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Update from 29.01.2017 - In-Game hook settings menu


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New update was sent - testing in-game menu for settings from main11.fx, to show/hide menu use F4. Make backup of your main11.fx, just for the case.

And...let's talk about VR.
I got my VR device, and was surpeised trying install oculus software, so many different runtimes, some of them did not work for me. I lost whole day trying setup OculusHome, this stupid thing always show me "can't connect", but connection was fine, offline installator not exist (thanks oculus), but problem was not in internet connection, not in space on my disk, not in antivirus, not in missing dotnet4.62(only 4.62, I though there is 245.89 already) no, no, the installator did not work, because I have my disk as dynamic (oh, oculus, I already predict a lot of stupidity from you) did you guys, tried convert dynamic disk with 5 logical partitions to basic disk without data lost? I had to remove one disk, exactly disk with villa, I had to replace villa on another disk and then I had to fix all paths in my msvs hook5 project and in delivery project and others....finally it start setup  - 1.5 gb downloading from net (only 1.5gb, huh, in our days any soft should have size at least 5 gb) and what in this 1.5 gb, o wait, already 2.8Gb, yes, good boy, continue, funny but runtime from oculus home has weight about 100 mb, what about other - hmmm, except 20-30mb on drivers all other is crap. Ok, after installation, VR device did not recognized by system as...oh, why I'm lying, it not recognized at all, very clever, oculus, very clever, now noone can use this device, except you. Ok, VRroom from oculus looks normal, need to try play something - yes, I have sabnautica, this will be cool....no...no...what a fuck...why I can't control by my keyboard and mouse, no-o-o-o-o, I'm desktop fan, keyboard and mouse just my second arms. O, fuck....

But, ok, this is not so important, main thing is to uderstand what runtime expect from game to recognize it how Game With VR Support? Guys tell me what VR you use, what it allow to you watch/paly? What it show on your monitor? What software you use and so on. Any info for this moment very interesting.

I FORGOT to tell: you can use ctrl + mouse click on numbers in menu to set it with keyboard

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