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NBP for MVB ? (The Driver's body mod)




So folks, @Driver has recently gave us all a taste of his latest creation, a body mod that has a lot of custom, carefully sculpted details that look exceptional and in my opinion, stand out from most other bodies.

If you've been abducted by the aliens and missed this one, here's the link to the blog itself - https://www.klubexile.com/blogs/blog/37-new-bodymod-project/

As we can see from the version number, this is a very early version so a lot can change later, but what if some of use wants to play with it already but the cloth compatibility is currently not the priority?
Well, here we have XBody morphs, vanilla anti-clipping morphs and if you, devils, wear HDiddy's. then you also got a ton of adjustments sliders from the customizer tab. 

However, even with all that arsenal it may sometimes be tricky to adjust some threads without killing the look of the body shape itself... so here I was messing around with some displacement layers to introduce some NBP-specific corrections, that is supposed to work hand-by-hand with all other aforementioned adjustment methods. 
Cant say they are perfect, but they are good at doing their job alright, there are almost 20 of them and they are all modular, choose what you like - the only hassle is the need to use Customized Skin and possible do some micro management if you're after the tightest possible look.
You can run through the names to get the first idea of areas they will affect. Some of this layers have multiple options - like 4 versions of "tits side" or "panty hip" - mainly for everone's personal preference but possibly older numbers are better.


And here's the rough representation of the areas they adjust.  

How To Use This. 

Attached you will get a custom skin used for testing - it already has all the "tweaks" linked - you will only need to activate/deactivate the layers you need.
All displacement stuff is in the "_hook5data" folder, copy it to your ActiveMod. (it will move to _hook5data/Kraegar/experimental)
There's also the body settings preset, just like on the previews and several XBody "tattoo" presets - this provide my vision of baseline xbody tweaks for clothing adjustments for NBP.
I tried my best to preserve the original NBP shape while using them, cycle through those until you get the "best" look and always remember that these are not constant so you can always try to make it look even better.
Another thing I have turned on here is vanilla anti-clipping morphs - they are activated in clothing tab but are defined in the body tab - these are quite handy too so keep 'em in mind.

I haven't included the base skin textures so picking this "test" skin for your model will load and make her invisible - you'll have to open the skins gui, pick the "!testskin" and then open the BaseBodyLayer and fill all the needed textures - diffuse, normal, spec and sub. Do this for every other body part. Or if you're acquainted with these stuff - you can simply save some layers as txt files and then load those txts to another custom skin.

Be careful when moving this layers on your own custom skins - as I use the "Displacement Scale = 0.10000" global parameter for this skin - all the layers with displacements have a high value like 30.0 or -50.0 or even 155.0 
You would need to divide the value by around ten if you got a  "Displacement Scale = 1.00000" on your custom skin.

Example fine-tuning screenshot


Here you're tweaking the "nbpPantyHip" layer - to fix clipping on pelvis area. 
1. Green highlight - diffuse texture, in this case the slotted texture is this layer's mask, by increasing "diffuse strength" you make it visible and can see which area is affected by displacement.
Purple arrows show some bright spots - that what displacement will change. Set diffuse strength to zero to hide the debug.
2. Blue highlight - displacement strength - how much it will push the geometry inside or outside - negative value, minus -80, will push it heavily inside. Change the number for better fitting.
3. Yellowish highlight - layer visiblity - you can treat it like a morph - change this value instead of changing disp.scale. Sometimes it is faster.

One more notice for the "LayerMask slot" - in this case it's the panty hip 4 - so there are also hip 1,2 and 3 - you can click and navigate to _hook5data/kraegar/experimental to check the other masks. 
Different masks have slightly different area of effect.

Got to add that I tweaked them all for the most tight fit I could - with minimal destruction of the base shape - you dont necessary have to fine-tune all of them. Might even better just to activate some and fine-tune the xbody morphs.

One final notice about 2 layers in the Genital body part section :
"Fix 1" should be good for most cases but if clipping is not gone - try activating "Fix 2", so both of them are running along - additionally, modify the displacement scale on one of them if the clipping is still unsolved.

These fix layers are meant to be running with the last layer for body - "nbpGenFixBody" - they both affect the area close to the genital seams on two body parts.
However due to how displacement works - these won't be ideal - they will fix the clipping for most clothes and be unnoticeable but will ruin the body meshes behind the panties - you should disable both layers from body and genital when not wearing any bottoms.

If all done right - you have applied the XBody morphs, used some displacements and vanilla anti-clipping you should get the decent compatibility with a bunch of clothes.
There might still be some problematic areas like the back - due to the body design - but you could always come up with some photo tricks to hide these minor stuff.

Additionally, many of HDiddy's addons have a ton of adjusment morphs - like Slinky Dress - this one can be adjusted to NBP with almost no other means involved, something to keep in mind !

Here's several examples with the default addons, also including the Morokei's Basic Lingerie, resculpted by HDiddy for XBV2.


That's it folks! 

Knowing Driver, some time later we can expect some NBP-scultped clothing, but if anybody is like me - cannot wait 😄  - you can grab these files, run through this post and get your NBP-chica dressed and ready to be undressed !

If you got any question, feel free to ask, but please avoid those about how "customized skins"/"layered skins work" - there is a specific guide for it in the forum help section.

Body and XBody Settings.7zskin Eva Test.7z_hook5data.7z



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The skin defintion file wants a folder named "!! skinbakes\bakedskin eva 1\" for all the bodypart textures but no such folder in the downloads, am I missing something?

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4 hours ago, pes1972 said:

The skin defintion file wants a folder named "!! skinbakes\bakedskin eva 1\" for all the bodypart textures but no such folder in the downloads, am I missing something?

Nope, like I mentioned - the skin itself is not included, only everything displacement-related, you need to either slot-in your preferred textures or move this layers to another custom skin you have,

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43 minutes ago, Trapp said:

You Hook5 folks get all the fun! Wish something like this was available for vanilla!

Do you use XBody? Or even Driver's version of it?  If so you'd be able to get the same functionality as these displacements from Xbody morphs and anticlip tabs and even more.

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4 minutes ago, Kraegar said:

Do you use XBody? Or even Driver's version of it?  If so you'd be able to get the same functionality as these displacements from Xbody morphs and anticlip tabs and even more.

After trying XBody, I cannot look back anymore! The versatility is honestly off the charts, albeit with some issues here and there (clothing mostly). I think I really need time to experiment with it. I posted a blog about the "trouble areas" with clothing, but I'm yet to really dive further into it.

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