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Trapp's Angels: Emi Akatsuki (Part 1 of 2)



I've been so out of the loop lately. I have many things going on right now, like moving out of my old place, having to move in to a new place for a few months and things are chaotic in my life right now. However, that hasn't stopped me from working on galleries whenever I can. And honestly, these ones are coming along way better than I could have hoped for, but some of them really require me to go back to the drawing board to add more stuff. Then again, when it comes to my girls, I don't know the meaning of the word restraint. Which neatly brings me to one of my favorite girls! The Shortstack Idol, with the face of an angel and a body literally built for sin! The half-succubus Gravure wonder, Emi Akatsuki!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This Trapp's Angels profile will be much lengthier than the previous ones since Emi has the largest amount of character development out of all of my girls. That's why I've decided to make this a 2-Part post, with the second one coming up shortly!

The Klub 17-0360.png
This is Emi's original model based on the Hentai face for TK17. The model's face has changed since and
she looks pretier than ever!

1. Origins and Creation

Hentai was the source of inspiration for Emi. Being exposed to Hentai since high school (at the very advent of the Internet if you must know...), I have seen, read and watched almost EVERYTHING Hentai has to offer. Emi's (and most of my comics') inspiration came from artists like Puyocha, Sandworks, Takeda Hiromitsu (author of Maken-ki! and several Hentai animated works), and Asanagi, who are famous for their (mostly) voluptuous girls being put in extreme sexual situations. Asanagi in particular influenced the creation of Emi due to his tendency to draw very short girls paired up with massive dudes. Of course, TK17 doesn't jive with that, so I basically had to set up Emi to be as short as she could in-game and just BARELY make her legal when introduced so I could have that fully Hentai inspired character, while still being acceptable for Klub Exile and pretty much societal norms. Japanese people live on the edge...

Emi-chan made by me on Koikatsu Sunshine.
I love that cute look on her face here! Also, BOOBAAAAAA!!
Emi At The Beach.png
Emi's Honey Select 2 version by my good buddy 3d.waifu.h who really nerfed her in the chest area.
Seriously dude, wtf? Nah, just kidding. She looks lovely here!

About Emi's appearance, I just wanted her to be a token nice girl with a lewd body and basically be my version of a Hentai fucktoy, with a curvy body and enormous breasts. Oddly enough, her brown hair and green eyes are very resembling of the character Ai-chan, from the very wholesome yet spicy manga and short Anime series "Tawawa on Monday", written and illustrated by Kiseki Himura. As I developed Emi-chan, I noticed that the resemblance to Ai-chan wasn't only skin deep... Which makes for a pretty clean segue into:

2. Background and Story

Emi Akatsuki (introduced at age 18, currently 20 years old), was born on October 31st in Nagoya, Japan, being the daughter of a human male and a Succubus from the Naamah lineage of demons. In this universe, there are four lineages of Succubi who are descendants of the four consorts of the archangel Samael in Jewish texts: Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat bat Mahlat, Namaah and Lilith, Adam's first wife and the primordial succubus. Emi's mother, a full blooded succubus named Akasha bat Naamah, fell in love with a man named Naoki Akatsuki, who she was meant to seduce. When succubi fall in love with humans, they are enabled to become pregnant by them. This, however, is severely punished by the demonic bloodlines, so Akasha (now going by the human name Maria) was cast out of Hell and had to raise Emi alone after Naoki apparently passed away.

As Emi became a teenager, she would have blackouts out of nowhere and find herself in a puddle of water. Maria knew that her succubus side was starting to manifest and she did everything she could to prevent her from awakening, but her efforts were becoming futile as Emi matured. While attending high school, Emi met Ramon Contreras, who migrated to Japan from Venezuela with his family and became close friends with him due to their common interest in manga and videogames, and eventually started dating under Maria's watchful eyes. Ramon was a kind and grounded young man who had shown no signs of deviance whatsoever, but instead showed genuine affection for Emi. By the time Emi turned 18 years old, however, the wheels of fate had begun to turn...

The Klub 17-0224.png
Her first sexual experience wasn't out of love, but manipulation.
Little did she know that she would be tormented by her biological need of semen, at least for a while.

The morning of her 18th birthday, Emi was received by Ramon like usual, since they were neighbors. That same morning, however, Ramon's estranged brother, Paulo Contreras and his friend, Derrick Soares, walked just outside Emi's house. Paulo and Derrick were involved with foreigner-friendly Yakuza groups and besides drug-dealing, they were well-known womanizers and predators, and they had just spotted their next victim. Upon meeting them, Emi's succubus side started to awaken, as she passed out in front of Ramon and the others. Under the guise of adulthood, Paulo told Ramon to leave Emi in his and Derrick's care, and Ramon being as innocent as he was, left for school. And so, Emi's plight began. She was manipulated and hypnotized by Derrick, who had knowledge of santeria, and spent two days in her home being being raped by them. However, her succubus side somehow knew of the men's intentions, which made it look as if she was more than ready to take any abuse by them. Two weeks later, Emi had effectively lost all sense of self and through her demonic heritage, became Paulo and Derrick's fucktoy, becoming more aggressive in her pursue of pleasure until she literally milked them dry, eventually taking their life force and killing them.

Ramon finally tracked Emi down and witnessed the awakening of Midara bat Naamah, the succubus living within Emi. However, during this time, Maria had sensed Emi's downfall and instructed Ramon to collect a special item in the form of a choker to prevent Midara from consuming Emi's soul and unleashing a monster into the world. After giving his virginity to Midara, he succeeded in sealing her, bringing Emi back. After some time, Emi travelled from Nagoya to Osaka to start college and was eventually scouted by a gravure agency at age 19. She would still be dating Ramon, but traces of Midara were still left in her, so she was targeted by several devious businessmen, producers and even a college teacher, being sexually assaulted by all of them, unable to fight it or do anything about it. The reason for that was, after Midara was sealed, she had cursed Emi's body to react pleasurably to any man's touch, despite not wanting to. That would enable Midara to gather enough energy to manifest once more, this time in a separate body and using violence against Ramon, who nearly lost his life. Maria intervened and sealed Midara away in Emi's consciousness.

The Klub 17-0239.png
Her awakening after taking the lives of her rapists. Midara had been born!

This marked the end of Midara manifesting herself in the real world, but at the cost of Emi giving up on her relationship with Ramon. After suffering through constantly having Emi being assaulted by different men and even risking his life twice to save her, Ramon had all his memories of Emi erased by Maria and ultimately left for the US for college. Heartbroken, but finally having somewhat of a normal life, she relocated to Tokyo and was recruited by Sigma, a female-fronted idol agency. Her main idol and A&R lead, Marina Nonaka, had heard of Emi's story after bonding with her during a live event, which led to Emi being taken under her wing as one of Sigma's young starlets. Under Marina's care, Emi slowly grew more confident and learned that it is okay to set boundaries for herself in order to stay safe.

It was during this time that Midara manifested one last time inside her mind. During a nightmare she had about Paulo and Derrick, Emi entered a deep state of depression, which allowed Midara to manifest one final time. Emi's lack of sexual activity had weakened Midara tremendously, which in turn was slowly deteriorating Emi's body. Maria had to intervene one final time and let them both know that they were one being. Without life force obtained from sex, they were both doomed to die. Emi didn't want to be an object for other men's pleasure anymore, and she grieved the loss of Ramon from her life. That's when Maria came up with a compromise for both of them. Midara would give Emi limited abilities to seduce men and let her take control of which man she decides to approach, and in return, Emi would be open to obtaining life force from women as well, which would keep Midara's essence from fading away.

After the ritual that fused both Emi's body and Midara's essence together, Maria revealed that she would no longer be able to manifest in the real world again, leaving Emi alone to her own devices. Mournfully, Emi and Maria said their goodbyes, with Maria telling her daughter that she was now in control of her own destiny, and that she was always a blessing in her life, trusting that she would know what to do and that even though she is a half-demon, she is ultimately a force for good. The following day, she would show up back at Sigma Idol Agency with a huge surprise: Their physical trainer had been offered a new job and a replacement came in. That replacement being a real hunk of a man, which Emi had seen in dreams the previous night. Her life was finally going to take a turn for the better.

The Klub 17-0325.png
Ramon had come to Emi's rescue, and was paramount on making her retrieve her humanity, and her self.
It was a love tale that sadly, wouldn't last...

Read Part 2 HERE! And enjoy some gallery excerpts below!

The Klub 17-0008.png
B-roll of an old gallery from Emi in a sexy schoolgirl outfit.
Emi excerpt from my 2021 New Year gallery.
The Klub 17-0152.png
Emi's nightmare showing the ghosts of Paulo and Derrick, her assailants.
The Klub 17-0167.png
Emi tries to escape the rage of the ghosts, but has tripped!
Also, I don't know about you, but that's a very sexy view!
The Klub 17-0230.png
The nightmare has ended, and Emi reunited with her mother Maria, albeit shortly.
After this, Emi is on her own.
The Klub 17-0117.png
Emi has obtained a few abilities after fusing her essence with Midara's. She can now use some level of
mind control, but it requires stimulation... Anybody feel like groping her butt? 😏
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I figured, might as well put out all the lore behind her and sum some other things that didn't make it into the comics!

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18 hours ago, Trapp said:

I figured, might as well put out all the lore behind her and sum some other things that didn't make it into the comics!

Maybe that's the thing you needed to do to put your creative block behind.

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