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4x muscle woman skin request


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I am requesting this female skin with working genital and head textures, because the current one I have is very broken as you can see in the screenshots. I found this texture on this site but this is the result of it. So if anyone on here has a good muscle woman skin please share it, i would be very grateful.




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I didn't use this skin for the same reasons. I'm looking for Sammrchssn Mucsle Woman. This skin should be better, but I still haven't received an answer to the question where to look for it. If I find out something, I'll let you know.

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Yeah so that skin set had a lot of issues with it as you can tell.

  • femhead_sub doesn't match and is from a different set
  • both femhead_specs are from a different set
  • femhead_norm should use the dds one instead of the png which is from a different set
  • missing all of the femgenit files norm, spec, and sub


I've been using this set for a long time now so if you want to fix it here's how:

  1. Go to the Universal Skin System click download button (it does work) and it will take you to Mega folder.
  2. Get femgenit_norm from SkinFemale\Stage2_normal\Sammrchssn.MuscleWoman
  3. Get femhead_spec and femgenit_spec from SkinFemale\Stage3_specular\FemaleStarterContents
  4. Get femhead_sub and femgenit_sub from SkinFemale\Stage4_sub\FemaleStarterContents
  5. Put those into the skin folder
  6. Open Head_pass and change the pngs to dds and boom your done!
  7. Oh and edit the eyebrows off with PS/Gimp or find another skin without eyebrows painted on. Like Sammrchssn.White

Also as soon as the downloads are fixed, I'm planning on uploading a better set that includes Sammrchssn diffuse skin. For people that don't use the Universal Skin Layer System. It will look like this:


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On 12/4/2022 at 9:43 AM, demonv1 said:

Also as soon as the downloads are fixed, I'm planning on uploading a better set that includes Sammrchssn diffuse skin.


Full Sammrchssn Muscle Woman Skin Set is here for anyone still needing it.


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