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Texture format & VRAM Consumption ?

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🖐️ I change hook4 to hook5 with 4x textures. But my GTX660 have only 2gb, and when i use hook5, i have 97% of vram used at low resolution 1366*768 !  more than gtaV at highter resolution. Too many vram consumption !

Is the best choice is to use .dds for albedo/spec/norm/sub with BC1-no alpha or BC3-alpha with !NO MIPMAP!  ???

Happy new year 🖖

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Hi, cr532 is right you can make some gain without alpha but the problem of TK17 with Hook5 is that the size of the textures don't scale down (or only a little) with a lower resolution. So if you have a little quantity you have to use the less assets possible. I use a resolution similar to yours (1280*1024) and with the radeon 7950 (2 Go VRAM like your 660) I used Hook5 mainly for the room and just the light sources I need and classic 1X skin with bump map for all character (especially with 4) and limit the eye candiness like H5 custom skin and physX hair for 1 or 2 char max.

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The texture resolution and H5 lighting settings (dynamic lighting) are the most impactful here.

Usually, the dimensions of resolutions should go like this : Normal map > Base (diffuse) map > Specular map. 4k resolution IMO should be used only for high detail on skins in normal map. Possibly some rare exceptions in clothing, too. Otherwise, even 2k is fine in such cases.

Now, for compression, in your particular case, you should use DXT1 / BC1 where you really dont need transparency. Otherwise, if you had a bit stronger GPU (for example, my is also ancient GTX970, but is 4GB VRAM) , you could comfortably go with DXT5 / BC3. So, in your case its more about optimization and constraint with VRAM, and you will prefer rather to "downgrade" so to have more pleasant experience in this game. Dont forget the above, to go with lower resolutions whenever possible. 

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🖖Thanks for all yours post, probably i was to hungry, off course normal 4x or 8x make some amazing zooming screenshoots , but that haven't sense with my low resolutions & config. I mgoing to convert to 2x to see the result.🖖

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