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Hello all,

Here is a small texture pack I made for the ruins scene. I'm slowly shifting some of my stuff I made for the old 7.5 version to VX.
Learning how to handle the hook 5 thingies, like the normal and specular maps. And the _level_definition setup.

It's far from perfect and I might update it later on.
I've added a few screenshots below.

Screenshot Gallery

And a download link:

Download Mediafire

Unzip and drop in the "mod/active" mod folder as usual.

I'll update this thread with new stuff later on; I've got a few other texture packs laying around.


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Another project I'm working on, it's a fantasy clothing set, based on a set user EB (electric blue?) on the MG forums made.
I'm altering the garish blue he used to a brown leather look. I had these working nicely for 7.5, hook 4, on my own old setup.
But I really like the details VX  and hook5 give on the whole normalmap and specularmap stuff.

Only a few pieces have so far been adjusted to the new setup. Below is a tiny teaser:





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Hi there! 🙂

Hope you don't mind I'm locking up this thread, this sections is solely for requesting creative advice from your fellow exilers, more like a space to discuss creative workflows with your friends

More information in this pinned thread at the head of this section

For introducing your creative works we have implemented the member blog features where you can create your entries at your ease and even link your pictures from the gallery on each entry

The usage of the members blog feature is highly recommended for us to have a more organized site and for you to earn proper visibility for your creative work!

Cheers! 🥂

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