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Decided to put this here and this is a temp blog post. Want to hear people out, etc and have a "grown" ass discussion/debate. If you are gonna be a beta about it - don't post and go jerk off in a corner.

Now - as we know, patreon has been a issue in MG. It has created a exodus of creators because of the lack any control and or policing of it and the biggest problem was "favoritism" - video patreon were given a green light and if modders dared think about it, they would be chewed off. I sound like a broken record because I said this many times so lets move ahead.

Here at KE, We have created "some" kind of system in which both sides can be satisfied. That said - our KE portal still has a couple of users "pushing" their patreon alas MG fashion. So I want to say we spooked those users to remain there and hope for MG2.

But that doesn't mean, others or those will come here in the near future. That said - I've have always mention on creating a model for those people to follow. That said - we have a couple of models set up and some users are using those models.

Now - what I'm referring too Number 2 (https://www.klubexile.com/forum/28-member-paid-content-links/)

Now I've been mostly keeping busy on making content for the sites, etc. That said - prior to KE, I already had a patreon. Decided to keep it and role with it for a couple of reason (1 reason is to keep people like K17 at bay and triggering them).

So what I'm getting at - I uploaded some favorite/personal content in my patreon that I have no intentions on sharing.

But - and this is a big 'but' - but I'm whiling to create a "basic" version. I've notice that people have been asking for a pair of heels, I've dodged answering that mainly to not look like a dick or look like I'm hardcore trying to promote my patreon.

The heels in question are these:

These are currently found in my patreon. The basic version would not include any/not all of the morphs that creates the ability to create different styles, etc. What I'd like to know is that - is this a good 'idea'? Do you guys want to see these heels, are people still interested on these heels, etc.

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Hi Smoke Yes Yes

I’d lost hope that you’d shared them, but I wanted to ask you every time you share a picture/video

please just 1 morph, plateform height ! 😍

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