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Size of the toy selector


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there's something I would like to have since ages. I tried now with VX again to do it with no success.

Is someone able to help me with change the toy selection menu? It's so small that it is a pain in the ass for me, unfortunately I'm not very familiar with lua script.


I'm talking about this menu.

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 Im basically almost finished with my "cosmetic" improvements of GUI, so the only logical next step for it would be for more functional improvements within Pose Editor (and Customizer potentially, but PE especially - all the "action" is in PE). Will see what I can do there - this is one of the things that would absolutely be good to have a different way of selection than it is now, but I recall from past that it was apparently hardcoded (or someone mentioned it was hardcoded). However, I dont see the reason why not reshuffling the spinbox widget (the selection menu) wouldnt be possible to have somehwere in place more visible and accessible, instead of need to scroll all the way down ...

The most ideal way would be to have a selection like with poses, in same way for toys. Will need to experiment and see whats possible and whats not. But I can tell you, after seeing bunch of code, I think were capable for more than it is apparent in the game, its just it was never utilized or people working with code didnt have vision how to implement things in more practical way.

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Hmm... heres what I think about, what could be maybe very needed to experiment with in PE, in this priority, more or less

1. Attempt to find a way to make things as easy as possible with morph sliders in PE. The way currently goes it scrolling through various sections on left side, and while sections can be collapsed or expanded, as well as morphs can be categorized to extent ... I do wonder if we could use combinations of keyboard buttons as shortcuts to certain sections, or maybe even have specific menus with easier accessibility than to scroll through element on left side. I cannot guarantee anything there... will need to experiment and see...

2. The above selection of toys ... its really archaic, pain in the ass and not practical. Ideal way would be to have something similar as pose selection. But if not, even putting toy selection button somewhere more appropriate would be good.

3. There is general "chaos", unfortunately, on left side of PE, because we deal with absolutely archaic GUI and limitations that come with it. Unsure how I would go to fix some things related to GUI that seem hardcoded ... heck, you could see how even something utterly trivial as personality editing default parameters have been hardcoded to an extent. I would love more than anything to make things much more dynamic and simple in opening and selecting rather than having a wall of sliders, texts and various other widgets just overloading everything.  

4. I have seen people mentioned they would like to have double click dress/undress not active ... I think this was mentioned before to be hardcoded, and I havent found exact reference to it in code, but I could be wrong and need to check deeper on it. Ill try to see if this can be simply deactivated.


One of the best things we have in PE regarding pose editing is manipulation of manipulators by holding and dragging middle mouse button, utilizing IK handle. This was always default, AFAIK, but it was one of most intuitive and best things implemented. Now imagine having something like toggable visible nodes for joints and capability to have dynamic pop-up menus when selecting a visual node, as well as maybe morphs separate in special categories, which then can be toggled with one button, modified, then toggled off. This would be absolutely ideal ... 


As said, cant guarantee anything... will need to experiment on and see the results. But I have a good feeling about certain things ... In GUI elements, the problem is also in resolutions and certain fonts, elements and their alignments and dimensions on certain resolutions, and thats why there were specific implementions of multiple options both regarding large and small resolutions. If Ill be honest, I would just "standardize" to 1920x1080 and go crazy with resizing everything, but hey ... I think probably lowest resolution people even use is 1024x768. 

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