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A Fun Game to end the Year



So. I've been stumbling upon this "Sad Cat Dance" trend on Instagram, in which several Anime waifus have been portrayed. And I decided I want to take a stab at making MY waifus make it in a fully animated video! The trend in question is as shown in this video (but the third frame implies NTR, when it actually is an extreme form of bowing down)

In addition to that, I want to make a SECOND trend, with this video as basis for it.

 So, the challenge is there. Now, YOU get to decide. Which of these waifus should do which trend?? These are our EIGHTEEN contestants!!

Trapp's 2022 Sad Cat Dance and Xmas Peek Contest.png

Choose wisely! Comment your favorites down below, the ones with the most votes here will form part of the Official Poll!

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Okay, so far we have the following:

Erina: 2 Votes for Sad Cat Dance
Aoi: 1 Vote for Sad Cat Dance, 1 Vote for Xmas Peek
Julie: 1 Vote for Sad Cat Dance, 1 Vote for Xmas Peek
Lincyn: 1 Vote for Xmas Peek
Emi: 1 Vote for Xmas Peek

Voting will close on December 23rd!

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Sooooo, I'm running into a bit of a setback...



I'm assembling the video, but I don't know the first thing about transitions and cuts and the test video capture I made just SUUUUCKS... So, if anyone would mind helping out, I'm using Wondershare Filmora 12 as my video editor and saved the project in case anyone could help out (with credits, obviously).

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Hi, I don't know Filmora but it's seems to be a time line editor like the one I use, so normally you have to put the 1st segment of video on a timeline then the transition effect you want then the 2nd segment of video. If it's that kind of editor, for me the transition effect depend of the 2 video segments: if they are totally unrelated the simple transition to do is a fade in/fade out: at the end of the 1st segment the screen go to black then progressively to black to the 2nd segment at the luminosity you want. Also, if the sound is not uniform during the video, it's a good idea to lower the volume of the first segment so when the screen is black the sound is mute and for the 2nd sgment it's the oposite: the sound goes up with the luminosity of the image. In this case you can replace the fade in/fade out by another effect like waves, lines, etc.

If they are related (same character who make other movements or same type of scene with 2 differents) you try transition like blur between the 2 scenes or a progressive replacement of the 1st sgment by the second.

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