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Project Studio Apartment Boho Level DEF (Sexvision Room)



I'm back again with another Level Definition Blog. It's fun going through the process with you guys, hopefully you gain a bit of knowledge about level def design as I explain my thought process behind its development for a room. Okay, so many of you requested that I create a level def for Boho Apartment. I wasn't going to jump on this right away because I was prepping for my next bundle release but for last night I was looking for a room to test out some new poses I made. I tried out this room and noticed there was no actual level def for it, so I didn't feel like leaving the game and waiting forever for it to load a new room. So I ended up making a level def for this room unintentionally. Now let's get to the juicy parts of this blog!


NOTE: None of the images are altered in anyway, its purely from the game itself so you can see what the level def actually look like in its purest form.



I normally avoid day time level def's because they just aren't good but a lot of you request them so why not give the community what it wants lol. The problem with day time lighting is that it does a disservice to the room, objects, and Models themselves. Sexvision makes awesome rooms and it can't really show its true potential during the day. If you aren't using high textured rooms, day time lighting makes low res rooms look even worst. 





Here is my first evening level def, decided to go with orange-yellow color to reflect the evening light. If you noticed noticed the room pop a bit more now that it's a bit darker and it's a good mood type of vibe for poses that fit the scene perfectly. I kept all the lights the same as the daylight def but renamed them and changed its color which made things much easier for me.




Now we're stepping into familiar territory here with the Night theme. You noticed that the Laptop screen light is also on, so try and sit your model there and see how nice the light reflects on them.  I can't wait to see what kind of content the community will create in this setting.



For those who are new to the whole Hook5 Interface, just simply press F4 to bring up this menu. If you want to select what level def you want to use, just simply click on the "Includes" drop down menu. Then select either Day, Night, or Evening but you must turn one off

before activating the other. Day time is set to default.

Boho Studio Apartment Level DEF Selection Edit.jpg


When it comes to creating level defs for a room, it isn't only about lighting up a room. The most important part of a level def reflects on your model, this is where the trial and error comes into place. You don't want hard shadows covering your model to the point that the model details are hardly visible. You don't want to increase the lights intensity to high either because it creates a burn effect on the skin, which the model loses all its quality. So you will have to adjust the light accordingly and you want the light to get every angel of the model so they are well lit. Look at the difference between the 3 level def settings, the night time always make the model look more defined compared to the Day Time but the evening comes in second place because it's a bit darker. The only thing is that the evening lighting which is the orange-yellow is a strong color so you have to crank it down a bit. In fact I hate Piss color lighting. My brother is a photographer and work with a lot of lighting so he coined any yellow or orange litting as Piss lighting, it's the color of piss and often times doesn't go well with lighting but under a few exceptions.




Okay here is the bedroom area in all 3 settings, you choose your fancy but you will mostly find me using the night time scenery for this area. 



Here is the kitchen where some fun opportunity presents itself, if you know what I mean. I preferably use the evening setting for the kitchen. 




Can have a kitchen without a well lit dining area.




At first I wasn't going to light this area at all because I really have no use for it, but then I forgot this level def isn't just designed for me but also for the community XD




Last but not least, here is the bathroom. I can only imagine the kind of fun that can be had here, but one thing's for sure I'll only be using the night time setting for this area.




That pretty much sums everything up as far as the level def is concerned. The project is actually complete but I am debating if I should release it this week or release it alongside the pose bundle which I haven't begun yet. So I'll create a poll for you to decide whether I should release the level def for this room this week or wait until I finish the pose bundle to release alongside it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and would love to hear your thoughts, peace!




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He Xalas you can share it with the complete room if you like. That will make it easier to install.

Looks great 🙂

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Your light is always so comfortable, relaxed and attractive. I hope to release a detailed teaching of lighting HK5 settings in the future! ! !

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