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What should I do next?



What shoud I do Next?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these projects should I do next?

    • Yunuen Hitchiker
    • Auntie Amélie
    • Young serena is Captured!
    • Hentai Man strikes!
    • Serena helps the needed

Well, these days I'm suffering a bit of burnout that combined with my depression and anxiety issues made me freeze in all my projects. But knowing that I work better with "external aid", I came to you to poll all my projects for you to vote! What should I do next? The chosen project will be made after I finish one with Mari that's 80% done with the pictures.

Yunuen Hitchhiker

The Klub 17-10581.png

Yunuen was the agent which found and retrieved Sanjuro, but how she arrived from Kobe to Tokyo? Well, she did some Hitchiking! How that went?


Auntie Amélie

The Klub 17-10515.png

It's 1985 Amélie Boucher was recently fired from the French Inteligence and sees herself living alone in her brother's house who went on vacation. But what she doesn't know is that her nephew arrived earlier from his exchange in the US!

Young Serena is Captured!

The Klub 17-8778.png

Before her deciding to leave his tribe in search for revenge of her brother, Serena was a devil at the tribes wargames, even alone, she ambushed and defeated many boys, but one day she was fianlly captured! Will the boys be harsh with her?

Hentai Man strikes!

The Klub 17-6512.png

Mamoru has a crush for many of his coworkers, hell! he has a crush for all women! But how he will keep his lust balanced with his professionalism? It's a job for Hentai Man!

Serena helps the needed

The Klub 17-8245.png

As the champion of the Northstar, Serena must help the needed and the desperate wherever they are. Although she's a warrior, sometimes people are desperate for something else entirely...





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I'm sorry to hear you're struggling, man. I'm struggling myself in a few ways as well, but here we are, moving forward! As much as I'd like to see all of them completed, here's my two cents:

Yunuen: She's really hot! I would like to hear her hitchhiking stories! But I think I'm more interested in the other ones, such as...

Amelie: I smell a wincest story coming up! Will I be correct, though? 🤔 If so, I'm all for it!

Serena 1: Oh, this story has some extreme lewd potential which I honestly want to see, despite the context. I can't help it, Serena is just made for the lewds!

Hentai Man: YES! YES! This should be a song by Macaron Revolt! I'm bursting out laughing at the idea of Mari musicalizing this and singing "Ochinchin" over what this freak does to the girls! Hilarity ensues!

Serena 2: I don't want to get my hopes up, but if this is what I think it is... MAKE IT HAPPEN! MAKE IT HAPPEN I BEG OF YOU! 😩

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I can relate. Maybe is the cold striking, or the late year... I dunno. Anyway, I'm sorry to not be able to break the stalemate, but all fault is yours, my good comrade. Your muchachas are amazing and you know how to tell stories. 

But what I do can do, is to say this: I would vote for Yunuen's story first. She's my favorite from your group, aside of Mari of course. Theeeeeen Serena. Serena is wild and I would like to keep seeing her around. Boucher is always guarantee of a good read. I'm curious about Hentai Man tho... will he just, literaly, fucking around? So, as Trapp said, make it happen, all of them!

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OMFG, thanks for all the votes guys! Just the show for appreciation so far helped a lot on raise my spirit! But I think it was a mistake to make the poll allowing multiple choices, lol. It's still time, I'm still finishing the one I'm doing, let's see if someone can vote for a tie-breaker!


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Ah damn! Since I vote everything is at 20%... If you need a good sabotage, call the vizir! I will respond after my lamps exposition and before capturing the Calif's Princess.

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