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  1. A new customizer room thats almost fully complete, will be ready in few hours. This one is called "Lux Aeterna" (I swear nothing with Clint Mansell's work ... and playing "Lux Aeterna" would be too dramatic for one customizer room, lol ) which means "eternal light" in Latin. Overall - considering it combines elements of neoclassicism and modern SF (including a massive overhead screen which could serve in multiple ways - from showing videos in the room, or having visual biography of model displayed on the screen) its focal point could be a light play and symmetry. Two statues, each from both sides hold burning torches, and this casts additional lights. Behind there is supposed to be a large mirror. The idea would be to expand this room with specific room morphs and possibly make some things more modular. This rooms feels more spacious like initial KE customizer one, but could go even much more complex than it is now, regarding objects number.
  2. Jizzabelle ... lol But, consider it is demonic + saurian look ... so name could pull from the combination of both in one way.
  3. x17

    Haunted tower

    Aha , yes ... "The Mouse Tower". There are many Slavic legends and stories interwoven into Witcher, naturally. I recall how grannies scared kids with stories about Baba Yaga ( or "Baba Roga" in my language ) or even weird stories about devil stalking certain places. I even have weird true stories from my family about ghosts, lol. Even had some personal experiences in one house as a kid. However, nothing too intense... I have no doubt about little wiedzmins , haha
  4. x17

    Haunted tower

    Fyke Isle with its haunted tower in Velen. With its scary story ...
  5. Only with jokes, trust me ... Im not quick in other things, you could even say that Im slow
  6. 7 is only one batch of them ... other two 7 batches wait for their turns, Snow White is a nymphomaniac and seven dwarves just wouldnt be enough. For you, absolutely free of charge ... except discharge.
  7. I think ... better not. Even heavy perverts would puke... I should rather take a professional direction as "FTB" lady massageur (Feet-Thighs-Buttocks), Im sure my homemade cream for massaging would sell like crazy Hmm ... that would be arrangable (ah, thats why shes called "Snow White", that was the real reason...)
  8. "Miss, we need to check for any hidden items in your anal cavity ... or other cavities. Also, we will need to check your whole body and clothes with UV light for certain stains ... whats this, everything is white ? Must be you spilled some milk over yourself recently... whats this ... why have you hidden whole football player team inside your vaginal space, you know thats forbidden here ?!" ... The room is finalized, will upload it bit later in the day, maybe I even finalize third one fast. This little crap of the room took some time to fix many things, but I think it finally fits in properly, and with its own lighting. In third one I could maybe play a bit with particle effects and/or water. Third one will have large TV / monitor screen for visual bio. Also, I extended that height wall, merged both feet and cm measures, just in case if someone 3m tall comes in ... maybe lady Alcina Dimitrescu, she likes sucking out various liquids a lot.
  9. Well, almost there ... several finishing touches. This customizer room will properly utilize H5 capabilities, but even with basic or lower, it should look good. It has two spotlights (obviously for two lamp fixtures) and one omnilight to spread diffuse light more even. The visual biography will be additional panel, basically like standing panel in store. Sadly, havent got time to finalize this room for this weekend, but it will be immediately tommorow. The good news is that I have already planned and made good chunk of third customizer room, which will go into different direction.
  10. Me : Thinking how Euphie probably has 12 toes ... hmmm...
  11. My MILF tracking apparatus is working overtime ... I promise I wont bark and hump legs ... ... yet. But from younger ones - Beatriz and Nadia, without doubt. I see such hairstyle on Beatriz as very attractive.
  12. Oh, then Esperanza looks youngish, I would give her late 30s max. And Polyxeni is also nice ... she has nice ... ahem... outfit and nails.
  13. Hmm ... I have been working on two customizer rooms - one is pretty much something like dressing closet / room : The other is a bit more SF / modern looking. The above dressing room one, I have inserted height meter (in both feet/inches and centimeters side by side)... well, if Alcina Dimitrescu can fit onto it (the cm one, lol), then its all good. Everything was decimated to good extent, and now the room is fairly low at 70k verts. Some textures will be changed for sure. The visual bio texture will probably go above in upper part or ... it will go like a large TV screen embedded into the room, also above. Altough I planned this TV screen for the other customizer room. Im honestly not exactly feeling happy with this particular customizer room, as it all feels a bit "compacted" into one smaller place. But possibly other people will like it. Thinking about maybe some other additions ... if anyone has idea about something for dressing room that would be "functional" like height meter is, let me know. I havent put mirror because it would need to be functional as within H5 pledged boundaries, and it would also make a hit on performance - plus, its really pointless.
  14. x17

    City builder

    Pretty interesting and unconventional concept, I like it.
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