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Ren'Py Stories

Upload and share your Visual Novels Here.

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  1. Free

    Bring a bottle of wine - Kinetic Novel by Stokkafilippo

    The third chapter of "Bring a bottle of wine" is finished.
    You can download it for free here: 


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  2. Free

    Play a game with Wanda

    This is only a teaser?
    It's a surprise. You will play with Wanda a game. Which game? Try it out. 
    You won't see a single boob here. 
    Maybe I will make a strip version of this game in the future.
    I would like to know if you like it or not.
    Leave a comment!
    Have fun!


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  3. Free


    A story made 3 years ago. I wanted to try make a game and earn some money 😄 It was a lot of work because I didn't know Renpy at all. 
    I think it is pretty good but unfortunetly I haven't finished it. I lost motivation and I haven't got good ideas to continue it. 
    I played it today again and I have to say I like it 😮  Ok I won't finish it for sure because I don't have models anymore. 
    I thought I post it here for learning purpose 🙂 
    2 versions: PC and Mac
    Have fun!
    Let me know if you like it.


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  4. Free

    Natalie - Demon's pleasure

    My first (and really short) kinetic novel. 
    When I started work with TK17 I was really happy for the world of possibilities that were opening for me. Hope you like this small work.
    The link is the compressed PC version. If you want better or Mac version, just let me know.


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