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The First Operative - Wu Sanjuro



The first operatives

Star conglomerate were ahead on the game, and The Five-O needed to innovate, needed a team that could go in, investigate, collect intel and go out without alerting the official channels who were in Star’s pockets, they needed a team of talented people outside the system. They tracked three of them: Yunuen found the pupil of a Wu Shu master called Wu Sanjuro, Boucher found a brilliant and competent ex-yakuza called Shinto Nagano and Lacroix himself found a mysterious and powerful living doll named Charlotte Victorique Rose.

Wu Sanjuro (December, 12, 1988 to January, 08, 1989)

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Full Name: Wu Sanjuro

Function: Former operative.

Birthdate and Age: December, 01, 1971 - 18 years old.

Height and Weight: 1,64m. 50kg.

Homeland: Osaka, Japan

Current Status: Inactive (Deceased).


Wu Sanjuro is an orphan adopted by a Wu Shu master named Wu Lin, who taught him the arts of fightning and cooking. Sanjuro worked at her master’s restaurant, China Wu.

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One day, he noticed her master was aloof and distant, but after some time, she started to train him harder, as if life and death where at stake. She put him in a real street fight and also against her best student, Chen Hu Hua.

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And then she inexplicably left. She went away for a full month, and everything went sideways, the restaurant was bought by a megacorporation called Star Foods, half of the restaurant staff was fired, including Sanjuro. He remained at his former job until his shift was over, and went to his apartment, only to discover the building was also bought by the company and an order of eviction was placed to all residents within a month. If that wasn’t enough. When he arrived at his apartment, it was being sacked!

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It was agente Yunuen Perez, from INTERPOL, she was packing his stuff and said she was sent by Wu Lin to bring him with her to work with her organization in a Special Task Force against Star. With nothing left, he agreed.

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To know more about Stargazer Special Task Force, go here! 

The Second Operative and an unexpected third. 


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40 minutes ago, Trapp said:

Things as they are, I am not looking forward to his demise.

Yeah, it was upseting indeed 😞

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