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Help applying Custom body textures to face gen imported faces


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I have downloaded several female and male bodies, (which are amazing), but when I try to apply it to my facegen imported faces, it changes all, even the face. I have tried copying the files of the skins reference in the folder of my own skins, trying to save the body in customizer, and later,  choose my own skin and load the saved reference skin, and it changes all, with the face, the, my question, is: how can I apply a body downloaded, for apply it to my customed faces?.

And, I put the folder of the body downloaded that goes in Addon folder, but later, I can't see it in Customizer to apply to my own body. Have I to do something additional to can get to appear the body hear?. In the downloaded bodys, It appears, but when I select my own ones, it doesn't appear.

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When you apply skins etc, you also apply files that affect the look of the meshes.  The best way to go about applying any skin or similar texturing is to start with the creation of the meshes.

For example, if you start with facegen instead of facemate, you need to adjust any skin you want to use so that it fits the head in facegen.  Facegen includes model sets that you can "Borrow" to create the textures, but you'll have to do so by laying your work out over the top of the original in the set.  This will allow the texture to fit the mesh and any adjustment thereof.  When you next import the facegen file, remember that it will be re-done to fit the mesh in the game.  You will need to use the set for the mesh the game uses, and fit your skin textures over them.  When you then import your facegen file, any skins will that fit the game used mesh will fit your model.

This is where you seem to break things... ...You are choosing a body that has it's own mesh, and head mesh.  Your chosen head mesh is now lost.  If you want to do this correctly, follow this path:

Import the head normally, open the model in the customizer, go to the head panel, now save the head from there and give it a name.  This will be important for later.  Now select the bodies etc you want, and then go back to the head panel and select the head you saved.  This will reapply the transformations of the mesh required and apply the skinning and texturing to it.  It may seem a little counterintuitive, but when you apply the skins for heads, the head mesh is reloaded, occasionally shifting back to the base mesh for some selections.  Telling the system afterward to shift back to your adjusted mesh will get you back to the face you want.

If your skins are not showing up, you need to remember that they succumb to naming issues.  The files themselves need to go in a folder with the name of the skin, named according to the mod schema.  The files will need to be named according to the mesh and skinning schema.  Check other mods, the names of those files are all the same, but the folder is what is named otherwise.  I haven't done this in a while, but I believe the mods start with [Modpart]namepart_namepart_namepart for the folders, where Modpart is replaced with the part of the scene that is replaced.  As an example: [Skin]Yourmod_skintype1 is a decent folder name.  Bodies follow a similar convention, holding the bumps, etc that will be fitted on the mesh--> [Body]mymaps_bodytype1.  If you are replacing parts, this is the schema.  IF you are adding parts, check your vxmod folder, you may be surprised to find that many files for body and skin are contained here by number.  Select a number for your mod and place the files in the lists that match them, and you should be able to select them in the customizer.  After selection, return and do as I said with the head if it swaps out.  VX mods are uncompressed files that the game runs natively.  Some of them are the actual files from the base game in their uncompressed, unencrypted form.  Some modders use copies of these as starting points.

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