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Welcome to Klub Exile. If you happened to make your way to the site either from Lovers Lab or a Search on Google, we are glad you found us.  To unlock the entire site you will need to have a account registered.  Don't worry it is free but in the mean time you can read up on why we made the site and other little tidbits.  Feel free to join or Discord Server also if you have any more questions.  Thanks for stopping by and See You on the other side.

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The Smoke Shop for Exiled goods


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Greetings and welcome to my little 'shop'.

Its no secret, I have a Patreon. But the history behind it is not about greed as some people are saying it be (Mainly those morons from team tk17). 

I had a rant - but decided to just leave it short here. I made my patreon page as a form to protest against the team tk17 lack of leadership and bullying tactics that was being done to content creators in MG - Ironically MG died due their inability to take charge and them favoring toxic behavior. With that, my patreon just stuck and is still going strong.

I don't take 'making content' as a job. Its more for fun and pleasure. I decided to adapt this way of thinking because by setting goals; I would be creating hype, I would be creating anticipation, and ultimately I would be creating pressure on my end because it would mean that I would have deliver on a promise by a certain time frame. This was a bad move because it just burn me out, made me not want to play the game. So I eventually decided to work to my accord, relaxed, and say 'I'm working at my own pace. You are free to join me or not. I'm doing this for fun and I realize if I do me - do what I want, I tend to complete what I want and in the process enjoy the work.

So in short - setting goals = less content. No goals and just having fun = More content.

Also - as admin, we decided to enforce the way patreon is handled. We want people to feel secure and or to make sure that people are not leeching and profiting off the community. My patreon served as a buffer zone - as what it should be (berger is another example on how people can use patreon). That said, like I mention, greed was never my goal. As you would notice, I'm not pushing my patreon link on my uploads, comments, etc. It will remain here.

That out the way, I have gotten many comments/requests on showing people what I am peddling - or the benefits of my patreon. My patreon supports my work - my cause. Some people want to tip me or support me for all my work that I have done all these years. And I still continue to make and provide content for the KE community. I refrained myself from saying and/or showcasing certain stuff found only in my patreon. Many because I don't want to feed the belief of "lOoK - pAyWaLlEd!!!!!" But that will end because it is something that the freeloading morans will say regardless of what I do.

I currently have three tiers.

  • Tier 1: A tip. Plain and simple. I may share some simple addons as a token of appreciation. But please don't expect a ton of addons.
  • Tier 2: This mid tier will grant people Early access of certain addons and/or access of content that is in the beta stage. Please note: I hate releasing stuff with issues and tend to take my sweet time. Be it spelling, morphs needs better tweaking, looking for issues, etc. There is no real time frame for these beta builds. It could be a week or months. Items that are in early access, I decided to put them there while I create a time frame to release them here. I have decided to leave it "open to interpretation", I know is sounds bad but given that this community has a leeching problem. Vital information/feedback is not given when it is need to be given and when there is a issue, people will come out the wood work and demand a fix/improvement and are often rude. I can't drop what I'm doing just to cater to their demands. Therefore if they want be dicks, it comes with a price - which they tend to avoid. Either way - My plan is to create a "simple Road map". For example: For July, this addon, will be release followed in 1-2 weeks by another one, etc. 
  • Tier 3: Which is currently my top tier - I decided to share something from my personal stash. This item could be something that no one has seen or my very own vision of a mod/addon that was already shared - for example: Many of dp16, I decided to make my version own version. Now I won't downplay someone's work. Some people like his style, some people like mine and that is where I'll leave it - they can support/like who ever they want. I like and I'm satisfied with my style therefore I want certain content to cater to my like and taste. So I won't repost my version here and will post it on my patreon because I don't want to make a ton of duplicates (I would consider sharing certain addons but would need to see if there is support and demand for it).   

Another key benefit to supporting me. I tend to give it back. By that, I have donated to creation of KlubExile and supporting it (Basically a top donor). And perhaps I tend to buy some assets and will share it on my patreon - or who knows. Maybe here. The key point, regardless of tier it helps create and maintain a robust community. 

If you wish to support, either by a small tip or to support my work, my patreon is:


To further discusion anything regarding about my patreon or addon(s), please use this thread:


Anything posted that is created here that is not made by me will either be moved there or will be removed.

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KE Signature Lingerie (Beta)

This project has been in the works for years. (I know to long lol). I originally shared this in MG, but it was the 7.5 version. The 7.5 was just a version that adapted from dp16 and I repurposed for the default body mod. But I was a rookie - a noob back than. When VX rolled around. My skills improved so I decided to remake it from scratch. But the end result was meh. Mainly the panty's. I mentioned that panty because you can create 3 different "styles" for the booty party. Either the default yet sexy look that is currently shown. A more "thong" look. Or sexy granny panty. PE Morphs/customization morphs would 'fuck up' the mesh and due to how weights are painted and functions, major body clipping would happen. It just would reach to the vision I had in mind. 

I then had the idea of creating 2-3 different panty (Ex: SmokePanty01, SmokePanty02, etc). But than thought it was was a waste of ID tag/number. So I had shelved the project. Overall, more of headache than I wanted it to be.

Now - you can't say I'm a noob anymore lol. My skills in terms of modding and codding has drastically improved. I decided to try something different. As mention, there are booty variant BUT they also have an additional variant! High waist, low waist, normal waist. So if everything goes right, the final product will have 10 different Panty's under 1 ID tag. Yes 10 different panty's. Currently the beta version has 3 (the default waist, followed by the high waist and the low waist) You can change it by toggling the static/latex morphs. On top of that - PE and customization morphs! All of them!

The current build is NOT final. But is in a stage that feels "complete". I still need to add some morphs to the bra. The Panty(s). The only complete addon is the pull down panty addon (Which that too is PE morphs loaded).

Those that wish to test it out. Its currently out on my patreon. No ETA as I don't want to rush and make the same fatal mistakes like the previous version.

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Fantasy Pumps (Early Access)

Alright - I'll be doing something that some may not agree. I will be removing my Puta Pumps addon. Why? Well, I made a better version. This one has been in the works for a long ass time. Not sure if some recall but I posted a blog post about this project last year. I jumped the gun - I got to overly exited. I over looked a fatal flaw that I made while I was making the shape keys. I tried to salvage what I could but at the end, I had to scrap it. And removed the blog post and hope that no one saw it lol

It was a project that I still wanted to revisit some time in the future. Well, in November I slowly restarted this project. And within a couple of month I managed to get it where I previous thought I been. I did finish it but been testing it hard to see if I see and issues.

So why the "remake". Well, what peaked my interest was that I discovered a imperfection. The heels themselves was tilted inward 5 degrees. By a distance, you will not notice it. But IF and that is a BIG IF - but IF you start to look for details, you will see it. Personally, it was something I could not un-see and I needed to remake them. Also what better way to move away from the 7.5 version (the VX that I made was that, a 7.5 port).

So this new version is 120% better. Way better optimization, better weights, better sculpting. And the cream de la creme? This addon is a 9+ into 1 package! You can change the ankle straps into sometime classier, give the foot straps a sexier appeal, Remove the ankle straps, mix and match straps, change the height, change the size and give the heels a petite look (toes hanging), change the stiletto (make it thicker or thiner or make it look 'normal'), by default - the leg warmers/socks are equipped - you can use the static/latex morph/option to remove it. And of course, I will have rebranded it - its not gonna be called the Puta Pumps (plus a bit 'vulgar' - ok sue me, call me soft. But I felt it was a bit too cringe). They are now called Fantasy Pumps (what better name to call this addon in which you can numerous options to create a different look).

These will be in at my patreon for a limited time (1 month to be exact). After that, I'll post them here. In the mean time, for you people that want to get your hands on it before anybody else - enjoy.

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