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The Smoke Shop (discussion thread)


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The original post has been repurposed for discussion, the new post will only serve to showcase any items and ideas that I have for my patreon. Don't want it to be messy. If you have any questions regarding about my patreon, ask them here. If you have any suggestions, ask them here.

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On 10/22/2020 at 2:02 AM, Smoke said:

Greetings, its no secret - I have a patreon. Do to the aggressive nature of certain people in the now (current) defunction site, I felt that the only way I could get my questions answered is to do something "radical" in order to get those key people to pay attention - and that was to open a patreon. Though it didn't go to how I expected it go, instead of talking and moving forward, I begin receive backlash from those weak moderators and leader.

Moving past those issues. I got myself into a commitment, I will continue to support my patreon. But for the new site, I will support this current project and help create a robust community. 

If you wish to support, either by tipping or joining, my patreon is:


Yoyo, what kinda stuff are you offering? Did you get away from pose creation completely and only into 3d modelling?

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17 hours ago, McKeu said:

Yoyo, what kinda stuff are you offering? Did you get away from pose creation completely and only into 3d modelling?

I've mostly just been doing 3D modelling and kept poses to myself. But this was created during the last years of MG and it just kinda stuck. For a time, I was putting my stuff there. Than when KE came out, I felt 'safer' on sharing my stuff back in public. But I kept it just to share "personal" content, stuff that people beat me too so I'll just release it there, and early access stuff.

Haven't been promoting it here because it was not really my style but I've been told by other admins that I should - which I should but I haven't really had the time. Admin duty, RL, the virtual life, free time, etc - its a hard thing to juggle effectively.

I really told myself to not make my passion INTO a job because it would only burn me out and getting hatting it. So in more of sense, I've been making and sticking to stuff that "I like". And if people like it, they are free to join.

I was planning and have created a road map in December but I was side tracked with life. I do have a stuff written down, its just a matter of me getting everything organized and putting it in play. Hopefully in the coming days.

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