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Ok community! Lets TRADE!


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(*****8/22/2021 - event over. A big thanks for those that went out their way and participated)

Part of what we want is to create interaction among users, as a means to push the creators to improve and or create MORE stuff for the community and for the users to not make the same mistakes that was made in past sites.

Enough talk, to the point. I have some clothing items for the male models. A outfit that consist of a jersey and shorts. PE morphs and KE customization morphs to fit the body builder male body.

I considered releasing this on my patreon but you know what, let me do a experiment here. I want to see more reviews! We have content that DO NOT have reviews. Reviews are low. 1 review for an item is not bad but it would be nice if the average is 2-3 reviews.

Currently there are items (addons - toys, clothes, rooms, etc), models, poses, re-textures that does not have any reviews. A ton of comments but those comments are just comments.

So I'd like to see 30 new reviews! Once I see 30 new reviews I will publish this addon here.

I seen people beg for shit like this and go out their way to make elaborate comments and message, now is your chance! - use that energy to create some reviews!

There are some 'rules'. Reviews that has "nice! - Good! - Sexy - a - z - a;lkhd;lkahds - emoji" will not count! THEY WILL NOT COUNT!

Also inserting a picture/gif with no context will not count.

Here are some example of reviews that will count: (insert gif/picture), damn son, my virtual waifu looks fine ass fuck! Thank for the booty shorts!

or: Bless Euphie! She is the queen of modding! She knows the way!

Or: These textures are great! You literally show the power of Hook5!

OR: Bro! Your models are hot! Thank you for sharing (Insert picture of model getting plowed)

I mean, come one. I thought of that in less than a minute!

Again 30 new reviews! users aren't limited to 1 review, they can submit multiple reviews for different items. Here is a preview!




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Alpha male on beta blockers! lol, jk! nice idea, i have been thinking about the lack of reviews for a while, but couldnt get a good idea on how to fix that. I hope this works, i will write some reviews myself in the next few days. BTW thanks for the cap reup.

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On 8/12/2021 at 7:45 AM, FleshBishop said:

Are we meant to alert you to the reviews?

You can to speed it up 🙂

FYI: To all, this won't be a permanent "deal". By that, I won't be waiting a long period for this fulfillment to be met. If the requirements aren't met until August 22. The ship sailed 😞 

Currently: 10/30

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Final Score = 15/30

Alright folk. That should be it. Its a rather disappointing number (Did not include the reviews that I recently created, I don't high five myself 😛). I went back until August 7 - That was a total of 15 days, despite starting this post on August 12, it still didn't generate interest on getting people out on review stuff they DL. 

We still have a ton of toys without any user reviews. Certain clothing addons are starting to not have reviews. Re-textures mods are also lacking reviews. Room review count aren't bad but still not great. I would have loved to see a bump on average reviews for addons, poses, re-textures mods, models, of 2-3 (4 Ideally).

That said - this will not be the last. I will try to create another a monthly based participation. Never the less, so this does not look like it went down in vain for those that actually put thought onto it, I will release this in about 2-4 months.

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