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Neural Art Experiments



I was always looking for a way to make my images to look like a painting. I've tried many different approaches but never was really satisfied with the results.

I've recently discovered neural filters in the latest Photoshop. I'm especially interested in the ones that could simulate the art style of some famous painters. I was playing with them for a bit and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Below is the original image

Tropical Bliss.jpg

And here are some results (click on the images to enlarge)

Tropical Bliss - Cezanne.jpgTropical Bliss - Dixon.jpgTropical Bliss - Gaugain.jpgTropical Bliss - Hokusai.jpgTropical Bliss - Monet.jpgTropical Bliss - Morisot.jpgTropical Bliss - Munch.jpgTropical Bliss - Seurat.jpg

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Photoshop filters are great! I use them a lot to make game art - here two examples. 

But I think I never thought on making with this game pics! And this is wonderfull to couple with my idea about creating wall art for the game! Thanks, and good job! The results went spetacular!



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