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A Night of Violence - The sad story of a crossdresser


STORY: tells the story of a man who practices crossdressing by dressing as a woman, who finds himself trapped in a very complicated situation that will lead him into a whirlwind of perdition and violence.

Contains elements of homosexuality, bisexuality, sadism and violence, profanity, discrimination ( NOT to encourage them but only to denounce their nature).


This project takes me a lot of time, please if you like my work let me know, this would be a boost for my ego😉. If you don't like it or there are problems (wrong grammar? - better with subtitles? - Nobody likes a story like this? -Isn't this the right website for something like that? or whatever) let me know anyway, it would help me to grow". If you don't like it at all, let me know, I could use my time more profitably. Thanks ❤😘.

Hi! If you like crossdressers try visiting my profile on fetlife:
(free - need registration)

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    • Thanks for the comment! You're right it's a dark story, the original I had made for myself was more ironic but then, following personal experiences and recent news events, I decided to represent the beauty of ambiguity and non-conformity and at the same time the hostility and the malignity behind "normality" in a raw and gory way.
    • i think is too much dark for me but beside that is a good edition and also has narrative, good job it seems you took a while to do thhis videos but unfurtunately  the loading video is a pain in the ass xD i have to wait too much in loading screen maybe cus the server or something like that maybe short  videos could be better to show your video, i just say cuz i dont do videos
    • @HDiddy Will you please make a video on " How To Make  My Own Fully Customised Dress Using Blender " ? I like your tutorial videos soo much because they are very well explained, so there is no chance for doubts, So please make a tutorial video on that topic if you can, which will help us a lot 🙏  Have a nice day!😊
    • Hi, the voice over is fully IA generated. for the sorceress and the Elf I use Tortoise-tts (you know the tool I mentioned on discord, Sadekhnd try to install it, then said "I'm too old for these shits") and for Jeanet I use the vocalware tts on their website in free mode. Tortoise-tts is better but vocalware tts is very fast to create the speech. If you have a geforce 9xx or newer and want to make some dialogues, you should try Tortoise-tts, its potential is great.
    • Haha! very Good! Frankenstein fed!!
      Where did you get the voiceover?
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