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  1. The buick riviera is a nice looking car. But the Continental is a show stopper. The back suicide doors, the white walls, and its chassis design is great. Personally I would love getting one, but 1 in ok condition will set me back 20-30 grand. Those that are fixed cost around 60-100 grand.
  2. Ok - that is a impressive list. But Ima keep it 100 with you. Of all the cars, the one that interest me the most is that 1962 Lincoln Continental. That car is just sexy AF.
  3. Creating this here for people of all walks to discus on how to improve, adjust the XP system. To add, a group of us (5 in total) gave feedback and ideas on XP system when the site launched. Though not perfect, we improved on it and adjusted minor stuff. Though still not perfect, we like to get more feedback from the community (especially from modders and content creators). If nothing is said, than by default there is an agree on how the current system is set. Edited January 24 by Smoke
  4. Nice blog post. Reminds me like one of those WEG games.
  5. So where to start? Well lets get the bad news out the way - so the reason I haven't released is because a little issue has been hunting me and I've been trying to find a solid fix to it but so far it has yet to yield a fix. The issue in question has to do with the water. Shit like this tend to burn you out because you are always running into dead ends. So I somewhat put it aside and went on to work on other projects. And the good news! Well it I think I may have found a solution when I was working on another project and elevating my coding and hacking of the game status In this case, messing with lua and PE morphs for rooms. In short, there are multiple methods on creating PE morphs for clothes. The same can be said for rooms. Though slightly unorthodox than using shape keys in blender (which is better and easier) - never the less, it was my curiosity that lead me down that path. So in hindsight, though I know I haven't shared that many rooms, I have created a few. One thing to note is that we always had the ability to use HDRI files without using the Hook5 cube maps. Its just people never really never went down that path - well only a few people and one of them being berger. Now I prefer converting a HDRI into PNG and using it as a sky dome, you'll get to keep the High rez quality and you'll be able to make some sweet pictures or videos - Cups maps are more towards creating a light source but you'll sacrifice image quality for it. As mention, converting the HDRI to PNG is better because you can just use spot light/omi lights and Hook5 files to further improve the HDRI. I know, you guys are like huh? WTF I'm I talking about. Well, to finish, the "sky dome" is most stationary. You can add code to "spin it" but that gets annoying and is unrealistic in many cases. But with PE morphs, you can now FIX that. You found a sweet HDRI that you want to use but is facing the wrong way? Well dont worry! You can now adjust it to your liking! I know, Hook5 allows you to do this for cube maps but not everyone uses Hook5 (I care for potato farmers ) Plus like I said, I prefer HDRI over cube maps. I will be adding this ability for all rooms that I make and that uses a sky dome. On top of that, I will be updating my first room(s).
  6. I came here to choose Xila…… I is sad now
  7. Smoke

    Find Me in Da Klub

    Wait you removed the OG fire pole? NOOOOOOOO I had this animation in mind lol
  8. Well the room is 99% Complete. Just completed the work on the textures, completed the hook5 files, created lvl definition and found the perfect HDRI for the backdrop. Sorry but I'm still a noob and could give the ocean video support Jokes aside, took me a week to make. This room is "different". By that, it is custom made. Used different assets and created a unique atmosphere, so its kinda of "one of kind". So all that work, it kinda burnt me out in the room making department and want to take a little break. Now the room is not 100% complete - I encountered certain issues that I need to fix. Like the towels "floating", a little flickering in certain spots and I need to make the choice on weather if I need to remove certain objects or not. Again - don't want to do that this week. Taking a breather.
  9. We are going to the beach 'bitchachos'! Ok so I only shared 1 rooms and never created another one. I mean, I can't let @HDiddy 1 up me! I taught him - can't let the student surpass!!!!! JK JK (Can't turn into a karen with the power level to the 17 lol) So this is another one of those - I (personally me) need this spot/location. We got pools but really no natural spot. And the vanilla beach really doesn't cut it for me, it to basic, bad pose positions and just really outdated. So in short, I used the same assets that HDiddy used for his room. But I created a different environment. So far, I've spent my entire weeks free time on this project and so far, I'm looking forward on the final product. Here is a speak peak
  10. I see this project of mine as the beginning of something different and interesting. Currently I started off with a cum shot - from there I'll be releasing a facial mask and (maybe a mouth addon). Currently, I have fiddled around with another facial addon. This "other" one is less intense than the one that I currently have lined up. Never the less, it should have a good visual impact for your perverted nature. Which will bring me back for the possibility of Coomer V2, V3, V4, etc. I've recently gotten my hands on this asset ( https://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/64167_Cream-Cascade-For-G8M-Dicktator ) It may not look like much but there are around 30+ different meshes and most of those meshes have morphs! Now I can not add all these assets and create 1 super duper addon because we are gonna be talking about 100+morphs in total. It may be no biggie for a person like me but believe me, cramming all those morphs into 1 locations. Mistakes will be easy to make and those mistakes are un forgiving. Plus we currently do not have a reliable systems that can hold a large amount of morphs. But there is good. I would rather use these assets to create multiple addons. Tested a couple assets and poly count is good. Each version can have 4-6 different Money shot and each money shot can have around 4-6 morphs. So we are talking about each version having between 20-30 PE morphs! There is a reason why I'm interested on at least creating version 2. Imagine creating a animation in which your virtual waifu is face fucked and you create a pose/animation and want to show case that sticky luv juice creating that passion bridge (penis pre cum and hooties lips). And more "dripping" money shot. Either way, I'm thinking too far ahead and currently just throwing the concept out.
  11. Smoke

    SPF 40

    Her Sun Screen is all "natural"
  12. Smoke

    Kum back!

    @Bbird @Codename-74 Well now that you guys mentioned it. The regular/default cumshot is limited to angles and distance. For example: You have a male model a certain distance, it will either go through the model or not register. It's still good but limits your creativeness. The H5M objects and skins, again, is limited as you will have to equip it and is only good for take "post" shots. With lua, you can move the objects but still limits your abilities. With this, this should prevent those issue and is ease the pain. And yes, it will be AM ready. The images are using AM textures. Once this "facial" add is complete. I have another version in mind. Some that isn't "too" hardcore. But still will give you the options to plaster your models face.
  13. Smoke

    Kum back!

    Ok, so I started this little project a little bit over a year ago. In short, I shelved it because of the multi-layer issues/transparency stuff and having those polygon eyesores. Well, now that I have a better grasp of multi-layers. I can use transparent textures better. What that means, those polygons/mini triangles should either be gone or completely limited. So I decided to come back to this project because, I need a better cum functionality. The in game cum blast is meh to me. Its limited and the current fix has it highs and lows, nothing in between. And the toys to mimic such animation is just a toy displaying a gif. What I sought was to create a fully rendered 3D objects that one and anyone can use and that isn't limited to angles or distance. Note, that berger created a couple of addons. Mine are different as I sought to have 3 different addons. The main cumshot: Is a addon meant for males. The plan that I have is by using PE morphs to mimic different shape and moves for that money shot. Blast your hotties face, or drip that juice on her face. Create animations towards your liking! (This addon is 90% complete. I want to add a different cumshot and dripping morphs and morphs for them the mimic movement.) The facial mask: is a add meant for females (and shemales). This is meant to show case the aftermath of the money shot. Again, using PE morphs. You'll be able to control the amount of love juice that is plastered on your hotties face. (This addon is 99% Complete. I want to add some fix it morphs to display the cum better around the lips and nose) Mouthful: Again, for females (and Shemales). Again - using PE morphs, fill your babes pie hoe with love juice. Make her swallow it or "gargling" it. (This addon is XXXX complete. I'm having some technical difficulties on getting it to appear. I haven't had enough time to apply a fix but when I do, it should be complete 100%)
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