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ActiveMod Scripts

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Sorry for any grammars mistake in advance, English isn't my first language

DISCLAIMER : Backup your file before using this script, I don't responsible for any damage caused by this script, you've been warned 

I just want to share some script I made, maybe it'll be useful

I'm not an expert or anything I just use linux box regularly

The problem is you'll need a linux/WSL to run this script, also install zsh and optionally Ripgrep, you can run it from remote machine by mounting your shared windows directory but it slower compared to using WSL

python script probably can do better. I'm not used to python and I don't think this script is POSIX compliant so don't run this on sh or bash

the first is script to replace texture map in *_pass.txt file with any existing file ( basically a duplicate finder ) to save some space in Drive

I don't recommend to run this script inside "ActiveMod" directory, use separate directory then check the results

the second script is use to generate Hook 5 skins definition for Hook 5 paid user using template and existing *_pass.txt file


you can edit the template inside the script to add layers or change the skin parameters

I use this script to generate skin definition for this Hook5 Skin Collection 1.0.0 hence you can see this at line 547

for dirs in \[S\]\ * ; do
    gen_skin ${dirs}

change the ' \[S\]\ * ' with prefix of skin directories you want to generates from or replace this with

$( find -maxdepth 2 -iregex ".*\/\(mod_\)?\(fe\)?male_\(white_\|african_\)body_pass\.txt" | sed 's/.\/\(.*\)\/.*/\1/' | sort | uniq )

to find existing folder with mod_female_white_body_pass.txt

run this scripts on top of directories containing "*_pass.txt" file not inside

this script still need lots of improvement like putting the texture to "_H5 Outfits Maps" directory or the "_hook5data" for the skin and remove duplicated diffuse map, etc

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