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Difference beteween H3/4/5?

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Hook5 is the latest enhancement. Hook3 and 4 are of course outdated/old. The last time I saw content for hook4 was in 2016-17, many/all moved to Hook5

I used hook4 but always had performance issue (most likely due to 7.5 still I moved to VX and Hook5 and it’s been a great). Still I purge all content of hook4. There are still some people that uses them. Hook3 was the first graphical enhancer. So I would try it for potato PC, though don’t expect that hook3 and hook4 is wildly available as it has been years. 

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The biggest difference between 3 and 4 is dynamic shadow. 4 has dynamic shadow and flexible lighting system that was taken over to hook5, whereas 3 doesn't, and for that reason 3 isn't demanding compared to 4. In other respect 3 and 4 are similar because they share the same shading methods, it's called bump maps. They add fake bumps on the surface of objects, moreover can add glossy/metal feel on the surface of objects.

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In the time since the garden closed I have put together a new rig and am looking to try modding again. I have a lot of custom, but not original, content made for Hook4. I had re-textured a huge number of rooms and spent way too much time on the level definitions. I had glow custom glow maps for skies, meticulously placed lights that corresponded to lamps and displays, vending machines and jukeboxes... And I have roughly a hundred characters that have bios and various connections with each other and to specific locations (e.g. one person works in an office that is located close to other locations and are business partners with other characters who may have assistants etc. If I made a new location one or more of the characters worked there, lived there or might visit if the plot connected them. Looking back, maybe I just wanted to a way to visualize a writing project?)
I originally thought I had started working on some kind of graphic novel originally. I was just looking for something similar to Daz but real-time and not as expensive lol.
Is there a guide to converting specifically from Hook4 to Hook5? I want to use VX mostly for the fourth person, and I want to use Hook5 for various reasons. I just don't know where to start with all of my glow maps, level definitions, and 7.5 models/characters.




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