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Text bubles how you add them to models in poses and sequences


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Heya all O/ when i looked around my computer there was paint 3d which i have never used. But after trying to figure it out a while i found how to make chat bubles in 2d category objects 🙂. First try doing them so i guess they come out decently maybe ? How you make textbubles to images in albums to models, do you use some software or some utility in tk 17 ?. I didnt figure out how to do the nice looking chat bubles in comic section pictures or those that have been added in sequences in vids here. 

Paint 3 D is bit hmm well needing practice and work but it seems you can use jpg and png files in it/ upload them in here too. Probably just need practice to use maybe filling textbuble in white and then adding text ?. it cuts image of excample phone which is at backround off only showing the text bubble in place of it thought. Sometimes color which i wroted was bit too dim to read so no many options usually to use. Otherwise i think i can use it for now in my image picture that i download here until i find some other program to do / use chatbubles to game. 

What are you using ? any good ones to recommend ? 🙂 

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I haven't made a word balloon for Klub yet but for the two or three Koikatsu images I have made, I used Paint.net to make a circle, then I add two lines at the corner of the circle, filled the inside with white, then use the Text option to add in words in a font I feel ok with. (Though you might have to mess with scaling the text for a bit.)

Here's an Example with an image I have made in CharaStudio.


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