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converting hook4 bumps to hook5 equivalents, doable?

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just downloaded hook5 free since fewer people are using hook4 nowadays, at least on this site. got things running, so to my questions.

hook4 passes are like

stage2= fembody_bl.dds
stage3= fembody_bh_sweat.png

and hook5 passes are like

stage2= fembody_norm.dds
stage3= fembody_spec.dds
stage4= fembody_sub.dds

i have a bunch of hook4 bumpmaps and i can't muster enough flattery to bump up my points here to download something, so is it feasible to just convert what i have into their hook5 equivalents? if so, how, because they aren't appearing as is? are stage2 and stage3 parameters equivalent in both hooks? do i need to convert stage3 pngs to dds and invent/transplant something for stage4? etc

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Not sure if stage 3 is the same but you can switch Hook5 to use Bump Mapping instead of Normal mapping in the pass file as an option.


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interesting. experimented a bit, ultimately came up short though. halp?

for reference i was trying to make the Fitness v2 bumpmaps work with relief_mode = 0. the model looked drenched in static under hook5zz.png

name = CustomSkin
stage2 = Fitness v2\body_O2.dds
stage3 = Fitness v2\body_O3.png
stage4 = 
relief_mode = 0
cotangent_mode = 1
tessellation_level = 0

fitness v2 refresher.png

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after experimenting a bit, it seems hook4 to hook5 bump/normalmap conversion is an exercise in futility.

luckily, using free sources available here and elsewhere there are passable equivalents to some of the common h4 bumpmaps. perhaps other people looking to migrate may find this useful.

type_N00 -> hootie.semirealistic (this or hootie.semirealistic_alt)

type_C00 -> female skin for h5

type_S00 -> hootie.moreabs

sfw_skinny -> Skinny

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