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The Vault Library - WW Series



The Vault Library - Wizards & Warriors Series

Updated 11th February 2023


This is intended to be a comprehensive library of links to creations both legacy and new, that might be used within the Wizards & Warriors (WW Series) fantasy setting. All credit goes to the original creators or uploaders of these files; below are merely links intended to be a resource for those interested in futher exploring the fantasy setting and wishing to find content related to it. 

If by chance you have uploaded fantasy-related content in the past and it has been missed in the list below, please let me know, and I will ensure that it is included.


WW Series - Clothing


WW Series - Hook 5 Files


WW Series - Models & Skins


WW Series - Poses


WW Series - Rooms


WW Series - Toys


That Be All, Good People!

Verily, I pray that you doth enjoy your time in this world of Wizards and Warriors, of great mages and powerful heroes, of noble elves and stalwart dwarves, of mighty deeds, and terrible foes. 

And if by chance an issue or query doth trouble you, please droppeth me a message. And with that I bid thee a fond farwell.

Goodbye, Adventurer, and good luck!

- Number251137

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On 2/1/2023 at 6:56 AM, aardy said:

@Number251137 - nice resource pool.

You might want to add the Dark Souls Weapon Pack to the Toy list :classic_smile::  



I tried to upgrade these but It didn't worked. Maybe someome more competent than me can do this.

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I'm assuming it's about european fantasy, if so, I have some things about it:





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I uploaded this, but it's not mine.  Got it on the garden, can't remember who made it.  But it's a magical themed room.


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