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Rotating a walking animation


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Hey guys,

I have a pose which is a walking animation. The model walks from a starting point in a specific direction. I can easily move the model to a new starting point and rotate it, but can't get it to walk in the direction it is now facing. The model just awkwardly moves to it's original direction, kind of side ways. Is there a simple way to convert the pose animation loop to walk in a direction the model is facing?


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You can rotate any pose in Sequencer using:

- Press "." to get into Exclusive Mode first then use:

- CTRL + (<-- / --> and up/down arrows) to rotate pose on centre axis.
- ALT + PG-UP / PG-DN or ALT + <-- / --> and arrow up/down to shift pose
without rotation.
- Hold SHFT as well to do the above in finer increments.

Beware - current camera angle determines at what angle up/down/left/right
the pose will be shifted/rotated.  The "floor" doesn't really exist.

- Left-click on the screen to move pose roughly to mouse pointer location.
Takes practice and doesn't work in Pose Edit.  Right-click to exit the mode.

New position will be saved with the sequence, but not in the pose file.
Right-click on the moved pose in the timeline and you can copy the
position and rotation.  Right-click on another pose and you can paste
rotation, position or both.  To remove the new position from the pose,
replace the pose again using Sexbrowser pose load/selector as normal.

If you rotate a pose in Pose Edit, it simply doesn't work right.  As @HDiddy said use TKX Utilities, open the pose, go to right tab and click on the rotation command. Insert the values you want and you're done.

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