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The Coomers are coming! (Maybe)



I see this project of mine as the beginning of something different and interesting. Currently I started off with a cum shot - from there I'll be releasing a facial mask and (maybe a mouth addon).

Currently, I have fiddled around with another facial addon. This "other" one is less intense than the one that I currently have lined up. Never the less, it should have a good visual impact for your perverted nature.

Which will bring me back for the possibility of Coomer V2, V3, V4, etc.

I've recently gotten my hands on this asset ( https://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/64167_Cream-Cascade-For-G8M-Dicktator ) It may not look like much but there are around 30+ different meshes and most of those meshes have morphs! Now I can not add all these assets and create 1 super duper addon because we are gonna be talking about 100+morphs in total. It may be no biggie for a person like me but believe me, cramming all those morphs into 1 locations. Mistakes will be easy to make and those mistakes are un forgiving. Plus we currently do not have a reliable systems that can hold a large amount of morphs. 

But there is good. I would rather use these assets to create multiple addons. Tested a couple assets and poly count is good. Each version can have 4-6 different Money shot and each money shot can have around 4-6 morphs. So we are talking about each version having between 20-30 PE morphs!

There is a reason why I'm interested on at least creating version 2. Imagine creating a animation in which your virtual waifu is face fucked and you create a pose/animation and want to show case that sticky luv juice creating that passion bridge (penis pre cum and hooties lips). And more "dripping" money shot. Either way, I'm thinking too far ahead and currently just throwing the concept out.


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Hi, glad to see that you continue to work on this new type of cumshots! It will be a game changer for pose editing

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On 6/22/2021 at 4:21 PM, Codename-74 said:

waiting :troll2:


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