and bar girl during the night! She travelled to LA from Pattaya for work and is struggling a little bit with the language barrier. However, there are a few things she is an expert in: Making your pets look their best, and raising boners! Yeah, her looks are admittedly dangerous for KE, but she wouldn't be here if she wasn't old enough at least. And if you must know, she loves being manhandled!

After Party Girls (11).png
Let me tell you, I love tiny Southeast Asians!
And Nanno here is a super special one ready for petting! Me so horny!

Last on this list is Cassidy Monroe. You mean you don't know of her?? Well, she's a rising adult film actress and has a bubbly personality to boot! She's German and while she doesn't have a proper role in future comics, she has a twin sister named Hannah, who is the complete opposite of her. And of course, she suffers because of her twin's lewd antics... They will also be featured in CNC Baby when that drops. I don't know about you, but Cass is a fucking CUTIE! Also, she's not afraid to flash you if she digs you, so... 😉

After Party Girls (7).png
Fich mich!! Would you have imagined a girl with a goth girl next door
look to be so naughty? Her smile is something precious!

In other news, I've been editing skins in order to prep them for model upload, since a few of my girls have certain characteristics I want to portray on them, and to be honest, @Morius has some amazing tutorials in which you can learn how to edit skins to make them look unique using Photoshop, so a huge shoutout to him for his support and help with this massive endeavor. Once that's taken care of, I'll update the Trapp's Angels blogs to include the model download links.

As for the comics themselves... I've been having a bit of a writer's block on CNC Baby. I have tons of ideas for that story, but it's putting the first comic together that I'm struggling with. Namely, how to introduce the characters into the story and make the best of what visual elements I have already produced. Maybe taking time off of that and focusing on other things will help me come back to things with a fresh outlook. So far I've produced two demos of the comic and I'm not entirely sold on either of them. So until I feel confident about the story I want to tell, it will have to wait. Please be patient until then.

Well, that's about it for this entry. Very early mornings await now that I'm on a schedule, but I know this will all be worth it. Thank you once again for reading these rants, and read you on the next one!

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Thanks man! But this doesn't mean content is going to slow down! On the contrary! I've got a special series of posts coming up!

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