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  1. The narrative to go with every image completes the package. I'm a sucker for some good story telling.
  2. Oz70NYC

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  3. How can anyone pick a favorite? They're all so well made!
  4. Looking forward for this one.
  5. I can't wait for this port. This room is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for some street fighting scenes I have planned.
  6. Volume 6 is FINALLY live, and here we reach the 1st major crossroad of the story. I can't spoil it, but in this volume 2 major developments come to light that set the story towards the next chapter. From here, things start taking an interesting turn for a number of characters.
  7. Amazingly enough, an attractive young woman running around the pitch in a Kane jersey with not pants, a garter belt, stocking and heels is NOT the strangest thing I've seen at a football game...
  8. Volume 2 is LIVE! One of things I enjoy most about storytelling is giving characters nuance and personality. A major factor in my development of Lori's love interest, James "Sully" Sullivan. One part comic relief, one part underdog, what I decided to do with him for his role in Stiel Maiden is actually have him be a character who struggles with his place in life. Obviously, he's a dwarf...which adds a unique dynamic in and of itself as Lori is well...NOT a dwarf. So the duality between them as a couple on the physical differences is enough of to drive their story itself. But I wanted to also give Sully his hero moments, which is the part of his personality that draws Lori to him so strongly.
  9. Clandestine Intervention, Combat & Logistics Operations is a super secret branch of the CIA. So secretive is it, that over 85% of the entire organization has no idea the branch exists. Founded in 1984 in the midst of the Cold War, CICLops is tasked with the darkest of black ops. Those missions that are so covert and dangerous that it requires a less than "subtle" approach. CICLops is made up 3 divisions, Executive, Field Operations and Logistics. So secretive is their operation status that should an Auditor fail a mission, or is KIA their very existence is erased from all know databases. To become a member of CICLops is to take on the responsibility to protect and preserve the safety of the American people to the point that your very life is forfeit. It's for that reason that since its founding in 1984, there have been only 12 Executive Officers, 22 Logistics Operatives and 47 Field Operators. Executive - The executive division is the office responsible for coordination of missions, recruitment and finance. As such they are in direct contact with only the highest level of CIA chain of command. If coordination is needed with outside assets, such as foreign governments, private corporations or other government branches, the executive division are the ones making the call. Field Operations - The tip of the spear, field operators are more commonly known as "Auditors" for the sake of secrecy. Auditors are chosen from all branches of the United States military from the best of the best...Delta Force, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy Seals, Air Force Special Warfare and USMC Raiders. As an Auditor, these Tier 1 operators are autonomous in their missions, being allowed to carry them out however they see fit. They answer only to The chief officer and the commander-in-chief. Auditors are deployed in circumstances where all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted. They are judge, jury and executioner. As result, Auditors are afforded the most state of the art resources available to any armed forces branch, which includes the experimental "SAT-NAV" AI system. Logistics - The backbone of the CICLops, Logistics are responsible for intel, recon and field logistics for Auditors. Selected from the best of the best of cyber warfare, intelligence and engineering of all branches, they are also tasked with combat applications of the SAT-NAV system, which includes drone recon, air support, communications and other support tasks. It's possible for a logistics operative or "Element" as they're called to offer near unlimited support to their Auditor.
  10. And so begins my action series, "Stiel Maiden". In volume 1 I establish a number of characters who will be core to the overarching storyline. There's a lot of moving pieces, but everything will be brought in line as soon as I introduce the rest of the central characters to the tale. In this volume I wanted to focus on the action, but there will be more "raunchy" entries to the series. In fact, volume 2 has a sex scene I'm actually quite proud of, because it's more than just naughty bits...it sets up one of the longer term aspects of the story. But enough rambling on. Give it a read and let me know what you think.
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    Bianca LOVES this time of year...
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    Peter North mode: ENGAGED!!!
  13. My GPU will be angry at me, but I'm gonna give this one a try regardless.
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